Romo and ANgST

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Name: Romo and ANgST
Archivist: Sherrie and Vicky, then just Sherrie
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: Romo and ANgST (via wayback)
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Romo and ANgST was a specialized X-Files fan fiction archive.

Hi, name is Sherrie, and I am co-owner of the fanfic archive Romo and ANgST. I'm a University student in Canada, but I don't know what I'm going to be yet. My co-archiver is named Vicky, she works on the Angst section of our archive. She is a resident of England and is a student as well, but at least she has an aim in life! :) We are both very devoted Philes. Our archive has a somewhat complicated history. A couple of years ago when I was just learning about the web, I decided that I should start up a webpage for my favourite tv show, (the x-files, oh course!), on it I had a number of things, a fanfic archive was one of them. It was almost an after thought though, it was very small. After awhile, I decided that I was spending far too much time updating my webpage, so I thought it best that I should close it down. There was a major problem with that though.....I'm a fanfic addict. I adore it, sometimes I like it more than the show itself. I decided that I had enough time to continue with my archive, but that something had to be done to make it fabulous. I began posting requests for a co-archiver on my very favourite message board (Gerties!), and after a lot of frustrating e-mails from people that weren't serious at ALL, Vicky sent me an message.

Our archive is called Romo and ANgST because it is just that, I DESPISE angst stories, and eat up fluffy romo stories as though they were m&m;'s. Vicky is just the opposite. And so our archive was born. Our site is great because we are very type specific, you won't read anything you weren't warned about first. Even in the Angst section, there is some Romance, but they all have a warning label on it.

So, by all means, drop by our great little site! :) [1]