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Synonyms: shipper
See also: NoRomo, MSR, Mulder/Scully, Shipping
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Romo (short for Romance) was used in The X-Files fandom to describe a preference for canon reading and fan fiction writing that the relationship between Mulder and Scully became romantic. The term was most likely replaced by the more well known Shipper by the early 2000s but is still used, especially by first wave philes). The anti-movement was called "NoRomo" (short for: no romance).


The term most likely appeared the first time online in May 1996 in the newsgroup in a topic where user Crunchy Frog was asking for new names for the NoRomo support. In a nod to dialogue muttered by Mulder in the season two episode opener Little Green Men (No, Jorge! Don’t touch that red button. No-ho on the rojo.), one of the suggestions offered "Noho on the Romo!"[1]

The first usage on was in a poem posted by Nick Pedicini on 10/23/96:

Some people are not relationshippers.
They do not want Agent Scully and Agent Mulder to get together
Nomo on the Romo, they say.[2]

Fanfiction Archives

Some archives specialised in collecting works that focused on the romo aspect of story, especially paired with the angst genre:

Further Reading


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