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Pairing: Rogue/Scott Summers
Alternative name(s): Scogue, Rogue/Cyclops, Anna Marie/Scott, Marie/Scott
Gender category: Het
Fandom: X-men, X-Men: Evolution, X-Men Movieverse
Canonical?: semi-canon
Prevalence: common
Mine by rainbowtiger, the character design is based upon X-Men: Evolution. As of March 2019, it has over 6400 views on deviantart
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Rogue/Scott is the het non-canon pairing of Rogue and Scott Summers from the X-Men series.


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The pairing was made popular in the cartoon series X-Men: Evolution, where Rogue was shown to have a crush on Scott while Scott and Rogue had a close friendship. Although it never went anywhere on the show due to the cartoon keeping with X-Men canon (Jean/Scott and implied Gambit/Rogue), the fans of the pairing spread through the other X-Men versions of the franchise, mainly in the X-Men Movieverse but have also appeared in the comics.

However in the finale episode of the series, and Charles' vision of the future (which would have been Season 5 and onwards had the show continued) we see Rogue not with Gambit and Scott not with Jean Grey:

"We played the relationship card with Scott and Rogue, she makes a play for him, and why not? If anyone has an idea of what she’s going through, it would be Scott. He lives in fear of losing control of his powers and killing someone; so does she. He had a lousy childhood; so does she. He always feels isolated because of his powers and of his responsibility; so does she. And he’s the one who reached out to her and brought her into an environment of warmth, family and friends. Why wouldn’t she make a play for him? She reads Jean's actions toward Scott as mean... Rogue thinks Jean ... cannot recognize a good thing when she sees it, so yeah, she’s going to make a play on the guy. (Oh, as a minor side note; on the final episode, during the peek into the future, check out who is not included in the group shot and check out whom Rogue lands next to.)"[1]

This interview with Paur both describes the reason behind shipping Scott and Rogue together along with giving the pairing hope that they might have been endgame or at least became canon for a time.



X-Men: Evolution:

X-Men Movieverse:

  • Butterfly Kisses by Heath07, Sometimes the next best thing is what you were looking for all along.
  • Shadow Man by Alteva, Reimagining The Last Stand and beyond so it becomes a story of love, loyalty, monsters, and 10th dimensional physics. (some Jott)
  • A Rogue's Curse by AznDangster, After Jean's death the mansion is in shambles. Rogue's powers are growing quickly and she's holding in a terrible secret. With the help, and love, of Scott, Rogue helps the mansion, and herself, move on. But, Jean is alive...and something is wrong.

X-Men Comicsverse:

  • Looking Through Your Eyes by RogueBHS, When Jean and Scott divorce, none of the team knows how to take it. But when Rogue befriends the fearless leader, more rumors fly than before.


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  1. Interview with Frank Paur On X-Men: Evolution. Comments are based on "On Angels Wings" (Season 2) and "Ascension – Part 2" (Season 4)