Scott and Rogue Forever

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Journal Community
Name: Scott and Rogue Forever
Date(s): July 18, 2007 - July, 2016
Moderator: flareonfury
Founder: Flareonfury
Type: Rogue/Scott pairing
Fandom: X-Men (any universe)
URL: scottandrogue (LJ); archive link
scottandrogue (DW)
scottandrogue (IJ)
Current layout of the community.

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Scott and Rogue Forever was a LiveJournal community focusing on Rogue/Scott Summers pairing. Anything related to the pairing (in any medium and any universe) is accepted.

It has two mirror communities one at Dreamwidth and one at InsaneJournal. The community is also affiliated with Butterfly Kisses.

As of February 2014 it has over 50 members. The last official posting was in July 2016.