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Name: Paige
Alias(es): BikeNight, Hunybody, Pinkjook, Thovr
Type: Fan Artist, Fan Writer
Fandoms: Harry Potter, IT, Marvel, Merlin, Stranger Things
URL: Pinkjook, Archived version on AO3, Hunybody, Archived version, formerly BikeNight, Archived version & Thovr[Dead link] on Tumblr
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Paige is a fan artist and writer.

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make this cold world beautiful (with every seed you sow), Archived version Date: 10 January 2020Length: 15,488 wordsGenre: Fix-It, Hurt/Comfort, Post-Canon, Reunion
Stanley Uris wakes up and goes home. / In the end, he remodels the bathroom. (Stanpat)
can't breathe until we're skin on skin, Archived version[1] Date: 09 February 2020Length: 8,117 wordsGenre: Fix-It, Pegging
Stanley Uris misses a phone call and everything works out all right. (Stanpat)


link, Archived version Date: 14 March 2020
also? we as a (stanpat) community should re-listen to slow hands by niall horan


link, Archived version Date: 21 October 2019Genre: needs tags
stan roasts richie and ben and bill so often because he doesn’t want to admit that within the statty relationship he’s the doting, pining, anything-you-want-honey partner and he’s overcompensating. stan slips and calls patty babylove one day because that’s His Name For Her and richie and ben are like. hold the FUCKING phone staniel what the fuck was that (bill would roast him too except he’s too busy staring at mike to pay attention)
link, Archived version Date: 27 October 2019Genre: needs tags
bill group calls the rest of the losers to tell them mike is gonna come stay with him for a while and the losers, who are, every last one of them, paired off with each other (except for stan who is madly in love with pattybabylove” uris), say ……. oh? mike is… going to stay with you? and bill’s like yeah mikey is gonna come for a couple weeks it’s been hard since audra divorced me it’s going to be good to see him :D (Hanbrough)
link, Archived version Date: 29 October 2019Genre: needs tags
(bill denbrough voice) no homo but mike looks pretty good taking care of those baby sheep right? like no homo but he looks really strong and gentle when he lifts them up and carries them over the river right? like. no homo but do you think he could lift me up like that? richie? stan? guys why are you laughing at m (Hanbrough)
link, Archived version Date: 29 November 2019Genre: needs tags
do you guys think mike read bill’s books and saw himself in them? saw the people he loved in them? like. mike reading bill’s books and finding familiar things: a character who watches birds, a character who talks in voices, a brave character with red hair and a gentle touch. it’s a game; where can he find eddie? where can he find ben? where can he find himself? on year twelve, fifteen years before mike gets to see everyone again, bill publishes a book about a group of friends, one of whom is a gentle shepherd. mike cries all night. he reads that book over and over and over. (Hanbrough)
link, Archived version Date: 30 November 2019Genre: needs tags
college au where eddie and mike dirty dance at a party to make richie and bill jealous. ben and bev think it’s hilarious and stan would too except he’s too busy making out with patty in the corner to notice their antics (Mike Hanlon & Eddie Kaspbrak, Hanbrough & Reddie)
link, Archived version Date: 09 December 2019Genre: needs tags
richie wears one of those invisalign adult retainers to bed every night and eddie gets a boner every time he sees it send tweet (Reddie)
link, Archived version Date: 18 December 2019Genre: needs tags
richie and eddie get married on the playground in elementary school. stan does it, because stan’s dad is a rabbi, which means STAN is “basically a rabbi, which means you’ve got, like, magic wedding powers.” stan is very solemn through the whole thing and at the end bill throws flowers. it takes them until high school to realize the wedding was not legally binding and that stan does NOT, in fact, have wedding powers just because his dad is a rabbi. because between the four of them there are 2 braincells and stan owns 1 of them permanently (Reddie)
link, Archived version Date: 23 December 2019Genre: needs tags
ok so in the book it is confirmed that stan is patty’s first but in my head she was his first as well (because it’s EQUALITY!) and therefore they have no idea that not all sex is crazy good. like they literally just don’t know. they think EVERYONE has earth shattering leg shaking head blanking orgasms twice a night (and more for patty). (Stanpat)
link, Archived version Date: 28 December 2019Genre: needs tags
okay can we talk about patty being a painter? in my head she’s an elementary school art teacher, and in college she takes all sorts of painting classes. by her senior year she’s got her own corner of the studio, right where the light is best. and stan is always so nervous to go in; he feels like he doesn’t belong, with his tucked-in button down and no-nonsense accounting major. (Stanpat)
link, Archived version Date: 13 January 2020Genre: needs tags
you’re telling me mike hanlon is THAT handsome and he doesn’t hit up any of the derry moms hanging around his library? he doesn’t give into Any of the bake-sale shenanigans happening across the street? he takes up NO women on their offer to let him Eat Their Cookies? and then he acts Like THAT with bill? mike hanlon is a HOMO-sex-u-ELLE and you’re all going to start putting some RESPECT on his NAME! (Hanbrough)
link, Archived version Date: 20 January 2020Genre: needs tags
the comedic potential of stan bullying richie for being horny for Years and then stan getting with patty and (canonically!) turning into the Horniest Motherfucker On Planet Earth while richie watches and twitches with righteous anger… the untapped potential of this! (Stanpat & Richie Tozier & Stanley Uris)
link, Archived version Date: 23 January 2020Genre: needs tags
(CW: Violence Mention) in the better universe patty calls the clown a “ronald mcdonald motherFUCKER” and brains it with a letter-tracing alphabet workbook because she’s literally an elementary school teacher
link, Archived version Date: 25 January 2020Genre: needs tags
reasons to cherish patty babylove uris, a comprehensive but not conclusive list. this list IS entirely based in fact however many facts are from my heart and not from the book. (Stanpat)
link, Archived version Date: 26 January 2020Genre: needs tags
im literally in tears of laughter imagining stan at that chinese restaurant. it would’ve been the biggest flex of all time and it wouldn’t even have been on PURPOSE. someone asks if he’s married and he goes yes! to my wonderful wife patty, we’ve been together since we were 19 and every day is a blessing :) how about you guys? and then it is dead silent in that room while everyone else tries to think of something to say. bill tries to crawl under the table (Stanpat)
link, Archived version Date: 27 January 2020Genre: needs tags
(CW: Injury Mention) why must patty always be the one weeping over her injured husband? i say in 2020 we write fics where she is a badass in danger and stan weeps over her injuries. for FEMINISM. for EQUALITY (Stanpat)
link, Archived version Date: 28 January 2020Genre: needs tags
stanpat figure skating au they perform tessa virtue and scott moir’s moulin rouge roxanne routine
it chapter two / unchained melody, Archived version Date: 28 January 2020Genre: needs tags
and time goes by so slowly, and time can do so much (Hanbrough)
link, Archived version Date: 31 January 2020Genre: needs tags
thinking about how obnoxious all the losers would be in the event of patty giving birth. thinking deeply about the shenanigans in that waiting room. thinking VERY deeply about stan hyperventilating and almost passing out in the hospital room and all the nurses cooing over him while patty goes Um Hello I Am Giving Birth?? (Stanpat)
link, Archived version Date: 03 February 2020Genre: needs tags
the best thing about stanpat is that stan hates a lot of innocuous things until patty does them and then he thinks they’re the cutest, most romantic, funniest things in the world. patty makes a truly terrible richie-level dirty joke once when all the losers are over and stan snort-laughs then says haha stooooop babylove you’re sooooo funny (because he’s in love with her) and richie almost decks stan right then and there (& Richie Tozier & Stanley Uris)
link, Archived version Date: 10 February 2020Genre: needs tags
bill and mike’s boy king/lionheart dynamic. let’s talk about it (Hanbrough)
link, Archived version Date: 11 February 2020Genre: needs tags
(CW: Injury Mention) patty and richie bonding because their husbands are unconscious on the same floor of the hospital. let’s talk about it (Reddie & Stanpat)
link, Archived version Date: 11 February 2020Genre: needs tags
stan, tapping his foot in front of all the losers: it’s come to my attention that SOME of us (stares between richie and bev and mike) think they’re patty’s best friend. i’m not naming names. but i’m here to say that I’M patty’s best friend. ME. and she’s my best friend too. so back off (Stanpat, Patty Blum & Mike Hanlon, Patty Blum & Beverly Marsh & Patty Blum & Richie Tozier)
link, Archived version Date: 23 February 2020Genre: needs tags
au where mike hanlon puts himself in increasingly improbable situations so bill can come and “save” him except bill, without fail, cannot fix whatever problem mike has concocted so mike always has to fix it himself. which has the side benefit of impressing bill and making him swoon so really in the end mike considers it a wash (Hanbrough)
link, Archived version Date: 02 March 2020Genre: needs tags
stan goes to derry and fixes everything not by being super strong or smart or whatever but by calling patty and putting her on speaker whenever the losers have to solve a problem (Stanpat)

Stranger Things


link, Archived version Date: 09 July 2019Length: 1,280px × 1,554pxGenre: needs tags
the duffer brothers’ third eyes are welded shut but mine is WIDE open (Stoncy)
link, Archived version Date: 29 July 2019Length: 1,280px × 1,280pxGenre: needs tags
clown nose: ON, my shoes: HONKING, stoncy: REAL
link, Archived version Date: 02 September 2019Length: 1,280px × 1,280pxGenre: needs tags
and again i say: stoncy rights!


it's a risk, it's a gamble, Archived version Date: 20 July 2019Length: 61,920 wordsGenre: Character Study, Fake Dating: Beard, Pining
“I think we should pretend to date,” Robin says. / "What?" Steve answers. (Stoncy)