Orgone Box

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Title: Orgone Box (オルゴンボックス Orugon Bokkusu)
Circle: PARSIFAL (パルシファル)
Doujinka: Nikora Ichijou (一条ニコラ Ichijō Nikora)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Date/s: March - September 2002
Type: manga
Size: B5
Language: Japanese
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Orgone Box (オルゴンボックス Orugon Bokkusu)[1] is a series of Harry Potter doujinshi by PARSIFAL featuring the Snape/Lupin pairing. All of the books in the series are rated roughly PG.[2]

Orgone Box

Orgone Box (オルゴンボックス) was published on March 10, 2002 and contains 18 pages. It is a gag book and is primarily Sirius/Harry[2][3] with Snape/Lupin. One reviewer writes:

"This is a fairly short book. The stories are fairly funny. The main story is about Sirius and Harry. Sirius gives Harry a broomstick [as he does in Prisoner of Azkaban] and is a little concerned about how Harry will see it."[2]

Gongaga Yaoi summarizes: "This doujin has the famous scenes from Prisoner of Azkaban revisited: the Lupin/Sirius reunion, Lupin confronting Snape in the hall, and Harry first seeing Padfoot. The final story is a visually slashy one, with Harry falling for Sirius (and Sirius being quite embarrassed by his affection)."[4]

Orgone Box 2

Orgone Box 2 (オルゴンボックス2) was published on May 3, 2002 and contains 32 pages. One reviewer writes:

"This is quite a pretty doujinshi - I like how Lupin and (especially) Snape are drawn. I'm not quite sure if I like how the kids are drawn. They look so young ... This story features Lupin at Hogwarts and the way he and Snape approach their romance."[2]

Orgone Box 3

Orgone Box 3 (オルごンボックス3) was published on June 16, 2002 and contains 28 pages. One reviewer writes:

"This is a cute story -- Sirius is having some problems adjusting to Lupin and Snape's relationship. There's also a funny scene where Snape discovers someone has drawn poop on his jacket (can't tell if it was Harry or Fred & George). Another good doujinshi from Parsifal."[2]

Orgone Box 4

Orgone Box 4 (オルゴンボックス4) was published on September 16, 2002[5] and contains 18 pages. One reviewer writes:

"Ignore the picture of Hermione (maybe it's supposed to be Lupin but it looks like Hermione to me) on the cover. This doujinshi is not a Snape/Hermione doujinshi (although I'd like to see one). This doujinshi is mainly parody. Harry and Ron pull some pranks on Snape and he needs a bit of comfort from Lupin to cheer up his day."[2]


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