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Name: Michelle
Alias(es): DrMM
Type: webmaster, archivist, fan writer
Fandoms: Harry Potter, New World Zorro, Caroline in the City, Legend of Basara, anime fandom
URL: DrMM's Page of Stuff / personal blog
drmm.simplenet.com (original site; archived)
DrMM at FanFiction.Net
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DrMM is a multifandom fan and webmaster. She runs several fansites on her website, fuuko.com, including:

DrMM is also an occasional fan writer and was and early member of Harry Potter fandom (for example, as an early member of the HPforGrownups and ParadigmOfUncertainty[1] groups). She created the Harry Potter Obsession Quiz in 2001.


  1. ^ DrMM posted the fourth overall message to ParadigmOfUncertainty, on 14 April 2000. Re: [ParadigmOfUncertainty] Hello Everyone. (Accessed 19 January 2014; WebCite.)