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Vid Collection
Title: Tape 5: Not with a Whimper
Vidder(s): Media Cannibals
Date: 2000 or 2001
Format: VHS
Fandom (s): Multifandom

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Tape 5: Not with a Whimper was the last vid collection that the Media Cannibals produced. It was released in 2000 or 2001.
With more fandoms than you can shake a stick at, in slash, straight, humor, angst, romantic, dementedly cheerful, bleaker than a February night in Novosibirsk, or even family-style combos and more, for 30 vids totaling 2 hours![1]


The tape contained:

Vid Fandom Vidder
Stand By Your Man Buffy Katharine
So Pure Homicide: Life on the Street       Pam, Katharine Scarritt
You Make Me Remember Velvet Goldmine Katharine
Real Wild Child Queer As Folk UK Alex, Michelle, Nicole, rache, Agnes, Sandy, Gwyn
Kryptonite Now and Again Gwyn, Jo, Michelle Christian
I'll Be The Sentinel Anna S, Sandy, rache, Jo
Human The X-Files Gwyn, Sandy
Who by Fire Highlander Alex
Smooth Operator La Femme Nikita Gwyn
California Buffy Alex
Could I Be Queer As Folk UK Alex
Showdown at Big Sky Mag7 Jo, Gwyn
Personal Jesus The Sentinel Anna S, Jo, Sandy, rache
We Do What We're Told Soldier Gwyn
46 and 2 Oz Jo, Michelle Christian
We Could Leave Right Now      La Femme Nikita Gwyn
Heart in Hand The X-Files Gwyn, Nicole
Weight of the World Highlander Alex
Love Boat Theme Oz Michelle Christian, Jo
Do What You Have To Do Buffy Gwyn
Half the World Now and Again Gwyn
Writing Notes La Femme Nikita Gwyn
Odd Couple Buffy Sandy
One Highlander Alex
Live to Tell La Femme Nikita Gwyn
Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Katharine
Turn the Page Led Zeppelin Megan Kent, Sandy
Hair Multimedia rache, Sandy, the cannibals, the world
Wonderful Life Buffy Gwyn, Alex
It's All Been Done Highlander Alex


  1. ^ From the original flyer for Tape 5