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Name: Lissadiane,[1] Lissa
Alias(es): Cinnamon, starflowers, lissadiane
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Bandom, Teen Wolf, original fiction, Winterhawk
Communities: Armchair Slash, So Damn Skippy
URL: lissadiane at Tumblr
lissadiane at AO3
starflowers / picklefork (fic journal) at LiveJournal
HP fic at FictionAlley & Pure Magnetism
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Lissadiane is a fan writer currently active in Winterhawk and Teen Wolf fandoms, and previously active in Harry Potter and Bandom. In Harry Potter fandom, she was known as Cinnamon, and wrote the bulk of her fanfiction during the fandom's three-year summer.

In Harry Potter fandom

Cinnamon's stories feature a variety of both het and slash pairings, but she was best known for her Harry/Draco works. Four of her works have been listed as Harry/Draco "Fandom Classics,"[2] and both Beautiful World and Beneath You were voted among the top 25 fics in the genre according to a 2007 poll.[3]

Her fic is posted at FictionAlley and Pure Magnetism. Her LiveJournal contains excerpts from her fics that were deemed too explicit for FictionAlley, but entries are friendslocked.[4]

In 2016, Cinnamon named Unbecoming as her favourite of the Harry Potter stories she had written:

Listen, Draco/Harry was my ship, I would die on the masts of the Draco/Harry ship, okay, but after writing all those angsty, tragic Draco/Harry stories, I was tired. And I just needed a break. So I decided to write the worst pairing I could think of. And along came this weird, broken version of Ron the closeted gay guy who drank away his problems and was perfectly happy about it until Draco burst into his life and ruined everything, and that’s the HP story I wrote that I love the most. Sorry.[5]

In Bandom

Under her LiveJournal name starflowers, Lissa became involved in Bandom, writing primarily Panic! at the Disco-centric stories.[6] With SkoosiePants, she helped found the So Damn Skippy community for the pairing Mike Carden/Kevin Jonas (of The Academy Is... and Jonas Brothers respectively).

Some of her Bandom fic can be found at her fic journal.

In Teen Wolf fandom

In Teen Wolf fandom, Lissa writes Sterek fanfiction, which is posted to her AO3 account Lissadiane. Her first posted fic in the fandom was Mother of Dragons, a Hogwarts AU.[5]

In Winterhawk Fandom

In Winterhawk fandom Lissa writes Bucky Barnes and Clint Barton fanfic, which is posted to her AO3 account Lissadiane. Her most recent fic in the fandom was It's Dark and There are Wolves.


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