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Name: Kirk/Spock Advent Calendar (or KS Advent)
Date(s): 2002 – 2017; 2022 –
Founder: kira-nerys at Lady Kardasi Productions

Moderators: 2002-2005: kira-nerys,
2006-2007: Farfalla,
2008: Valioffire Dale,
2009-2017: Amanda Warrington and Arminaa
2022: T'Lara, 1lostone, and pkrosche.
Type: challenge, calendar
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek (2009)
Associated Community: K/S Advent on LJ, K/S Advent (2022 onwards) on DW, K/S Advent (2022 onwards) on Tumblr
URL: Slash Advent Calendar
K/S Slash Advent Calendar
Slash Advent Calendar 2002
Slash Advent Calendar 2003
Slash Advent Calendar 2006
Slash Advent Calendar 2008
Kirk/Spock Advent Calendar 2022
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Kirk/Spock Advent Calendar (or KS Advent) is a K/S slash challenge/calendar that runs through the month of December where fanart, fanfiction, poetry, vids, and other fanworks are released each day. The last one was held in December 2017, but the event was relaunched in 2022.

It was originally founded by kira-nerys at Lady Kardasi Productions in 2002 as part of a larger slash advent calendar which included other Star Trek series as well as Harry Potter, Smallville, Buffy and others.[1]

Then in 2006, Farfalla, continued the tradition as it developed into its own advent calendar outside of the 2002 Slash Advent Calendar. In 2008, Dale stepped in to run the calendar on her Yahoo!Groups[2] with acidqueen and Lyra helping out.[3]

From 2009, following the release of the Star Trek reboot movies and thousands of new fans joining the Kirk/Spock Livejournal community, until 2017, Arminaa and Amanda Warrington ran the calendar on LJ, though it was open to all, regardless if they had a LJ account.[4]

For 2022, the Kirk/Spock Advent Calendar was relaunched by the mods who are also behind Kirk/Spock Spring Fever: T'Lara, 1lostone, and pkrosche. The event is now hosted on AO3 and runs throughout the full month of December.


K/S Masterlist (this list excludes other fandoms). A summary of the full 2002 Slash Advent Calendar is also on Fanlore.

Date Details
Dec 1 Snowman (alt link) by Sara. NC-17
Summary: Kirk and Spock build a snowman. Silly, fluffy PWP.
Dec 2 Kirk in the Nexus (alt link) by CJK. G
Summary: Kirk in the Nexus.
Dec 3 Souls Reunited (alt link) by Sara & Singer. NC-17
Summary: Suffering from a severed lifebond, Kirk retreats to Iowa and only Spock can heal him.
Dec 4 Sardines (alt link) by Farfalla. R
Summary: Kirk and Spock get stranded in a defective shuttlecraft, with only one spacesuit between them.
Dec 5 Amanda's Endgame (alt link) by CJ. R
Dec 6 Who Says It's Just a Plant? (alt link) by Nika Boadicea. PG
Summary: Spock learns about mistletoe

Spock's Christmas Card (art) by T'Guess. G

Dec 7 It Just Had to Happen Sometime (alt link) by MadByrd. R
Summary: Kirk makes Spock, Bones makes a discovery, and the Klingons make everybody's day.
Dec 8 Awakening (alt link) by kira-nerys. Mild R
Summary: Waking up one Christmas morning.
Dec 9 Jingle Balls (alt link) by Acidqueen. NC-17
Summary: Kinky Christmas with Spock and Kirk. Warnings: D/s, kinky anal play
Dec 10 Your Place or Mine (alt link) by Liz Ellington. PG-13
Dec 11 Search the Seas by (alt link) Farfalla. G
Summary: Kirk's soul, in death, waits for Spock to find him
Dec 12 More than Enough (alt link) by Acidqueen. PG
Summary: Kirk and Spock are stranded in NY 1932, and it's New Year's eve...
Dec 13 Deep Midwinter (alt link) by Lyrastar. PG
Summary: What shall I give him?

K/S Christmas manip by T'Guess. PG-13

Dec 14 Waxing Moon (alt link via KSA) by Lyrastar. R
Summary: The things we do for love.
Dec 15 The Sweater or One Size Fits All by Mereridkat (Margaret Newman). NC-17
Dec 16 Gifts (alt link) by Maddie Eerie
Dec 17 Festival of Light (alt link) by Lyrastar. NC-17
Summary: The story of how the defiled temple was reclaimed, and the flame continued to burn. And then there was great rejoicing.
Dec 18 Art/Manip by T'Guess. R

What Child is This? (alt story link) by Sorlak. G

Dec 19 Christmas Carol Logic by Cassandra. G
Dec 20 Kirk and Spock (art) by Suse. G

Green Heart (alt link) by Farfalla. NC-17
Summary: Kirk reminisces on the events after "Amok Time" that brought him and Spock together.

Dec 21 Dreams and Lights by jm. NC-17
Summary: They find out things about each other, and their needs, with some outside help. AU of "Shore Leave" episode.
Dec 22 Art by T'Guess

Farr Flung (alt link) by Farfalla. R
Summary: After "The Voyage Home", according to some website I read, Spock should be turning 56. That's divisible by seven, isn't it? ;-) Oh and I hate telemarketers.

Dec 23 The Trouble with Blenders(art) by Farfalla. G

The Silent Stars Go By (alt link via KSA) by Lyrastar. G
Summary: Set after the Immunity syndrome. This is my dream, to follow that star. And also recognizing Winter Solstice 2002 occurring Dec. 22 at 1:15am GMT. The period of darkness is over; the suns again burn bright in the sky. The time is ripe for all things to blossom and to grow.

Token of Love by Stely. G

Dec 24 I Heard the Bells (alt link via KSA) by Lyrastar. PG
Summary: Post-TUC. The wrong shall fail, the right prevail with peace on earth, good will to men.

Words (alt link) by Farfalla. R
Summary: While slaking his pon farr on his willing captain, Spock speaks in Vulcan... what is he saying?

Dec 25 Art by Farfalla. R

Crossing Paths by jm. G
Summary: Meeting in the Nexus, Kirk and Picard figure out a few home truths. Rewriting "Generations". (Twisting it to suit my own ends.)


2003 Slash Advent Calendar archived at the WayBack Machine - link goes to the main index page, the stories are password protected. Some of the art can be seen here - link goes to a folder index, filter for jpgs.

Date Details
Dec 1 Mind Touch by Sara.

Art by Farfalla.

Dec 2 Express by Farfalla.

Q and A by Mycroft Holmes.

Dec 3 Saints: Home for Xmas by Lyrastar.
Dec 4 Grandma's Goodie Box by Farfalla.
Dec 5 Holiday Treats by Dina.
Dec 6 Holiday Traditions by jm.
Dec 7 Mis-under-standing by Cait N.
Dec 8 Christmas Wish by Saavant

Kirk & Sock (alt link) by Farfalla. PG
Summary: Vignette about cozy cuddling on the sofa on a cold winter's day.

Dec 9 How Spock Saved Christmas (alt link) by Hypatia Kosh. PG.
Summary: Spock cures Kirk's winter doldrums.
Dec 10 Gifts are intended to be a Surprise (and Private) by Korey.
Dec 11 In the Pale Moonlight (alt link) by Acidqueen. PG-13.
Summary: A night in the space docks. (Warning: BDSM).
Dec 12 Salt of the Earth by Mycroft Holmes.
Dec 13 How the Grinch Stole the Captain by Lyrastar.
Dec 14 Phoraden-dron Flavescens by Justblack Chaps.

K/S (art) by Rachelle

Dec 15 Flexibility by Farfalla.

Art by Hyptia Kosh.

Dec 16 The Merry Month of Mistletoe by Liz.

Idle Hands by Mycroft Holmes

Dec 17 Racherma by T'Len
Dec 18 Let Me Go to You (alt link) by Saavant. G
Summary: Trapped in a strange part of the 21st century, Spock waits impatiently for his lifemate.

The Proposal by Bluesky

Dec 19 A K/S-mas Carol by Mycroft Holmes with art by Mina.
Dec 20 Pedicare (alt link) by Acidqueen. NC-17
Summary: Kirk and Spock have some fun.
Dec 21 Deck the Frals by Farfalla

A Holly Day (alt link) by Saavant. NC-17
Summary: Kirk and Spock in a plant nursery.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness by Mick'n'Star

Dec 22 The Bitter and Sweet (alt link) by Jesmihr. PG
Summary: Spock tries to replace something that Jim has lost.

Merry Christmas (art) by Lovin James T.

Merry Christmas (art) by Aniki.

Dec 23 Noel Noel by Lyrastar

Drink Up by Hyptia Kosh.

Spock (art) by Aniki.

Dec 24 The Mistletoe Mess by Kira.

Christmas Breakfast (art) by Aniki.

Dec 25 A Wish in the Mist (alt link) by Farfalla. PG
Summary: Present-day AU. Twenty-five years ago Iowa attorney general Jim Kirk fell in love with the Christmas Elf. When will they finally be allowed to be together all year round? With art by Mina & Lovin James T.

Elf Spock (art) by Mina.

Tender Moments in the Raw (art) by Aniki.




Farfalla ran the K/S Advent Calendar in 2006 and 2007.[3]

  • It is unclear whether there was a 2006 Slash Advent Calendar. A draft page can be found archived here.
  • There was, however, a Kirk/Spock Advent Calendar which can be found archived here.



Dale took over in running the K/S Advent Calendar with Acidqueen acting as technical advisor and Lyra acting as backup editor[3]


K/S Advent community on LJ is founded and moderated by Arminaa and Amanda Warrington.[4] Links for the table below accessed 11 January 2013).

Date Details
Dec 1 Isn't It Romantic? by Ster Julie. TOS; PG
Summary: The newlyweds spend their first Christmas together.

Last and First by tatyan85. STR; G.
Summary: Kirk and Spock, Christmas tree and eggnog. Is it enough? Warnings: Fluff. Pure fluff. Keep you toothbrush nearby!

Season's Greetings (art) by anoncomment7. TOS; G
Summary: Seasonal wallpaper and icons

World AIDS Day (art) by ashayavar. TOS; G
Summary: The image is from an old Star Trek coloring book, and Spock's red shirt is clearly a reference to AIDS- note the red ribbon in the corner.

Dec 2 Silent Night by my_kurama. STR; R
Summary: Jim and Spock have been apart for almost two weeks. They come together again just in time for the holidays. And fluffy sex. Warnings: Not too terribly graphic prons
Dec 3 Jimmy and his Ninja Prince by spirktrekker42. STR; PG-13
Summary: Jimmy Kirk is given a special Christmas gift by a mysterious elderly Vulcan. However, he receives more than he bargained for, when, thanks to his selfless actions, it comes alive. Warning: Kirk uses the F-word

Mistletoe (art) by jou. STR; NC-17 Warnings: None, other than the fact that this is not safe for work. ;)

Dec 4 Peace on Earth by astra_sequi. STR; PG
Summary: Kirk and Spock spend the winter holiday together in San Francisco, reminiscing and failing at baking. Warnings: Fluffy stuff.
Dec 5 Great Expectations by ragdoll987. STR; NC-17. Graphic m/m sex.
Summary: Jim is determined not to enjoy Christmas, but his lover is just as determined to change that. Warnings: Romance! Established Relationship.

Dear Spock (art) by lira_alicia. Mostly STR, but it has a little TOS pic in it. G.

Dec 6 Snowflakes by ashkitty. STR; (Though really, except for one line it could probably go either way) G
Summary: The away team is trapped on a strange little planet during the course of a mission, and get to see something special.

A Canadian Winter by twisting_vine_x. STR; NC-17
Summary: Three years into their mission, shore leave happens to coincide with Christmas. The entire bridge crew is spending time with their families, so Jim decides to rent himself a cabin in northern Ontario, resigned to spending the three weeks alone. Fortunately for Jim, a certain pointy-eared officer is also lacking in Christmas plans. Warnings: First-time, angst, romance, Christmas cliches. (Is accompanied by artwork Christmas at the Cabin by davincis_girl)

Dec 7 Merry Christmas Mister Spock (art) by galileo7. STR; R Warnings: Not safe for work (art contains sexual content & nudity)

Check Mate by Amanda Warrington. TOS; NC-17
Summary: What really happened on Ardana. It's James Kirk, not Droxine, who Spock wants to woo.

Dec 8 Guarded (art) by tracionn. TOS; PG-13
Summary: Jim is guarded by his Vulcan, who won't leave his side.

Untitled (art) by tripperfunster. STR; PG-13
Summary: This pic has very little to do with Christmas, other than the fact that I'm posting it in December. Plus, everyone knows Spock is Jewish. pfft! Trust me, he's got a dreidel and he's not afraid to use it! ;)

Cold a Long Time by posyvanilla. STR; NC-17
Summary: Spock has never experienced snow before. Kirk shows him just how enjoyable other cold things can be, as well. Warnings: explicit sex. A.N: Title comes from a line in Wallace Stevens's "The Snow Man." (Story deleted.)

Dec 9 A Home Made of Sand by ariadnechan. TOS;. R
Summary: Jim hasn't seen his Vulcan bondmate for six months.. He comes to Vulcan for the `Anniversary of the teachings of Surak' and `New Year'. How do the events unfold in his parents in law house?

Baby, It's cold outside by truthwritaslies. TOS; PG
Summary: It's not that he was opposed to snow, it's just... it's too cold.

Christmas Eve on the Enterprise (Version 1) (art) by galileo7. STR; PG

Dec 10 Christmas Eve on the Enterprise (Version 2) (art) by galileo7. TOS; PG

Celebrations by aetin. Written with TOS in mind, but can be read as either; PG
Summary: A series of celebrations throughout the year.

Dec 11 The Dedication by janon. STR
Summary: A K/S Chanukah piece.

All I Want (art) by nix_this. STR; PG-13

Dec 12 Together We Are by igrab. TOS; PG-13
Summary: A few Christmases surrounding The Motion Picture.

Mistletoe (art) by cantfindreverse. TOS/STR; PG
Summary: It should not be possible for there to be so much mistletoe on a single ship.

Warnog, or a very Klingon Christmas by karmic_fic. STR; PG13
Summary :Instead of holiday leave, Jim and Spock are stuck on a Starbase negotiating with the Klingons

Dec 13 All I Want For Christmas Is You video by spookyfbi. TOS; G Download video here

A Very Enterprise Christmas: A K/S Comic Strip (art) by afallenseraphim. STR; PG-13-ish, because I can't keep my mind out of gutterland even a little

Semantics by corpus_invictus. STR; NC-17
Summary: "Linguistic details! Someone calls Spock on using "fascinating" and "illogical" so often, and he has to explain that the English words are simply restrictive, as Vulcans have different ways of saying that something's fascinating."

Dec 14 Young Wine, Old Feeling by kianspo. STR; NC-17
Summary: Shooting Romulans is easier than confessing your feelings. That's about it.

Winter Sun by rhaegal. STR; NC-17
Summary: Shore leave happens to coincide with Christmas. Jim convinces Spock to join him for some traditional Terran festivities, and learns an unexpected lesson in Vulcan customs. A/N: Accompanies this gorgeous artwork Winter Heat by latenightarting

Winter Heat (art) by latenightarting. STR; PG-13. A/N: Accompanies the exquisite winter holiday fanfic Winter Sun by rhaegal

Dec 15 I Burn For Thee (art) by swordsart. TOS; PG-13

Festival of Mirrors by verizonhorizon. STR; and TOS R
Summary: Two Kirks of different timelines have similarly good ideas about how to celebrate a winter shore leave with their Spocks. Realities collide for a special night of holiday fun and double-dating delight.

Sleep to Wake by chiralove. STR; R
Summary: "I have dreamed in my life, dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas; they have gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the color of my mind."

Dec 16 Festivals of Light by kradie. TOS; PG
Summary: Kirk and Spock discuss midwinter celebrations on Terra and Vulcan, and the conversation leads onto more serious matters. Warnings: Mention of canon major character death

Christmas at the Cabin (art) by davincis_girl. STR; G A/N: Inspired by the story A Canadian Winter by fellow Canuck twisting_vine_x where Kirk invites Spock to spend Christmas with him in a cabin in Northern Ontario.

Transporter Room Pranks (art) by davincis_girl. TOS; G A.N: Because I can't decide between TOS and STXI, I came bearing both.

Knitting Lessons by blcwriter. STR; PG-13
Summary: Spock's mother knit him a sweater years ago-Jim repairs it. In the process, things between he and Spock start to change.

Dec 17 Reindeers Away (art) by silvertoekee. TOS; G

On Doctors, Revenge and Christmas Gifts by tatyan85. TOS; R, to be on the safe side.
Summary: Doctor McCoy and Spock go Christmas shopping in a… particular kind of shop. Warnings: Sex Toys mentioned (but not used). The fanfiction is K/S, but it is mostly about McCoy and Spock… I so love them :D

Dec 18 It's Vulcan for Humbug by nimori. STR; PG. I'm terribly sorry.
Summary: In which Jim is a multicultural holiday whore, Spock could do with a little less respect, and Russians invented Christmas trees. Warnings: Irreverence for everything. Again, sorry.

Christmas Memories (art) by hgrover642. TOS; PG

Traditions (or, the five christmas traditions that Jim had to explain to Spock, and the one Spock figured out from somebody else) by corpses_smiling. STR; PG
Summary: Spock's always curious.

Vulcan Kissing Under the Mistletoe (art) by chicapanzy86. STR; G

Under the Mistletoe (art )by orgy_of_death. TOS; PG

Dec 19 What Party? (art) by k_krum. STR; PG-13

Permanently Personal by melonbutterfly. STR; PG
Summary: Jim doesn't exactly seem to dislike Christmas, but there's still something more about it. Spock is going to find out what.

Where There Are No Phones by anowlinsunshine. STR; R
Summary: It doesn't really tell him a lot, though. Not why he's here or how he's supposed to pay for this or who he even is—doesn't tell him a thing other than that they don't know any more than he does. Which is to say, practically nothing.

Dec 20 'Things We Don't Say' by garryowen. STR; NC-17
Summary: Jim and Spock go winter camping during shore leave.

None, feel free to find one for me (art). XD by fprintmoon. STR; K

A Simple Snowman by brittanyksduh. TOS; PG-13
Summary: Kirk gets Spock to help him build a snowman. Warnings: Brief sexuality

Dec 21 There is No One Here (art) by yawmin. STR; PG for hand holding and green blushes

Baby, It's Cold Outside by stripedpetunia. STR; NC-17
Summary: The environmental controls on the Enterprise are malfunctioning and Spock is freezing. Good thing Kirk is a problem-solver. Warnings: porn? Also a tangential relationship to Christmas and/or winter, but uh... LOOK, PORN.

Christmas Robes (art) by crochet_mama. TOS; G

A Christmas to Remember (or All I Want for Christmas is You) by renuki. STR; /AU G
Summary: After the bloody mess Nero caused, and while the Enterprise was grounded, Christmas leave happens. After finding out that Captain Spock would spend Christmas alone, First Officer Tiberius (a Romulan) drags Spock along with him to his mother's.

Dec 22 Heart Fire by Greywolf the Wanderer. TOS; NC-17
Summary: Spock asks Kirk to meet him in the observation deck at 2000 hours, once they are off shift for the day. There is something he needs to discuss...

Christmas Morning (art) by Arminaa. TOS; PG-13 Warnings: Partial nudity

The Small Things by heeroluva. TOS; or STXI (I'm pretty sure this is general enough to be seen as either) PG-13
Summary: Spock shows Jim that maybe Christmas isn't so bad after all over the course of their voyage. Warnings: Anti-religious views, creative liberty with Kirk's past, random appearances by McCoy, fluff

Slow Beginnings by Amanda Warrington. STR; NC-17
Summary: After the defeat of the Narada and Spock's decision to stay with the Enterprise, he and Kirk have to learn to work together. Over the course of their five year mission, their friendship evolves

Dec 23 You Are Whatever a Moon Has Always Meant by danahid. STR; PG-13
Summary: The story of Kirk and Spock is a true story.

Unexpected Gifts (art) by soliandxpyne. STR; PG-13 A.N: Illustrates a scene from slash4femme's lovely fic If You Need A Reason; a photo reference was used for the pose. :DDD

If You Need A Reason by slash4femme. STR; R
Warnings: making out, groping, angst, talk of Christmas, drinking and some mentions of Spock Prime/McCoy (because it's me) A.N: This story was gorgeously illustrated by soliandxpyne's artwork Unexpected Gifts

Things That Have Been Found by ever_obsessed. STR; PG-13b>Summary: "It's so cute how he wants his first official holiday with the captain to go so well." Warnings: Established relationship, fluff Gifts] by daphnie_1. TOS; or STXI R
Summary: Kirk and Spock are spending Christmas in Iowa but it turns out a certain Vulcan first officer has more surprises than Kirk could ever have bet on. Warnings: Strong Swearing

Dec 24 Legacy by blackillya. TOS; PG-13
Summary: Kirk helps resolve a family crisis for Spock

Christmas Card (art) by h_e_r_b_a_t_a. TOS; G

Kal Rekk by blackbird_song. TOS; PG
Summary: Silence and solitude seldom occur when sought. Warnings: Unpleasant descriptions of physical injuries and gore.

Wonderful and Wise by Starshadow. TOS; G
Summary: Two men search for the perfect first holiday gifts.

Unsure Footing (art) by mizuko060. STR; G

Right Beside You by lovin_torture. STR; PG-13
Summary: A Spork interlude during my McCoy/Chekov STBB Fic

Dec 25 Kirk & Spock (art) by Caren Parnes. TOS; PG

Berengaria Seven by catalenamara. TOS; G
Summary: Setting: Approximately one year after the events of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. New Year's Day on an alien planet, a planet Spock visited many years before. Spock and Kirk return now to witness the results of seeds sown long ago. Dedication: To my grandfather, who was an adult when the Wright Brothers flew at Kitty Hawk and who lived several years past the first moon landing.

Bragging Rights by ragdoll987. STR; NC-17
Summary: AU. Two and a half years into his time at Starfleet Academy, Jim Kirk meets Lieutenant-Commander Spock, and the sparks begin to fly. Warnings: Romance! Humor! First Time!


Date Details
Dec. 1 Smudges (art) by carouselcycles. STR Mirrorverse; PG-13/R
Summary: Companion to lalazee's awesome fic. Go read it.

Turkey Trouble by kayleightalitha. TOS; R
Summary: Jim tries his best to keep a promise to his crew even when it's being met by disapproval from his First Officer and bondmate Spock

Grey Matter by lalazee. STR Mirrorverse NC-17;
Summary: At the Starfleet Winter Masquerade, Jim Kirk encounters a mysterious man dressed as a Vulcan. The consequences of one night of fun threaten to come back in ten-fold.

The Stone of Bashert by verizonhorizon. STR; R
Summary: Kirk and Spock’s Guardian Angels use a glowing holiday rock of love to play matchmaker with their charges.

Dec. 2 Delusions of Our Childish Days by ashkitty. STR; PG
Summary: When shore leave and a refit of the Enterprise coincide with Christmas, Spock convinces Jim to go back to Iowa for the holidays.

Spock's First Kirk Christmas (art) by dlrzl. STR; PG

Dec. 3 SnowGlobe (art) by soliandxpyne. STR AU; R
Summary: This piece is an illustration from littlebirdtold's story, Once Upon A Time (A Fairy-Tale Love Story). It's super awesome, go read it!! :D

Truth in Chocolate by zephyr_macabee. STR; PG
Summary: Winona steps up.

The Weary World Rejoices by estalita_11. STR; PG
Summary: When the Enterprise saves a group of children from a decimated colony, the crew decides something has to be done to help the children overcome the tragedy of losing their parents. Spock doesn't understand why a Christmas celebration is the best way to go about it, and Jim tries to change that.

Once Upon A Time by littlebirdtold. AU with vague references to STR and TOS; NC-17
Summary: This is the story of how Jim Kirk became a Princess ("Prince Consort, Bones!") of the United Planets of Vulcan Kingdom.

Dec. 4 For One Heart Alone (Fic and Art) by tracionn. TOS; NC-17
Summary: After a tough mission, both Kirk and Spock want to share something of importance with the other

Private Party (art) by anoncomment7. STR; NC-17

Dec. 5 Santa Claus in Coming to... by tkeylasunset. STR; PG
Summary: Based on this prompt: Out in space, in the middle of nowhere, sensors pick up a flying object. It turns out to be Santa, his reindeer and his elves. After that, it’s pretty much…fluff. Yep - fluff.

Twelve Days of Christmas (art) by saffrongreen. STR; PG-13

Dec. 6 Santa Claus and His Not-So Willing Helper Elf (art) by cannedebonbon. STR; PG-13

A Gift From the Heart by fagur_fiskur. STR; PG-13
Summary: Based on this prompt: Kirk buys a gift for Spock but decides not to give it to him because it's too valuable, they're only friends/work colleagues and it might embarrass Spock. He can't give it to anyone else, because the gift is something ideal only to a Vulcan. But Spock finds it anyway.

Dec. 7 The Longest Christmas by brytewolf. STR; PG-13
Summary: The only thing Jim's ever wanted is Spock. But Spock is the one thing he can't have—until a strange visitor grants Jim one wish.

Illogical Response by chicapanzy86. STR; G

Socks, Stockings, and a Star by lallyloo. STR; R/NC-17
Summary: For the prompt: During a rare shore leave on Earth over the holidays, Kirk invites Spock to his (empty) family home complete with log fires, and teaches him how to decorate a tree.

Dec. 8 20 Watts (art) by jou. STR; G

Christmas Medley vid by estalita_11. TOS and STXI; G

Dec. 9 Chocolate, Spice, and Everything Nice by putigress2012. STR; NC-17
Summary: Kirk is secretly in love with his first officer. Spock is secretly intoxicated by chocolate. Add in an away mission, a day in the snow, and a hot brown beverage (hint: it isn’t coffee).

Seasonal Spores (Or how Captain Kirk learned to love plants) by weebeanie. STR; PG-13
Summary: Kirk’s convinced all plant life in the known (and unknown) universe is out to get him. So he’s not exactly thrilled with Sulu’s Christmas gift. Until he discovers it has an unexpected ‘benefit’...

Riverside (art) by sleepwalkerfish. STR; G
Summary: Cover for the ksadvent story titled the same by ayesakara.

The Gift by melayneseahawk. STR; G
Summary: Kirk actually makes a special gift for Spock. Because it's personal, according to Vulcan tradition, he sees it as a declaration...and accepts.

Riverside by laylafic. STR; NC-17
Summary: The Enterprise is docked at Earth Station McKinley for repairs and upgrades over the holiday season. Jim invites his friend Spock to join him at his family home in Iowa, where he presumes the house to be empty, but his mother unexpectedly shows up. Things have never been easy between Jim and his mother, and now Spock is caught in the middle of a family rift. How will he ease the tension between his friend, for whom his feelings run deeper than he has let on, and Winona Kirk?

Dec. 10 From: Sulu, H. (art) by k_krum. STR; PG-13

The Gift of Home by creampuffsteph. STR; NC-17
Summary: Written for this prompt for ksadvent : "Kirk woos Spock over the twelve days of Christmas."

I've Got My Love by lazulisong. STR; PG-13
Summary: Spock's kind of weird about this. Originally the prompt was Jim offers to let Spock do one kink of his choice as a Christmas present, but the actual story is more ummmm established relationship retardery.

Dec. 11 A Very Star Trek Christmas Carol (art) by tprillahfiction. STR; G and NC-17
Summary: Six pieces of art.

Kings and Pawns of Men by ragdoll987. STR; PG-13
Summary: A series of unusual and anonymous gifts sends Spock on a quest for answers (with Kirk along for the ride). How chess and strategy conspired to bring two men together in the midst of a Christmas holiday!

On This Winter's Night by jademac2442. STR; PG
Summary: Spock rescues Kirk from a bar fight, and walks him home. Flirting ensues.

Dec. 12 Holiday Cheer (art) by elfqueen55. TOS; PG

The Omitted Admission by blcwriter. STR; PG-13
Summary: For the prompt “Spock gives Kirk a meld for Christmas; Spock sees more than Kirk intends him to.” Except it kind of turned into a mini-big bang, and the meld precedes Christmas by just a bit. It's your classic h/c with the "can they get it together before it's too late" thrown in for good measure. Because tropes are fun at the holidays.

Jesus, Jim! by spirktrekker42. STR; PG-13
Summary: This is the story of Jesus. That is, if Jesus lived in the 23rd century, captained a starship, and was bonded to a Vulcan.

Dec. 13 Memories of Christmas (art) by shayla_kage. STR; G

Nor Thorns Infest the Ground by jane_potter. STR; MirrorverseR
Summary: This is the first time Spock has ever said he wants to be with Jim. This is possibly the first time Jim has ever touched somebody gently. So Spock's consent is conditional and Jim has to deal with the Vulcan's sick little touch kink, so what? Their happiness, is seems, is to be mutual if it is to be at all.

Old Traditions Are New Again by serenemiss. STR; PG
Summary: Spock's never heard of the mistletoe tradition. Kirk demonstrates.

Dec. 14 Fairy Lights by ptork66. STR; G
Summary: Captain James Tiberius Kirk has become increasingly gloomy as the holidays approach. To Spock, this is unacceptable, and he must find a solution and bring the light to Kirk's eyes once more. He would do anything to see him smile

Settling by scraplove. STR; PG
Summary: Jim debates with himself over whether or not he is ready to settle down with Spock.

The 5 and 1 of a Christmas Puppy by estalita_11. STR; G
Summary: Spock gets Jim a Chihuahua puppy for Christmas one year and has to live with the consequences.

Dec. 15 Cold Winter by aldora89. TOS; PG-13
Summary: The Christmas Eve party on the Enterprise is full of music, but only a certain someone can coax a song out of a downhearted captain. (Prompt #47)

Something to warn you better... (art) by swordsart. STR; G

Dec. 16 Ding Dong Merrily on High by saffrongreen. STR; NC-17
Summary: Spock gives Kirk a meld for Christmas. Kirk sees more than Spock intends for him to.

A Highly Logical Human Custom by majestic_shriek. TOS; PG
Summary: Based on this prompt: The science department Christmas party. Dr. Helen Noel is a highly competent psychotherapist, so Spock's negative response to her dancing with his captain is exceedingly illogical, isn't it?

It's a Wonderful Trek by tprillahfiction. STR; PG
Summary: The story of James T. Kirk's life, following the plot of the film: "It's a Wonderful Life". (actually this is more accurately based on the radio play version of "It's a Wonderful Life" How neato is that? Yeah.

Christmas for Beginners by notboldly. STR; NC-17
Summary: Spock’s quiet plans for the holidays are interrupted by the sudden appearance of Kirk and his nephews.

Any Way You Want It by kianspo. STR; PG-13
Summary: In which Bones is a rock star, Spock gets a present he'd rather give back, Jim still has his looks, Uhura's boyfriend is sensitive but also kind of awesome, dragons are exploding, and lions are dancing. Not necessarily in that order.

Dec. 17 Let It Snow by zjofierose. STR; PG-13
Summary: During a rare shoreleave on Earth over the holidays, Kirk convinces Spock to take a road trip with him. He didn't count on a record snowfall. Now they're stranded in a motel room for Christmas...

Winter Wonderland (art) by lama_mama. STR; G
Summary: For the prompt: "During a rare shoreleave on Earth over the holidays, Kirk persuades Spock to try skiing/ice skating/building snowmen/other activities which involve a combination of outdoors and freezing conditions"

Come December, I Remember by therumjournals. STR; NC-17
Summary: Kirk heads to his family’s cabin to try to recapture some Christmas memories…and maybe make some new ones along the way.

The Perfect Christmas for a Half Vulcan by ariadnechan. STR; PG-13
Summary: From the prompt “One of the few items Spock has from his mother is a box containing Christmas ornaments. Jim helps him recreate a Christmas as his mom celebrated it.”

Dec. 18 Wishing for You by idvo. STR; PG
Summary: For the prompt: “While on a newly discovered planet, Kirk gets separated from the rest of the landing party and comes face to face with someone claiming to be his fairy god mother. She grants him three wishes.”

This Is Our Night (art) by tracionn. TOS; G

Shared Knowledge (art) by orgy_of_death. STR; G

It's Never Sunny On Argelius by tprillahfiction. TOS; NC-17
Summary: During a Christmas shoreleave on Argelius, Kirk is drugged in an attempted sexual assault. Spock rescues him from the stranger, but the drug has left Kirk extremely horny.

Dec. 19 A Shot of Courage by notboldly. STR; NC-17
Summary: As Enterprise’s unofficial chaperone, Spock was familiar with the human tendency towards intoxication. However, he had not expected Kirk to be susceptible.

Mission: Mistletoe by notboldly. STR; PG-13
Summary: Despite his best attempts to avoid it, Spock keeps getting caught under the mistletoe.

Got My Love to Keep Me Warm (art) by lallyloo. STR; PG

Dec. 20 Of Lirpas and Laras (You say it best) by jaylee_g. STR; PG
Summary: Spock has almost nothing of Vulcan. Kirk searches the universe for things to give him.

Best Present EVER (art) by nix_this. STR; R

They're Singing Deck The Halls (But It's Not Like Christmas At All) by txrae. STR; PG
Summary: Five Christmases that Kirk had a miserable time and the one Christmas he had a wonderful time...with Spock.

A Time For Giving by galaxy_song. STR; NC-17
Summary: Jim just wants to spend one spontaneous night with Spock.

Dec. 21 Our First Christmas by screamlet. STR; PG-13
Summary: For the K/S Advent challenge, #50: Spock knows a lot about Christmas, but pretends he doesn't so Jim can teach him about the holiday. Jim finds out, and starts making things up. (Set at the end of the five-year mission.)

The Skirt by pointe_dancer01. STR; G
Summary: ksadvent prompt #50: Spock knows a lot about Christmas, but pretends he doesn't so Jim can teach him about the holiday. Jim finds out, and starts making things up.

Dec. 22 Christmas, Logic, and Presents: On Kirk, Spock, and Being Parents (art) by afallenseraphim. STR; PG

If I Only Could Make a Deal with God (and Get Him to Swap Our Places) by heeroluva. TOS; PG-13
Summary: What if Spock had stayed with Jim after the end of the five year mission, rather than going to Gol? What if they had bonded? What if Spock had died shortly after? What then?

On the Wings of Fortune by renuki Series: AUPG
Summary: This tells the story how the smuggler met the ambassador's son. With add Christmas favor! :D

Dec. 23 Russian Roulette by snowlight and aprilleigh24. STR; MirrorversePG-13
Summary: In a post-Narada mirrorverse, Spock struggles with giving something Amanda left behind as an annual Christmas tribute to the Empress.

Limits by ragdoll987. STR; NC-17
Summary: Wherein Spock learns the subtle nuances of gift-giving, and Kirk has fun wrapping up his Christmas present. And then they have sex. Kinky sex. This is a nominal sequel to Kings and Pawns (though it can basically act as a stand-alone).

Dec. 24 Experiment by blackillya. TOS; PG
Summary: For prompt: #60: Kirk introduces Spock to the tradition of mistletoe and New Year's kisses.

Fire and Ice (art) by ashleyj28. STR; PG-13

Christmas Bride by spirktrekker42. STR; PG
Summary: Jim and Spock spend Christmas Eve together, and Jim pops the question.

Winter by catalenamara. TOS; G
Summary: Kirk and Spock reunite at the Khitomer II conference.

Poke the Bear (art) by tripperfunster. STR; /TOSG

Dec. 25 Definite and Unapologetic by whochick. STR; PG-13
Summary: Jim finds a kindred spirit in Spock one Christmas, and Uhura engineers a little festive cheer of her own.

Uzh Tevun (New Year) by garryowen. STR; NC-17
Summary: The crew of the Enterprise arrive on Altair VI for the coronation of the new president and the ushering in of the new year. During this time of renewal, Spock’s life, too, is about to change.

Balance by Amanda Warrington. TOS; NC-17
Summary: Spock notices his captain seems to get a thrill out of being in danger and spends months closely monitoring Kirk before approaching him about it. Just about then, events in his life overtake him...

But As Long As You Love Me So (art) by yawmin. STR; G

Eddies by blackbird_song. TOS; NC-17
Summary: Kirk sustains a head injury in an ambush.

Gifts to Spock (art) by fprintmoon. STR; G

Cracking the Ice by blackbird_song. TOS; NC-17
Summary: The shore leave Kirk had planned with Spock doesn't seem to be going so well.


Date Details
Dec 1 Life is Something To Do (When You Can't Get To Sleep) by jaylee_g. STR; - Academy AU PG-13
‘He’d heard the name Spock mentioned once or twice (or enough times that Jim had started to wonder why they didn‘t just replace the Zefram Cochrane statue out in front of the Academy grounds with a Spock one). Of course he had. Who hadn’t?’

In front of the fire (art) by the_physicist. STR; G (deleted)

K/S Desktop Wallpaper (art) by Arminaa. TOS; G

Sleepwalker by thyla23. STR; pg 13
Jim can't sleep, so he goes to Bones for a sleeping aid, and that sleep aid has side effects.

Dec 2 Strip Dreidel by tprillahfiction. TOS; NC-17
On the last night of Chanukah, Spock introduces Kirk, Dr. McCoy and Mr. Scott to the finer points of strip dreidel. Humor, PWP. With apologies to L.N.

Winter Wonderland (art) by rven_julies. STR; G

Santa Kirk & Elf Spock (art) by tracionn. TOS; G
Created to fill this prompt: To help crew morale, because they didn't get shore leave for the holidays, Kirk has the brilliant idea to dress up as Santa on Christmas Day. All he has to do to make his plan perfect, is persuade Spock to be an elf. He seems to have succeeded.

Dec 3 Spock's First Christmas by lallyloo. STR; (AU) G
Six year old Spock is the new boy at school and Jim Kirk's new best friend. Winona talks Amanda into letting Spock stay over on Christmas Eve, and Jim explains Christmas to Spock.

Kiss Me (or Five Times Kirk Had To Steal a Kiss From His First Officer...and One Time He Didn't Have To.) by tprillahfiction. TOS; PG
Written in response to the prompt: "Five times Kirk had to steal a kiss from his first officer...and one time he didn't have to." FLUFF!!! Happy Holidays!!!

Good Morning (art) by syredronning aka AcidQueen. TOS; NC-17
Originally published in the print zine "K/S Legacy". Many thanks to Jenna for the encouragement.

Tie Me Up (art) by syredronning aka AcidQueen. TOS; R Warnings: Bondage, Tom-of-Finland-Style
Originally published in the print zine "Dark Fire II". Many thanks to Catalenamara for the encouragement.

Dec 4 On the Subtle (and not) Differences between Vulcan Handshakes and Human Kisses, Friendship and Love, or How Jim Kirk Learned to Love Dick by littlebirdtold. STR; NC-17
Bones pinched the bridge of his nose. "Alright, let me get it straight. A good chunk of the crew saw you and the hobgoblin trying to suck each other's faces off, but you're insisting that you've never kissed and that you're just friends. Oh, and let's not forget the little detail that both of you have girlfriends." Jim winced. "Look, I know how it looks, but it's really not what it looks like." Warnings: Het

Baby's First Christmas (art) by spomarani. STR; G

A Gift For Jim (art) by silvertoekee. TOS; G

Dec 5 Secret Ingredient by melayneseahawk. STR; PG-13 (smoochies)
Prompt: Jim decides to introduce Spock to an old family tradition at Christmas, homemade eggnog. Figuring he'll be fine drinking it given his Vulcan resistance to alcohol, Spock agrees. Little does he know that the old Kirk family recipe includes a bit of cocoa powder in the seasoning.
Dec 6 All Bundled Up Together (art) by deliciousny. STR; G. Warnings: Mittens

I've Got My Health, and You by kenshincha. STR; AU PG
Christmas is Jim's favorite time of year, but when he loses everything, Spock helps him get that spirit back.

If Only In My Dreams by twisting_vine_x. STR; PG-13
Captured by aliens is not exactly how Jim had intended to spend his Christmas Eve. Warnings: Angst, violence, minor character death, implied torture (there is actually a Christmas story hidden in here, I swear).

Cat and Dog Life by Meg Series: (STXI) PG
So there's this thing going around Tumblr where this dog leaves food for in his bowl for weeks and the human eventually discovers he's carefully saving back food for a stray pregnant cat. Cat is eventually adopted by human and cat and dog live happily in interspecies harmony. It is adorbs. Candy, who is an amazing human being that I probably should never actually talk to because horrible things would happen to the universe, was like OH MY GOD YOU GUYS THIS SHOULD BE KIRK/SPOCK and I was like OKAY BUT MPREG KITTENS WOULD BE A DEAL BREAKER which lead to me eventually arguing that I would probably never write mpreg kittens because ... I don't know, I hear I have dignity and pride, but I really don't know. I'm not drunk enough right now. Someone else wrote a version where the human was Bones. I have feelings about Chris Pike and Spock and Kirk, so you'll pardon the change. Warnings: Brush your teeth after reading, please.

Dec 7 Chrismas Nonsense (is actually a good thing) by rven_julies. STR; AU PG - 15
Spock's not in a good mood. Kirk has no idea why, but it's not for the reason she might think. Warnings: Hints of Sex, bad words

Le pas de deux by kototyph. STR; PG
Original prompt: “Ballet AU: It's Nutcracker time for The Federation's "Enterprise Ballet Company". Young, bold, and rakish Jim Kirk is brought in to ramp up the Company's end of year performances, after a not so great season earlier in the year. Spock, the lead Principal dancer is not pleased, but cannot help but be attracted to the charismatic Jim. Bonus points for: Christmas eve, drinking hot cocoa together backstage/dressing room/in the wings, and finally Jim talking Spock into dancing with him on stage. Curtain's magically opening to a live audience...or its already open, and just the two of them, either would be great.” Warnings: Modern Day AU, UST, human!Spock

Bringing Back Christmas by demonllama1. STR; PG-13
Christmas no longer exists in the 23rd Century but the crew want to celebrate it just once. Except Jim. And Spock. Spock finds Jim's professionalism and logical attitude to rejecting Christmas a bit of a turn on. Warnings: language, sexual situations (no sex, sorry!)

Dec 8 Mistletoe Miscalculation by idvo. STR; G
After an embarrassing incident involving Spock’s father and some mistletoe, Kirk decides to spend Christmas like he always does: alone. Spock manages to find him, and they wind up spending it together. Warnings: none (perhaps extreme embarrassment)

Fic: Nightly Thoughts & Art: Nightly Moment by: tracionn. . TOS; PG

Dec 9 Ugly jumpers (art) by chrunchy_crunck. TOS; PG Warning: Kirk came out ginger!
Dec 10 Merry Christmas from the ISS Enterprise (art) by birddi. STR Mirror Verse; Warning: Music that may be harmful to your health.

To The Land of Sugarplums (art) by yawmin. STR; G. Warning: Sugar Overload... ^^

A Christmas Carol by soral179. STR; G
Christmas, a time for reflection

Pudding for Spock by metallikirk. STR; G (deleted)
Spock samples Christmas Pudding for the first time.

The Only Place You Wanna Be (Is Underneath My Christmas Tree) by lalazee. STR AU; Art by Markowe_Pola.
Jim and Gaila are department store elves, with McCoy playing Santa and Amanda Grayson starring as Mrs. Claus. When Amanda’s son comes to town for a holiday break, Jim is determined to make Spock this year’s Christmas present. Then it gets complicated. Warnings: Swearing, sexual innuendo, idiocy.

More of Gravy than the Grave by draqonelle. STR; R (for swears).
Written for the ksadvent calendar Challenge 63#- The Enterprise is flying through an unexplored sector of space during the holiday season when they run into Santa Clause on a sleigh pulled by reindeer! Hilarity ensues. Warnings: Crack, wild humor, no angst of substance, religious wank. Over inflated seriousness.

Hanukkah Rocks, F**k Me, Santa & Mall Santa (art) by tprillahfiction. TOS & STR; G, R, & PG-13

Dec 11 Golden Christmas Anniversary (art) by spomarani. TOS; G

Spock's Troublesome Christmas (art) by cannedebonbon. STR; G

Dec 12 Ditch the Dignity (Come lay with me) (art) byorgy_of_death. STR; PG

Operation Sugarplum by Ashura (ashkitty). STR; (though with some TOS canon details) G
The Enterprise saves Christmas! Just a bit of sweet, slightly cheesy fun.

Dec 13 Kirk Gives Spock Dating Advice (and it totally works out for him) by sketchnurse. STR; R
Kirk's totally not even remotely in love with Spock. At all. At least, that's what he'd say on his press release, which no one would believe, since half the galaxy knows that he most definitely is. To make matters worse, he's also Spock's number one source of dating advice. And then Uhura arranges a party for the crew...

Cuddling is Perfectly Logical (art) by carouselcycles. STR AU; G

Dec 14 Christmas Future by singbackxlouder. STR; PG-13
On Christmas Eve, Spock gets a preview of what his life will be like in the future.

What is Spock getting for Christmas? (art) by maggie2mw. AU G
My kids!AU world where Jim and Spock grow up together. Jim decided Spock needs a pet, and this black kitten is just right!

All I Want For Christmas by ptork66. TOS/STR (I see it as younger TOS or older, more mature STR); G
A little boy gets his Christmas wish, and our boys spend some time with family. Warnings: Main female OC

Dec 15 One Day In The Life of James T. Kirk by tprillahfiction. STR AU; NC-17;
A slice of life fic. Jim Kirk is in prison. Today it's Christmas, normally not such a great day for him anymore but that's until he gets a new cellmate. Written for the prompt for ksadvent 'Christmas in Prison'. Acknowledgments to the book: "One Day In The Life of Ivan Denisovich". Warning: Dark, BLEAK!! Not a typical Christmas story. Attempted rape. Mentions of abuse. Mention of drug use or abuse. Mention of possible character death (not Kirk or Spock). However, this does have a happy ending (ok, bittersweet ending).

Enormous Evergreens and the Decorations Thereof by tkeylasunset. STR; PG
A mysterious ornament on the communal Christmas tree raises Spock’s curiosity. Jim helps him discover who placed it there and its true meaning.

Dec 16 The Lady in Red by notboldly. STR; PG-13
Spock had never had an opinion on Christmas, but after watching the captain be ogled all night because of her festive clothing, he decided he did not like it. Follows prompt #47: Reboot!Girl!Kirk dresses festively for the holidays by wearing the Starfleet red uniform. Spock is annoyed at everyone ogling her bare legs.

Rituals by scraplove. STR; G
Christmas morning at the Kirk household, Spock learns a little something about traditions from his nephews. Continuity:: Trust verse, other parts here.

Dec 17 Forest Ride (art) by sketchnurse. TOS; G
Kirk and Spock go horseback riding in the snow.

I'll be Home for Christmas by mage_989. TOS;
On Christmas Eve Spock wanders through the Kirk family home, and remembers other Christmases he and Jim have spent together. Warnings: Implied mpreg, implied character death

Dec 18 Santa Baby by techduinn. STR/TOS; NC-17
Jim and Spock try their hand at a little role playing. Warnings: Explicit sexual content

Closer by rynne. STR; R
Prompt: Academy AU. Kirk has a massive crush on Spock and convinces the professor to go on dates with him, although nothing happens (Jim can delay gratification, really he can!). Finally Spock caves in over the holidays.

Music Appreciation by 1lostone. STR; PG Art by SpoMarAni.
Spock's gift to Jim for the holidays to give him a private concert on his lyre. (USDA Approved: Unicorns farting rainbow Fluff). Written for the prompt Spock's gift to Jim for the holidays to give him a private concert on his lyre. Warnings: (If any) Be sure to brush your teeth.

Dec 19 Romance, Seduction, and Seasonally Flavored Hot Drinks by aerlalaith. STR; PG
Written for the K/S Advent prompt -Kirk persuades Spock to spend the Holidays with him in a log cabin. When they get there though, there's no replicator and that means Kirk and Spock will have to cook - which neither of them can do. Cue various hilarious culinary disasters, offset by decorating the tree, Kirk singing carols by candlelight to Spock on his guitar, some lovely gift exchanges, etc. Can be first time or established.

Where Home Really Is (art) by pointe_dancer01. STR; PG

Where Home Really Is by dracavia. STR; PG-13 (for minor swearing)
People often say they're going home for the holidays, but sometimes home isn't about a place, it's about people. This year Jim Kirk learns just how true that really is. Prompt: Spock is anonymously given a cat for Christmas. Seeing Spock pet it and play with it is the most adorable thing Jim's ever seen.

An Unusual Gift From Mr. Spock by sketchnurse. STR; NC-17
Well, Kirk wasn't exactly expecting this for his Secret Santa gift... but now that he has it, he might as well use it, right? Prompt: In a secret Santa, Kirk is given a buttplug/dildo and assumes it's from McCoy who protests his innocence. Kirk uses his superbrain to go through the computer records and traces the order for it back to Spock! Warnings: Rimming, general first PWP stuff

Christmas Eve (art) by novembery. TOS; NC-17

A Very Star Trek Nutcracker Ballet (art) by tprillahfiction. STR (AU); G
A re-tooling of the "Nutcracker Ballet" performed by the USS Enterprise Ballet Company. Adapted and presented in a series of watercolors.

Dec 20 The Best Laid Plans by notboldly. STR; PG-13
Jim was the master of grand plans, but even he could screw up without meaning to. And Plan 1, Befriend Spock Through the Starfleet Companionship Database, wasn’t going well at all.
Dec 21 Merry Christmas Baby (art) by insideapollo. STR; G
Based loosely on this prompt: After breaking up with Uhura, Spock decides to find a mate the logical way - using the ship-wide internet personals section. It is anonymous and discrete, and won't lead to anyone gossiping about his bedroom abilities (or lack thereof) in the mess hall. He discovers his thy'la in a quiet scientist/engineer with a love for physics and action movies, who can both best him at chess and make him laugh. He has no idea who she is, but she has agreed to meet him underneath the mistletoe at midnight on Christmas Eve. When confronted with his very male Captain, Spock at first thinks a cruel joke has been played - and then he notices how nervous Jim looks...

Peaceful (art) by angelus2hot. TOS; NC-17

A Christmas Miracle by angelus2hot. TOS; PG-13
It takes almost losing Jim for Spock to finally realize how much the captain means to him. After I signed up for my very first time for ksadvent I found myself without a fic idea. That is until I saw This Post The drawing in it led to this fic. Warning: Angst

Dec 22 Oh Holy Night by tprillahfiction. TOS; (but could be read STR) R
The crew of the Enterprise beams down to the Shore Leave Planet where they create a wonderful holiday celebration. After the party, nearly everyone pairs off with someone special. Jim Kirk decides to put in a request to the guardians to spend a romantic night with his first officer (or at least, a simulated version). Written in response to a prompt for 2011.

New Pet (art) by rven_julies. STR; PG-13

The Prerogative of Cats by creampuffsteph. STR; PG-13
Written for this prompt for ksadvent Spock, noticing how lonely Jim is now that most of their friends are paired off, decides to get Jim a cat for Christmas, a playful tabby that reminds him of Jim. Unfortunately the cat escapes his quarters on Christmas Eve, and Spock spends the night trying to track it down, with no success. Forced to face Jim without a present, and having no sleep, Spock is baffled to come to Jim's quarters and find Jim's present curled up with another cat, a svelte, staid cat with large ears. It seems great minds think alike - and it would be a shame to separate the two cats from each other now that they are friends, wouldn't it?

Dec 23 All I Want For Christmas (Is Articulated Man-Parts) by therumjournals. STR; NC-17
On Christmas morning on a strange planet, Jim and Spock find themselves placed in some very…compromising positions.

The Solstice of the Young (Fic and Art) by ariadnechan. TOS/STR AU/crossover with Dune Pon Farr, if you didn’t read Dune, you only need to know these.
Archer Wants to create the Federation at any cost even if this means to send young James Kirk into a uncertain mission as a slave on a Banned Surak religion’s Vulcan Empire, and sell him to the Bene Gesserits. Jim never knew he will enter in a political turmoil and Into the Solstice of the Young heir. Warnings: Slavery, Mind washing, Emotional Vulcans, so Spock OOC, Violence, Fight to the death,

Winter's Cat Nap (art) by pointe_dancer01. STR; All

A Nog on the Head by beederiffic. STR; NC-17
Based on this prompt – “Scotty makes eggnog and Kirk gets blasted on it. Spock assists Kirk back to his cabin and Kirk is very grabby handsy with him.”

I want an Enterprise (art) by fprintmoon. STR;
Chibi!Jim wants an Enterprise, but he's far to young to navigate the real ship. So Spock builds him one.

Christmas Snuggle & Kiss (art) by shayla_kage. STR; G

Dec 24 Nail Job by verizonhorizon. STR; NC-17
Cadet Spock breaks a nail, gets a naughty manicure, and winds up getting the manicurist, too - all before New Year's Eve.

Link to fic: The very idea of a stranger touching his hands in such a manner would be anathema on Vulcan.
A Trail of Mint by blackbird_song. TOS; NC-17
Earth's winter holidays have been difficult for both Kirk and Spock, but that's not the only thing they have in common.

Bounce by and_i_am_undone. TOS; G
Jim is kidnapped, so of course, Spock must find him, and is joined in his search by a reindeer with a shiny nose and an elf with aspirations other than toymaking. Set between ST:V and ST:VI.

Associations by aldora89. TOS; R
A month after the V’ger incident, Spock and Jim are on a winter shore leave on Earth. Yet as Jim considers taking the next step in their relationship, he finds that the past colors the present in unexpected ways. Written for the "horseback riding in the snow" prompt, but it evolved quite a bit past that.

A Day at the Office by rhaegal. STR; Adult
A little bit of holiday fluff, featuring an average day on the Enterprise.

Art for Life Is Something To Do (When You Can't Get To Sleep) by jaylee_g (art) by nix_this. STR; G

...And To All A Good Night by CatalenaMara and Danielle Stewart. TOS; G
Santa visits the Enterprise and we learn how Santa manages to visit all those children in just one night.

K/S Advent Christmas Card (art) by Arminaa. STR; G

Dec 25 Five Times Jim Used Mistletoe and Failed and the One Time Spock Turned It On Him by marlee813. STR; PG-13
Kirk chases Spock around the Enterprise, mistletoe in hand, while Spock uses every trick in he can to evade Kirk. Kirk is sly though and eventually corners his prey. Or does he?

Phosphenes by kianspo. STR; Light R
Phosphenes—the stars and colors you see when you rub your eyes.

Snow by heeroluva. TOS; or STXI PG
Spock comptemplates the beauty of snow, and Jim interrupts him.

My Mind To Yours by Amanda Warrington. STR; NC-17
Spock creates a mindlink with Kirk in the course of their duty, with unforeseen consequences.

Melting the Clouds by blackbird_song] (art) by abadea. TOS; G
Wishing on a star is illogical. Sometimes it works.


Date Details
Dec 1 His Only Wish by angelus2hot. TOS; PG-13
Summary: written for ksadvent 2012 prompt Captain James T. Kirk comes face to face with his fairy godmother who grants him three wishes.

Claus By Blood and Marriage by tkeylasunset. STR AU G
Summary: Kirk/Spock pre-slash: Santa Claus is hard at work at his workshop when a crisis threatens Christmas. Can Jim Claus and Chief Elf Spock put aside their feud long enough to make sure all the good little boys and girls wake up happy Christmas morning?

Spock's First Snowfall (art) by tprillahfiction. STR; G
Summary: Created for ksadvent 2012 in response to the prompt: "Spock's First Snowfall. Jim is there to share it with him."

Dec 2 This Night Belongs To Us (art) by tracionn. TOS; PG-13

Die Weihnachtsgurke by rabidchild67. STR; R
Summary: Ever hear of the legend of the Christmas Pickle?

Dec 3 Avoidance Theory by scienceblues. STR; PG-13
Summary: Spock expects a holiday shore leave spent alone with Jim, but Jim's unsure about so much alone time. He invites McCoy along, leaving the three of them scrambling to salvage a halfway-decent holiday out of the mess. Featuring insecure!Jim, a bit of h/c, and a whole load of misunderstandings.

Spock’s Plan by newsiegroylover. STR; PG
Summary: As Christmas nears Spock prepares to propose to Jim and face his biggest hater, Winona Kirk

Dec 4 Spirk Eggnog Comic (art) by The Geekling. STR; PG-13
Prompt: Jim decides to introduce Spock to an old family tradition at Christmas, homemade eggnog. Figuring he'll be fine drinking it given his Vulcan resistance to alcohol, Spock agrees. Little does he know that the old Kirk family recipe includes a bit of cocoa powder in the seasoning.

The Gift That Keeps on Vexing by ivycross. Mirrorverse NC-17
Summary: It is Solstice and Captain Kirk keeps receiving gifts from a secret admirer. The thing is Kirk doesn't want the gifts or an admirer, because it would be daft to think that there is someone who actually wants him and not his command.

Precise Hot Cocoa by tprillahfiction. ST Reboot PG
Written for the prompt: Spock wants to make Jim some hot cocoa. He's not sure he's got it right so he keeps having to taste it.

Dec 5 Suffer the Little Children by melooza. AU Pg-13
Summary: Jim had been trying to catch a serial killer for months now and gotten nowhere. When his boss decided to bring in some outside help it forces Jim to rethink everything. Whether that’s a good thing is left unseen. Warnings: talk of murders, and xenophobia

Misfits, As Inspired By Rudolph or Spockie the Red-Nosed Reindeer by spirktrekker42. STR; PG
Summary: A retelling of the classic TV special ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’. Will Kirk and Spock be able to help Captain Pike deliver gifts to the girls and boys of Earth during one of the worst ion storms in Starfleet history?

Dec 6 Perhaps It Means Something (A Little Bit More) by jaylee_g. STR; PG-13
Summary: "... It wasn’t like facing death, it was just chess with Spock. That didn’t, as a general rule, usually end in fatalities."

Naughty or Nice by ncc1701a. TOS; R
Summary: Jim has a Christmas present for Spock.

The spirit of giving by meg / lazulisong. STR; PG
Summary: Gift giving, his father said, looking shifty, was nearly logical; it built obligation and showed due appreciation for previous favors. In that spirit, Sarek had prepared a small gift for both his wife and his son. Because it was traditional on his wife's planet, after all. "Never mind, darling," said Amanda to Spock, privately, "it makes him feel better." Warnings: brush your teeth after reading this fic.

Christmas Morning Snuggle, A Gift for You (art) by spomarani. TOS and STR; G (and a little PG) Warnings: none (unless you count crossdressing)

Christmas Eve Date by kenshincha. STR AU PG
Summary: Jim takes Spock someplace special on Christmas Eve.

Dec 7 We Need a Little Christmas by pearlieblue. STR; PG-13
Prompt: The twelve days of Christmas.
Summary: Captain Kirk senses his first officer feels a little low after breaking up with Lieutenant Uhura, losing his mother and the destruction of his home planet. Taking his cue from The Twelve Days of Christmas tradition, he surprises Commander Spock with a gift for each of the twelve days. However, he is not so sure about the emotions the gift giving inspires in him. There is also something he learned in his mind meld with Mister Spock. What will he do with this knowledge?
Dec 8 Eight Nights by verizonhorizon Art by tprillahfiction. STR; NC-17
Summary: Jim and Spock find themselves stranded with enough shuttle fuel to last one day, but the Enterprise is eight days away. This ksadvent story is inspired by the miracle of Chanukah and two lines from the TOS episode A Taste of Armageddon: “Captain, you almost make me believe in luck.” “Why, Mr. Spock, you almost make me believe in miracles.”

Food Is Not the Way... by pamdizzle. STR; NC-17
Summary: In answer to a challenge for the 2012 KS Advent involving breakfast in bed on Christmas morning with Sarek/Bones and Kirk/Spock with a side serving of sex. We start with fluff and end with Humor, hotness throughout. I hope you enjoy.

Dec 9 Baby, It's Cold Outside (art) by carouselcycles. ST:XI PG

Best of all Gifts by Cowgirl Dressage. TOS; NC-17
Summary: Jim has a happy surprise on Christmas Eve, which he believes he is spending alone

Dec 10 Oil On The Fire by T'Lara. Art by tprillahfiction. TOS; PG
Summary: What time could be more suitable to win the other man's heart than the christmas season? But Vulcan biology and captainly communication skills are serious obstacles... Slightly angsty screwball comedy with - I promise! - a fluffy end.
Dec 11 I'll be home for Christmas (even if you people make me crazy) by orgy_of_death. STR; PG
Summary: Jim and Spock bring their adopted son David to Earth for his first Christmas with them and Jim’s family. Oh boy.

Mistletoe with Art by mage_989. Star Trek XI G
Summary: Jim Kirk loves everything about Christmas and is letting the crew go all out with the decorating and celebrating. Unfortunately one of the decorations has a bad effect on his first officer.

Dec 12 Love on the Rocks by pamdizzle. Art by: tprillahfiction. STR; NC-17
Summary: In answer to a challenge asking for Spock and Jim trapped in a cave during an ion storm—a REALLY cold cave.
Dec 13 The Twelve Hours of Christmas by Echomur. STR; PG-13
Summary: Spock asks Jim what his favorite holiday celebration is. Jim answers Twelvetide, but is unable to explain further. Spock takes it upon himself to research it, and comes up with a Vulcan mistranslation calling it 'The Twelve Hours of Christmas'. When he starts sending Jim gifts on the hour, hilarity ensues.
Dec 14 First Kiss and First Anniversary (art) by spomarani. (TOS and Mirrorverse); PG. Warnings: Bondage (though nothing heavy)
Dec 15 Spaceman by singbackxlouder . STR AU pg-13
Summary: Academy AU. Five times Spock realizes he's attracted to a barista at the academy spaceport, and one time he decides to do something about it. Inspired by true events.

Frozen (art) by Arminaa. STR; PG-13

Dec 16 Ah Freilichen Chanukah, Jim (art) by tprillahfiction. TOS; [G]

In Which The Transporter Beam Is Functional by jiokra . TOS; PG13
Summary: After a routine mission on an alien planet, Kirk and Spock are beamed onto the Enterprise, only to be met with some surprise holiday foliage hanging over their heads.

Dec 17 The Resort and Art by mage_989. TOS; PG-13
Summary: The crew of the Enterprise returns to the shore leave planet to celebrate Christmas. Jim uses the planet’s powers to get one night with Spock, and gets more than he bargained for.
Dec 18 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by zjofierose. STR; G for content, R for language.
Summary: Is there a better Christmas Eve tradition than getting completely plastered?

Let'theiri t'Pen-gad t'irak-wak (Peace of the Solstice) by rimedio8. TOS; PG
Summary: Kirk and Spock celebrate the Vulcan Solstice. A first time story.

Dec 19 Little Drummer Boy (art) by tprillahfiction. STR; NC-17
Summary: Created for this prompt—Academy Days fic. Cadet Jim Kirk goes late night caroling. None of the doors will open, till he knocks on Professor Spock's door. Featuring: Fluffy PWP, costume fetish, Caroling, Christmas themes, Jewish!Spock, silliness, Zach Quinto in-jokes

Christmas Cards by T'Croi. STR; R
Summary: George wooed Winona with Christmas cards when they were at the Academy. Can Jim pull off the same stunt with Spock? (See entry for full prompt.)

Never Say Never (art) by fprintmoon. STR; G
Summary: Academy AU. Kirk is a werewolf (a recognized Federation species) and Spock has cat ancestry, which causes an initial animosity. At the Academy Winter Party, they call a truce and suddenly realise they have a lot more in common than they realised. Also inspired by 'The Fray - Never say Never'

Dec 20 Fire In The Snow by tprillahfiction. STR; PG
Summary: Written for this prompt—Cuddling for Warmth. The Enterprise is on shoreleave on a snowy planet. Jim and Spock are stranded in a cabin/igloo/shelter/etc. Spock doesn't tolerate the cold well.

Christmas Turnabout by pamdizzle. STR; NC-17
Summary: In answer to a challenge for the 2012 KS Advent: Jim is so excited to be celebrating Christmas with Spock this year (could be during or after the 5 year mission) because he wishes to ask him an important question(aka marriage/bonding), but Spock gets really sick and can't really celebrate along with him. But Jim still manages to surprise him with gifts and making his special Plomeek soup recipe for him, all while leading up to asking Spock any way. However this can be written is up to the author :)

Tremble for Your Touch by creampuffsteph. STR; PG-13
Summary: After breaking up with Uhura, Spock decides to find a mate the logical way - using the ship-wide internet personals section. It is anonymous and discrete, and won't lead to anyone gossiping about his bedroom abilities (or lack thereof) in the mess hall. He discovers his thy'la in a quiet scientist/engineer with a love for physics and action movies, who can both best him at chess and make him laugh. He has no idea who she is, but she has agreed to meet him underneath the mistletoe at midnight on Christmas Eve. When confronted with his very male Captain, Spock at first thinks a cruel joke has been played - and then he notices how nervous Jim looks.

Dec 21 Another Cliche Mistletoe Kiss (art) by micathemineral. TOS; PG-13, if that's the correct rating for innocent kissing? Warnings: genderbending.

Worst December (art) by raja815. TOS; NC-17

Words Unspoken by eimeo. TOS; NC-17
Summary: A few months after their bonding, Spock requests leave to attend a mid-winter ceremony on Vulcan. Kirk didn’t even know there was a mid-

Dec 22 Footprints in the Rainstorm by unbidden_truth. STR; PG-13
Summary: Running into Carol wasn't something he had planned for when he's back in Riverside during shore leave. But sometimes things aren't meant to be, at least according to Spock.

Nativus by Ashura (ashkitty). STR; U
Summary: By the time they reach the surface, it is no longer the barren wasteland the initial scans had indicated. They stand surrounded by vegetation, lush and thick and a shade of green so bright it's almost gold; by the sound of trickling streams and the growing thrum of insect life. The tricorders vibrate with each new discovery as lifesigns appear around them with increasing rapidity, and above them coloured clouds rush through the sky like a gymnastic rainbow....

So Pleasing a Thing by raja815. TOS; PG-13
Summary: The unspoken problems of Kirk and Spock's marriage come to a head as Kirk takes Christmas leave from his stressful work among the Starfleet admiralty. A Christmas story. Set following Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Utilizes some details from Gene Roddenberry's novelization of the same.)

Dec 23 Lovin' Angels Instead by soral179. art by tprillahfiction. STR;NC-17
Summary: Writtenfor this prompt—Photomanip of Angel!Spock Warning: Sexual themes, Bitch!Uhura, First Time

Like Cats and Dogs by marlee813. STR; NC-17
Summary: Academy AU. Jim is a werewolf (a recognized Federation species) and Spock has cat ancestry, which causes an initial animosity. Jim's been in love with Spock for as long as he can remember. Will Spock say yes to Jim's invitation to go with him to the Academy Winter Party? Warnings: Animalistic tendencies.

Dec 24 A Man of Many Talents by aldora89. TOS; PG-13
Summary: A Christmas coda to "Whom Gods Destroy." Namely, to that thing Spock implied he could do during Marta's dance recital. Not as cracked out as it probably should be. Written for the K/S Advent calendar, and as a gift fic to Spodiddly. Merry Christmas, everyone! :D

An Unexpected Gift by lindarella123. STR; NC-17
Summary: Jim Kirk and Spock are enjoying the first blush of bonded life when Spock receives an unexpected gift from a dying friend – a 2-year-old half-Vulcan girl.

Penguins (art) by cannedebonbon. AU G. Warnings: The one for Advent is family friendly, the rest of the post is NOT.

Dec 25 The Old Hall Wreathed by kototyph art by tprillahfiction. TOS/STR;
Summary: (At least) five times Spock was caught under the mistletoe, and once it was with the person he wanted.

The Lebidan Affair by Amanda Warrington. STR; NC-17
Summary: The Lebidans made them do it!

Gifts by catalenamara. TOS; G
Summary: Mistletoe!

Christmas Cards by blackbird_song. TOS; Explicit
Summary: Kirk must deal with the consequences when McCoy tells Spock he should be giving Christmas cards to the crew.

Home Is Where The Heart Is by tprillahfiction. TOS; PG
Summary: Written for ksadvent for this prompt—Jim is chipper about the Enterprise having time off for the holidays. He asks everyone if they want to spend time together. Everyone has already made plans and splits. He's forced to be alone and brood over his growing attraction to Mr. Spock. Not knowing Spock has feelings for him, Jim doesn't bother asking if he wants to spend the holidays together, figuring the Vulcan has something else to do. Something cute, something romantic, with them spending time together. Featuring: FLUFF. SCHMOOP. Romance. Angst. Some silliness/humor regarding a Chia Pet. Jewish!Spock. Jewish!Chekov.


The Kirk/Spock Advent Calendar 2022 received 59 submissions, posted by 31 creators; the works consist of 42 fics, 1 podfic, 2 poems, 1 playlist, 14 artworks (digital art, traditional art, manips, 3D objects), and even 1 submission of baked goods.

Out of the 73 prompts that were submitted, 41 were filled, several of them multiple times. At the time of closing the collection for posting, 13 claims were left unposted (the numbers shown on AO3 differ a bit as not everyone made use of the official claiming/filling process).

Dec Creator(s) Title and Link Category Fandom(s)
1 dreamsaremadeofthis The Bestest Gift of All fic AOS
2 syredronning Happy Holidays! art AOS
2 USS_Genderprise The Morning After fic TOS or AOS
3 yassifiedjimkirk When Words Fail fic TOS or AOS
4 IvanW How Far Away You Roam fic AOS
4 USS_Genderprise Mirrorverse Mistletoe art TOS
5 Orabla Shopping for Gifts, Finding Diamonds fic AOS
5 syredronning Celebrations art TOS
6 stoatwrote The Long Memory fic and playlist TOS
7 dreamsaremadeofthis Spock's Gamble fic TOS
8 gunstreet My Wing fic TOS, DISCO
8 yassifiedjimkirk Unwrapping Your Present art TOS
9 USS_Genderprise Beyond Mind and Matter fic TOS
9 VTsuion Fly Me to the Moon art TOS
10 1lostone Best-Laid Plans fic AOS
10 Orabla Diamonds for You poem AOS
11 eviepopcorn Let Me Help fic TOS
12 IvanW A Christmas Thing fic AOS
12 TonightNoPoetryWillServe The Ship in the Snowglobe fic AOS
13 kayson Uprising fic TOS
13 USS_Genderprise Catch a Hint fic AOS
14 sourirenoire How Can I Say I Love You When Words Are Not Enough? fic TOS
14 vfrankenstein Holiday Sugar Cockies cookies TOS
15 ikoliholic Se Vi Nur Scius (If Only You Knew) fic TOS or AOS
15 yassifiedjimkirk The Gift of Loyalty fic and art TOS
16 AshayaTReldai Reconciliation of Penitents fic TOS
16 Orabla Under the Mistletoe poem TOS or AOS
17 IvanW Merrily on High fic AOS
17 USS_Genderprise Under Your Skin fic AOS
18 Herself_nyc Bashert fic TOS, AOS
18 Noideasfornames Light One Candle fic TOS
19 ikoliholic Wandering Lands, Helping Hands fic TOS or AOS
19 USS_Genderprise Stars in the Snow fic TOS or AOS
20 eviepopcorn Three's a Crowd fic TOS
20 pkrosche An Old Earth Custom fic TOS
21 Orabla Five Times Kirk or Spock Had a Nervous Breakdown, and One Time They Both Had It Simultaneously fic TOS
22 ikoliholic Fatal Vision fic TOS
22 USS_Genderprise Spin, Spin, Spin fic TOS or AOS
23 gunstreet Between Dream and Duty fic TOS
23 Lupo (LupoLight) Against Twinkling Lights fic AOS
24 cicia3 It's the most wonderful time of the year fic AOS
24 pkrosche Cozy Sweaters art TOS, AOS
25 1lostone Mistletoe Kisses podfic AOS
25 USS_Genderprise Deck My Halls fic TOS
26 Purple_Enma A Christmas Picture art TOS or AOS
26 TonightNoPoetryWillServe A Very Illogical Christmas fic AOS
27 1lostone, drenchedinlight, EEW101, lb_betty, PageofWands, T'Lara, vfrankenstein, yassifiedjimkirk Jim and Spock's 12 Days of Kink (a collaborative fic by the KiScord crowd) fic TOS
27 Orabla Two Solitudes, One Blizzard and One Illogical Celebration fic AOS
28 pkrosche A Win for Christmas fic SNW
28 Purple_Enma Encounter at Sundown art TOS or AOS
29 enterprize (stanzas) Searching For A Tender Touch fic TOS
29 T'Lara Here's to a Happy New Year – and to the Wonderful K/S Fandom! art TOS
30 cvrue Pon Farr comes but once every seven years art TOS
30 PageofWands A Little Sweet, A Little Spicy: KS Gingerbread! art TOS
30 USS_Genderprise Warmth fic AOS
31 1lostone Spanking Al Fresco - A Love Story fic AOS
31 AureliaR By the Fire(work) Light fic TOS
31 cvrue The Trouble with Snowballs art TOS
31 PageofWands Wishing You A Very Mirrorverse Holiday! art TOS


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