Kamisama no Kodomotachi

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Title: かみさまのこどもたち
Kamisama no Kodomotachi
"Children of God"
Circle: Nekogami-Dou (猫神堂)
Doujinka: shima
Fandom: Harry Potter
Date/s: 10 March 2002
Type: manga
Size: B5, 26 pages
Language: Japanese
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Kamisama no Kodomotachi (かみさまのこどもたち, "Children of God") is a Harry Potter doujinshi by Nekogami-Dou. It is mostly gen with slight Sirius x Harry.


This doujinshi is made up of several short stories. In one, Ron reads one of the giant stack of letters Harry has gotten from Sirius and is embarassed [sic] to realize what kind of letter it is. There are a few others and one main story. In it, we see Sirius after he realizes that Peter betrayed them. It's a good doujinshi with very, very mild Sirius/Harry. The art is good and I love the color work on the cover art.[1]
A beautiful pastel cover featuring Harry, Ron, and Hermione around a table. The back cover has a lust-worthy image of Sirius holding a wooden staff. I've noticed this circle favors earth-tones for its colors-- looks like Copic on watercolor card stock.

After a quick encounter with Draco, Harry is excited to share a letter he just received with Hermione and Ron. The letter appears to be from Sirius. Harry also has a stack of what looks like fanmail (or it may be an accumulation of letters from Sirius?). At one point Ron turns bright red from reading the contents of one letter.

The trio go to Lupin's cottage, where Remus and Sirius are waiting. After dinner, Sirius looks at Harry's photo album with him. There's also a discussion of when Sirius slashed the Fat Lady's portrait in PoA.

While Harry and Sirius visit, Sirius has a flashback to a conversation he had with James, and also of Peter's betrayal. Not much visible Sirius+Harry in this story, though there is certainly a lot of affection between them.

A heartwarming feel-good DJ, with lovely character designs and plot. Also contains a chilling scene of Sirius' laughter when he realizes what Peter has done.

One of my favorite Harry Potter doujinshi, and well worth your time.[2]



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