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Name: Jadzia
Alias(es): jadziahp
Type: fan writer, graphics maker, moderator
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Stargate Atlantis, X-Men, Star Trek, others
Communities: The Daily Snitch, Happy Trekmas
URL: jadziahp at LiveJournal
http://www.jadzia.it/ (offline)
http://jadziahp.slashcity.net (offline)
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Jadzia, also known as jadziahp, is an Italian fanfiction author and fan artist who creates icons and other graphics.

Her fanfiction was hosted at her website "Jadzia's Den", which is now offline.[1] Some of her fics are still available on her LiveJournal and at Ink Stained Fingers.

Jadzia is a moderator at the Harry Potter newsletter community The Daily Snitch and the Star Trek fest Happy Trekmas.


Jadzia created many icons and wallpapers for a number of different fandoms. Most of her graphics are no longer online, as they were primarily hosted on her website and went offline when the site did sometime after 2005.[2] She also posted her graphics to her LiveJournal (graphics tag).

Jadzia was mentioned as a valued icons/graphics maker in Harry Potter fandom in the The (By No Means Exhaustive) List of Fandom Awesome, compiled by furiosity in 2005.[3]

Example Icons


Harry Potter

Stargate Atlantis



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