Golden (Zutara)

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Title: Golden
Creator: ZutaraOPM
Date(s): 2020
Medium: text, art, audio, video
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
External Links: Twitter
"pink and purple image of a sunset sky with a glittery lettering of the word 'Golden' in the center. In the lower part, the text 'Written by: @stellardaisies @moon_embers @wondrgrlwannabe @bookinateaspoom. Idol!ATLA art and animation by:@ecaworks & @jowanibakugo. Based on @ecaworks Idol!ATLA verse
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Golden is a collaborative Zutara multimedia Social Media AU created by ZutaraOPM, a group of Filipino Avatar: The Last Airbender fans. It's a 300+ parts threadfic posted on twitter based on ecaworks' Idol AU fanart. [1]

It's written by stellardaisies, moon_embers, wondrgrlwannabe, bookinateaspoom and has animation and art by ecaworks and jowanibakugo. The companion zine has even more contributors on the team.


It’s golden, like daylight. [2]

Katara is an indie musician trying to make it big in the industry. Zuko, a producer working for Sozin Entertainment, finds himself in a pickle when his boss rushes him for SE's next big hit. Their whole worlds change when Sokka wingmans them into working together. Secret relationships, siblings antics, Uncle's unsolicited and wrong usage of memes... Golden has it all.


Main characters:

Supporting characters:


Many relationships, and how they came to be, are tweaked to fit in the modern au. Though familial relationships mostly remain loyal to canon, like the siblings (Sokka and Katara, Zuko and Azula), the team is a little looser with some of their other background storylines. For example, in Golden, Ozai's relationship with both his children is strained, and Kya and Lu Ten are alive.

The main ships in the story are Zuko/Katara and Sokka/Suki. Briefly, it also includes Sokka/Yue and Jet/Yue.

Tropes & Genres


Golden also has a for-charity companion zine produced as an in-universe magazine with interviews and articles that show what happened with the characters after the story's end. ZutaraOPM raised PHP25,000.00 (USD524.44) for the Save Our Schools Network (SOS) with the zine and its merch bundles.[3]




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