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Name: Yue(月 Yuè)
Occupation: Princess
Relationships: Arnook (father); Hahn (betrothed); Sokka (boyfriend); Aang (friend); Katara (friend)
Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Digital painting of Yue in a Water Tribe parka. She faces the viewer with a serene expression. There is a crescent moon symbol on her forehead.
[1] by lycorislilit
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Yue is a supporting character in the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. She appears in related media.


Yue is the Princess of the Northern Water Tribe. She was saved by the moon spirit as a baby. When the avatar's party visits the NWT in Book 1, Yue and Sokka have a budding relationship, but she pushes him away because she is betrothed to Hahn. When Zhao kills the moon spirit in the Book 1 Finale, Yue gives her life to restore the moon.


Reception and Popularity

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On Ao3, Yue's most popular ship is with Sokka. She's also popular among the femslash ATLA community, featured in ships such as Katara/Yue, Suki/Yue, and Azula/Yue.

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