Girls on the Couch (Watching the Vividcon 2006 DVD)

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Title: Girls on the Couch (Watching the Vividcon 2006 DVD)
Creator: Sandy Herrold, Wickedwords and gattagrigia
Date(s): August 13, 2006
Medium: meta
Fandom: Vidding
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In August 2006, Sandy Herrold and her two friends, Wickedwords and gattagrigia, sat down to re-watch the Vividcon 2006 Premiering Vids, DVD 2. They transcribed their running commentary and posted it in Sandy's LJ as well as to the Vidder mailing list.

Girls on the Couch

wickedwords, gattagrigia and I got together this afternoon on the couch to watch VVC disk two (and we're typing *as* we're watching, so sorry, but most of these comments are only going to make sense if you're watching the dvd, too):

General thoughts and trends:

  • Wow. I never stop being impressed at the shit we come up with.
  • What happened to credits this year? Almost all of them are after the vid instead of before the vid, assuming they're there at all. And other vids without the vidders name. Argh!
  • Suddenly an influx of spoken-word comedy vids: four or five this year, all very different, all hilarious.
  • Life on Mars is definitely a hot new fandom
  • We continue to have relatively few slash vids; is that a trend, or lack of a trend?
  • Relatively good mix of shows -- It wasn't the old days when we'd have shows that were half one show's vids, half another show's vids. My very rough guess is that the biggest shows were BSG, SPN, Buffy-AtS, SGA-1 and Farscape.

I Remember When (Keely) - Buffy

  • wickedwords: Cool look at Spike's many opposing sides, but definitely a journeyman vid
  • sherrold: I thought the story side was much stronger than the technical side. She didn't use her song enough.
  • wickedwords: Yeah, she didn't follow/leverage all of the musical cues to their fullest extent
  • sherrold: This is going to sound terrible, but this is the sort of vid that makes me itch to beta it. Because it's so close, and it would be so easy to make it even better.
  • gattagrigia: Spike pretty.

Evening on the Ground (LithiumDoll) - Supernatural

  • wickedwords: Oh cool! She's not afraid of the effects, but doesn't overdo; really lets the music guide her.
  • gattagrigia: If I thought the show was like this vid, I'd watch it.
  • wickedwords: Gorgeous vid
  • sherrold: I like how it gave relatively even weight to the horror, and the relationships. Also, could be slash, could be not, and the ambiguity makes me happy.

Be Like Water (butterfly) SG1

  • sherrold: I loved the credit. Really set the point of the vid.
  • wickedwords: Pretty song, nice beat. Nice view of their relationship. I wish the song built a little bit more.
  • sherrold: To me, there is nothing more important than the repeated line, and after watching this, I have no idea what the vidder means by the phrase "be like water". I can see why she chose the song – most of the lyrics are perfect, but…
  • gattagrigia: I can't hear most of the words, except for the repeated line, which is v. weak. I want the words understandable. Maybe if I rewatched enough time to learn the words, I'd like it better.
  • sherrold: I loved the relationship building here, but weirdly for me, I thought we actually need more Jack clips without Daniel.

Robin Hood - Farscape

  • wickedwords: Hilarious, great use of an effect not over done.
  • sherrold: Where's is the vidder's name? (And yes, I know it's on the DVD menu.) What's up with the (relative) lack of credits this year?
  • gattagrigia: Weirdly bad source. Farscape vids tends to either have crystal clear footage, or v. scruffy; nothing in between. I wonder what's up with that?

Coming up from Behind (Bunniqula) - Bound

  • wickedwords: Makes me want to watch the movie! Ooh, and points for femslash
  • gattagrigia: Cool point of view.
  • sherrold: Took me a while to get used to this version of this song after loving the one in the Witchblade vid, but I loved it -- I especially loved the last clip.

Hurt (Brokeback Mountain) - Destina

  • sherrold: Unbelievably perfect song for them, done beautifully.
  • gattagrigia: if you're going to retell a movie, that's the way to do it. Wow.
  • wickedwords: Loved the evolution of "empire of dirt" from the close and literal to their world.
  • unison: Ooh.

Too Much Light in this Bar (AbsolutelyDestiny) - Life in Mars

  • gattagrigia: I wasn't going to like it, but the viewpoint shift nailed it. Fascinating.
  • wickedwords: Took me awhile, but then it grabbed me – and by the end, I thought it was damn near perfect. Interesting combo of humor and serious.
  • sherrold: Awesome song, Fabulous credit.

That's Don't Impress Me Much (Diana T. DeSha) - Dr Who

  • sherrold: Adorable use of Rose's expressions.
  • wickedwords: I would have cut the song down.
  • gattagrigia: Or if she really wanted the whole song, she should have continued with the new Dr.
  • sherrold and wickedwords: oh yeah, definitely.
  • sherrold: I wanted more variation in clip length – I didn't mind the long clips, but they needed shorter clips around them to give them more weight. As it was, I thought it dragged in places even when the clips were fine.

Big Gun (keerawa) - Farscape

  • sherrold: You can see why they picked this song: "she walks softly but she carries a big gun"
  • wickedwords: I'm freaked by the idea of Aeryn as Foxy Brown
  • wickedwords: Using the song to make an au of the show is interesting; especially since it really changes the meaning of Aeryn's struggles and her arc.

Fix You (SDWolfpup) - BSG

Medea Vitia (Rome) Melina

  • gattagrigia: Oh, great parallelism
  • wickedwords: Oh, the blood; blood and parallelism -- Could it make me anymore happy? It's like it was made for me!
  • gattagrigia: The song is almost a thousand years off but it really does work.
  • sherrold: Funny how it works even though they're singing 'jesu' while they're sacrificing to Jupiter, eh? I love the song
  • sherrold: Hmm, though maybe I think she made it work just a little too hard for her. The clip choices for the more intense parts of the song were perfect, but I wanted some shorter clips in the more driving parts of the vid. Otherwise, it's gorgeous, and made me want to rewatch the whole damn show.
  • gattagrigia: Everyone fighting, even when there's no honor or beauty in it.
  • wickedwords: Yes, a story! Why doesn't we get more stories in our vids?
  • sherrold: Yeah, so much emotional weight to it. *shiver*

Bukowski (House) - Shalott

  • sherrold: Hilarious!
  • wickedwords: she made a static show move with her clips -- amazing that she could do so much with a talking heads program!
  • gattagrigia: this was definitely the good parts version of House -- why can't I buy dvds of the House/Wilson show?
  • sherrold: Loved the pov change; it actually made me laugh out loud.
  • sherrold: And oh god, it is the perfect song (thank you T for finding it for her!)

Separate Ways (Barkley/Pouncer) - Airwolf/SGA

She Hates Me (sisabet) - Moonlighting

  • sherrold: okay, the song version is freakin' me out -- a lounge version of Puddle of Mudd? But it's perfect for Moonlighting.
  • gattagrigia: Was Bruce Willis ever that young?

-- Note: the vids we chose to comment on were random -- neither the best nor the worst.