Evening on the Ground

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Title: Evening on the Ground
Creator: lithium doll
Date: Augist 2006
Format: Divx .avi
Music: Evening on the Ground by Iron & Wine
Fandom: Supernatural
URL: streaming version at the Internet Archive or (go here to request a download); vid announcement at supernaturalvid

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Evening on the Ground is a Supernatural fanvid by lithium doll. It was one of the first four Supernatural vids to premiere at Vividcon in 2006. It was reviewed by deathisyourart on January 23, 2007 at the reel.

Vidder's Summary: Evening on the ground and there is no one else around so you will blame me.

Excerpts from the vidder's commentary: "It's not a slash vid. I thought I'd get that out the way first to be kind to anyone who might be reading just to find that out. On the other hand, the series isn't slash either and that's not stopped anyone so, you know, go with what makes you happy. It has a nod to the slash factor ... but that's later. It's worth mentioning I can't make a slash vid deliberately if my life depends on it. I know. I've tried ... granted, my life obviously didn't depend on it. Anyway, the point is it's a little like rain on your wedding day, if in a song about irony that - ironically - contains no correct examples of irony. What lingering issues? The original vid used the whole song but elynross suggested - with kindness and no pointy sticks at all - that it might be a teensy bit better to lose that thirty seconds at the beginning and go with what was actually, you know, any good. I suspected she was either right or diabolical and my philosophy is to respect both, so snip. Snip-snip-snip. For anyone interested, it was a gradual build from fairly unaggressive clips to more aggressive clips, and used more from the final episode. So, in other words, you missed nothing." Read the entire vidder's notes archived here.


  • "That was mesmerizing. I'm in awe. I loved the intercutting of scenes to match the guitar picking. The effects were amazing. Really beautiful."[1]
  • "Your song choices, your editing, your intuitive and inspiring use of effects... I am beyond impressed. I feel so lucky that I live in a day and age where people can be so creative and share it with everyone. This vid makes me love life and art and Supernatural and friggin' you. Thank you."[2]
  • "An unconventionally structured vid from Dean's point of view at the guilt and blame that he takes on over what has happened to Sam; about the job that John has raised him to do, and all the lies, secrets, violence, and pain that goes along with it. Though some of the minimal effects stick out, overall the entire vid flows like water, and is a joy to watch repeatedly, especially when you find things that you didn't see upon first viewing."[3]

In Depth Review

On August 17, 2006, killa reviewed each of the Supernatural vids that premiered at Vividcon. The full set of reviews can be read here.[4]

"Every one of these vids made me incredibly happy with the song choice, but Iron & Wine is just unfair advantage. ;) The relentless pace of this and the half-whispered lyrics captured the urgency and obsession that I feel about this brand new shiny fandom, and also the desperation in the show and my own desperation for the new season to start. Of all the Supernatural vids, this one felt most to me like it was mirroring the feeling and emotional tone of the show, and almost recapping the first season in an incredibly tense way. For that reason, I think it was actually perhaps the least accessible for non-fans, but incredibly powerful for those who do know the show.

Some things I love about this vid...

-- Very cool how the music starts before we get the images. I love how it starts building the anticipation so that the first images are like a gut punch.

-- Love the use of the Skin clips for the "we were born to fuck each other one way or another," since I'm a tough sell on the Wincest, and for me that episode is the one where I can actually see the slash, if I look carefully.

-- baby!Dean peeking around the corner on "I will collect a million years" -- omg, killed me. Because, yes. That's it. That one clip is why Dean Winchester will break your heart and make you beg for mercy, and that line so nails that home. Grargh!

-- Jessica burning for "you will blame me" -- just, ow. Ow. Yes.

-- The scene in the cabin from the season finale for "down by the waterside," because I love that she was able to put that early in the vid and still have it feel like the penultimate moment of the vid thanks to its placement on that line.

-- The beautiful montage on that great bridge. I could watch that all freakin day.

-- Sam from the season finale on "my garden." Gah. Some of the image/lyric choices in this vid just leave me speechless and incoherent with their perfection. Can I even explain why this clip is so damn perfect? I don't think I can. But it is.

I'd seen this one beforehand, but seeing it on the big screen made it all the more powerful."


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