Erica Reyes/Vernon Boyd

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Pairing: Erica Reyes/Vernon Boyd
Alternative name(s): Berica
Gender category: Het, F/M
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Canonical?: No
Prevalence: Common (often in the background)
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Erica Reyes/Vernon Boyd, also known as Berica, is the het pairing of Erica Reyes and Vernon Boyd in Teen Wolf fandom.


Both Erica and Boyd were introduced in season 2 of Teen Wolf. Derek Hale bit both of them as well as Isaac Lahey, which made them werwolves, and added them to his pack.

Before the bite, Erica is portrayed as a loner who didn't take much stalk in her appearance. She had epilepsy, which was one of the reasons Derek picked her out to receive the bite. Derek promised that the bite would heal her epilepsy and in return, she would get a family and strength more than she could imagine. After the bite, Erica became a sort of femme fatale character. She began to care about her outward appearance more and had a lot more confidence in herself.

Pre-bite Boyd was also seen as a loner. He was a very stoic kid who ate lunch by himself most days. In one scene, we see Stiles Stilinski approach him with the sole purpose to bribe Boyd into letting him and his friends use the ice skating rink when it was closed. Derek managed to get Boyd to agree to the bite with the promise of family as well. After the bite, nothing outwardly changed in Boyd's demeanor like it did with Erica, but there was a newfound confidence in himself, which is seen during the scenes of Derek's pack going against Scott McCall and his pack.

Eventually, the risks outweighed the rewards when it came to the supernatural, so Erica and Boyd ran away together. They were found and tortured by Allison Argent before being released. They were captured by The Alpha Pack, which is where Erica met her demise. Boyd later died from the Alpha Pack using Derek as their murder weapon.


Berica is one of the most common ships in the fandom, though it's normally seen in the background with a more popular ship like Sterek or Scallison taking center stage.[1]

While Berica was never canon, many people saw Erica and Boyd running away together as a declaration of their relationship. Most see them as opposites that help balance each other out; where Erica is more outgoing, outrageous, and flighty, Boyd is there to ground her. Where Boyd is comfortable with routine and blending into the background, Erica is able to get him out of his comfort zone. Many think that if Gage Golightly and Sinqua Walls didn't leave that their characters would have gotten together canonically.

Common Tropes & Fanon

  • Everyone Lives, Nobody Dies: This is exactly what it says on the tin: everyone lives, and no one dies. This is really similar to the season 2 pack tag, but this can span the entire series and isn't normally limited to the first 2 seasons. This can also include the No Hale House Fire tag meaning that all of the Hales are also around.
  • Relationship with Isaac: Often, Erica and Boyd are depicted as being in a poly relationship with Isaac as well. They normally get together after becoming werewolves or are depicted as being in an Established Relationship.





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  1. ^ As of August 14th, 2017, Erica Reyes/Vernon Boyd is the fifth most popular ship on AO3's list of Teen Wolf fanfiction with 3685 fanfictions including Erica/Boyd