Berica Week

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Name: Berica Week
Date(s): April 20 - 26, 2015
Moderator(s): bericakisses
Founder: bericakisses
Type: fanfiction, fan art, gif sets, fan edits
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Associated Community:
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Berica Week was a fanweek, prompt based challenge, dedicated to the Teen Wolf pairing of Erica Reyes/Vernon Boyd, also known as Berica. Multiple types of fanworks were accepted including fanfiction, fan art, gif sets and other types of fan edits.


  • Day 1 → favourite headcanon (or canon moment)
  • Day 2 → alternate universes, favourite tropes, songs lyrics, quotes
  • Day 3 → ot3s
  • Day 4 → how do they say ‘i love you’ for the first time?
  • Day 5 → alicia boyd, erica’s parents, boyd’s job, favourite brotps for berica, pack nights
  • Day 6 → word prompts: bright colours, flowers, dancing, first kisses, rain, sketchy bars, library
  • Day 7 → your favourite whatever or BERICA WITH KITTENS