Dancing Queen

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Title: Dancing Queen
Author(s): Maya
Date(s): before May 2003
Length: 6,890 words (one-shot)
Genre: humour, romance[1]
Fandom: Harry Potter
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Dancing Queen is a Harry Potter story by Maya. It is Harry/Draco, set during the summer before Harry's seventh year and canon-compliant through Goblet of Fire. It is rated PG-13.[1]

The story was posted to Lasair and Maya's Fanfiction and Ramblings, the Potter Slash Archive, and Maya's personal LiveJournal.[2]

It won third place for Comedy at the 2006 .::Quills::. Harry Potter fanfiction contest.[3]

Dancing Queen, along with Maya's other fics, was taken offline in November 2008 when Maya went pro. Though Maya has requested that fans not share her work with others, copies of the story can still be found uploaded online or exchanged via email, either on its own or as part of The Complete Works of Maya.

Summary: "Dudley in leather! Some H/D also."[1]

Alternate summary: "Dudley wears leather trousers and takes Harry to a gay club. But it's H/D really."[4]

Recs & Reviews

This is one of the funniest stories I've come across in quite a while. The first couple of sentences in I was snorting with laughter. Any story that starts out with Dudley in patent leather pants (*shudder*) has to be humorous. (Yes, Duddikins weighs as much as he does in the books.) Dudley has come out as gay you see and he drags Harry to a gay bar with him...Wait, where are you going? Come back here. That's part of the funny, I swear. Maya takes this old cliche and totally makes it a laugh riot. You see Harry, unlike Dudley, is quite in denial of his sexuality. Which leads to more of the funny, because who should he run into but Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini. Well, more hilarity ensues from there, because Draco is equally in denial. You get the picture. This is one of those fics that should come with a warning tag, "Do not eat or drink while reading this fic. Could be dangerous to your health and your keyboard."

Go read. Enjoy.[5]

Ha! Lovely, snarky, glittery, gay, and simply, utterly wonderful. Harry Potter is eventually convinced to abandon the staid path of heterosexuality; Draco Malfoy in glitter helps along. (As does Dudley. Don't ask.) Only Maya can make me hot and bothered with truly beautiful descriptions of kisses one minute, and have me giggling madly the next.[6]
Draco/Harry. The first Maya fic I read, and the fic that made me fall for H/D. I honestly hadn't seen the attraction, before this point, even with the way the entire fandom is flooded with it.

Despite the image of Dudley in leather which some part of me is still whimpering about, this is simply gorgeous. Dudley drags Harry to a Muggle gay bar.[7]

Maya has the ability to tap right into what I find funny. I love this, it's great and funny and it has the little details which snap the fic right into your reality. Harry maintains he's straight, even when Dudley (clad in skin-tight leather trousers) drags him to a local gay bar. Harry's stuck drinking bacardi breezers and trying not to find Draco pretty, even though Draco's drugged up and desperate to do a rendition of Abba on stage. Fab. Hilarious.[8]
I love this one. Harry is clueless, Dudley is flaming gay and Malfoy's wearing silver glitter. It's funny and sweet, but I have to warn you for Dudley's leather pants...[9]
I love this story like little girls love tiny furry mammals: with a wholehearted glee that leads my voice to lift itself to previously unimaginably lofty registers, the better to burst the eardrums of insufficiently excited bystanders. It...Dudley! In leather pants! Forcing Harry to go to a gay club with him! Where they meet Blaise Zabini and Draco Malfoy! And then, impossibly, it gets better! And if you think those exclamation marks are excessive, you have clearly not read this story.[10]
This one is special becuz of the amount of love I hold for it. It is a guaranteed laugh any where, any time of the day. It holds a sweet ending. It's just tons of fun. Dudley in tight leather pants and gay clubs to funny to keep to myself.[11]
Hrm, I cant even say this was campy, it was just a dorky short story with many jokes at Dudley's expense (he dares to wear some very tight and ill fitting clothes), a blissed out Draco, a pissed off Blaise and a rather insistently 'not bent' squeaky Harry that all takes place within the space of a few hours at a gay club. Somewhat amusing but too OOC if you ask me, especially Draco...[12]


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