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See also: Fan Casting, Clone, Coded
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Cloning is an older fannish term which refers to basing one's original characters upon existing characters.

Some fans use the words "avatar" and "shadow."

For example, Vas & Dex are characters which were inspired by Starsky & Hutch.

Cloning differs from coded in that cloning is on someone else's established characters, and coding is basing one's characters on real people.

Examples of Use

  • "Quite a few of the established writers in this fandom use "clones" regularly - I know Jean always has a face in mind when she creates a new character. My own much-loved Mark and Judson are based on Brian May and Judson Scott (not in personality or talents, particularly, just physically)." [1]
  • "'s a helluva lot more fun, more creative, more mind-stretching, to invent characters of your own, clones or not. I will admit that my favourite pair started out as clones -- for about three paragraphs. Then they became separate entities, who don't even look like their progenitors apart from one blond and one dark... Let's hear it for the 'clones', and ghod how I hate that term. [2]
  • "Now I do like Dayfdd Kildragon in Hellhound, but he doesn't come across as Ray Doyle clone either, at least not to me. Lew Brody, on the other hand, is very like Bodie — and not always with Bodie"s good qualities. Cloning the actor and cloning the character are two very different things: I often do the former, but try never to do the latter. (And I don't believe anyone ever caught onto my "casting" Lewis Collins as a character in a DW story! — probably because he wasn't the least like Bodie. That was "The Eldritch Horror," appearing in BANZINE #2.) The closest I've come to that is in a ROBIN HOOD story, "On The Cold Hill's Side" (in TURN OF THE WHEEL #1), where I did come up with two characters who are a lot like Blake and Avon; hopefully that hasn't annoyed anyone." [3]

Some Clones/Avatars

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