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Name: Jack Sparrow
Occupation: pirate
Title/Rank: Captain
Location: unknown
Status: alive
Relationships: Will Turner (friend/ally), Elizabeth Swann (friend/ally), Hector Barbossa (frenemy), Edward Teague (father)
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Other: Portrayed by Johnny Depp
Jack Sparrow by Bohemian Weasel
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Captain Jack Sparrow is one of the major characters in the Pirates of the Caribbean fandom.


Sparrow appears in all POTC films.


Sparrow is perhaps the most popular character in the fandom.[1] He's a bit of a Little Black Dress and appears in a wide range of pairings, mainly slash with some het. After the first film, Jack/Will was highly popular, and probably initially represented the dominant pairing in the fandom. Other popular pairings included Jack/Norrington, which has grown in popularity over the years, Jack/Elizabeth, and the Jack/Will/Elizabeth threesome. Other characters he's occasionally paired with include Anamaria, Hector Barbossa, Cutler Beckett & "Bootstrap" Bill Turner.

Gen stories that examine Jack's history are also common, and often include supernatural elements. Works sometimes take literally the idea that he loves the sea first and foremost, leading to a surprising number of works labelled "Jack/Pearl", "Jack/the Sea" or "Jack/Ocean". How he came by his hair ornaments & eyeliner also get some attention.

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  1. Archive of Our Own might not be typical of the fandom as a whole, but as of 24 January 2014, 1061 works were tagged Jack Sparrow, compared with 555 Will Turner, 536 James Norrington & 511 Elizabeth Swann.