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Title: Canonically Incorrect
Created by: Sydney Ritter and Maya Mokofisi
Date(s): January 2021-present
Focus: Meta, discussion, interviews.
Fandom: Multifandom
External Links: Canonically Incorrect Spotify

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Canonically Incorrect is a weekly fan run podcast created and hosted by Sydney Ritter and Maya Mokofisi. The first episode was released in January 2021.[1] Episode include retellings of popular fanfiction, fannish commentary by Ritter and Mokofisi, and an interview with one or more fanfiction authors or fandom creators.


Hi, my name is Maya and I love fanfiction. Hi, my name is Sydney and I love talking about fanfiction with my friends. And we're Canonically Incorrect, your favorite fanfiction podcast! Every Friday, we tell you a story from the world of fan-made media. It could be us recounting fics we'd recently read, telling you the history behind your favorite fanfiction platforms, or interviewing fanfiction authors about their well-known works.[2]

– "About," Canonically Incorrect Tumblr

It's a good time. We just talk about anything related to fandom, fanfiction, fan culture, and whatever we can get out hands on. A good portion of our episode are when one of us reads a fanfiction and then present it to the other like a book club, but we also talk to fanfiction authors and I think that's the most fun part about our show is that we get to talk to people in lots of different fandoms.[3]

– "3X15 Time Is On My Side," On The Road With Supernatural


Ritter and Mokofisi met through a mutual friend and grew close through their love of fanfiction and fandom.[4] Ritter approached Mokofisi, after finding that there was not many programs for fandom obsessives and fanfiction enthusiasts to share their love of the artform and community. In January 2021, Ritter and Mokofisi released their first episode of Canonically Incorrect, where they introduced themselves and gave a short summary of their history in fandom. Shortly thereafter, Canonically Incorrect appeared on an episode of the Plot What Plot podcast.[5]

The hosts have collaborated with several fandom podcasts and creators including Plot What Plot, Fanfiction Is Good Actually,[6] Into The Archives,[7] Icaruspendragon,[8] On The Road With Supernatural,[9] and Talkin' Fanfic.[10]

As of January 2023, Canonically Incorrect has issued 56 full episodes, twenty interview episodes, and two Q&A episodes through Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

Format and structure

There is no one fandom that the hosts focus on, instead choosing to spread the wealth and cover a variety of fandoms. Each episode of the show features a fandom or fanfiction which Ritter and Mokofisi alternate recounting for the other and the listeners. Fandoms covered include (but are not limited to) BBC's Sherlock, My Hero Academia, BTS, Attack on Titan, Star Wars, Voltron: Legendary Defender, Genshin Impact, Harry Potter, Dream SMP, Yuri on Ice, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, and Supergirl. Ritter has also covered non-fanfiction topics from such fandom communities as My Immortal (Harry Potter story), the Frollozone, and Bandom (Decaydance+, My Chemical Romance). There is one interview episode per month. The episodes air on Fridays and usually range from 1–2 hours including introductions, though some episodes have been longer depending on the length of the fanfiction that is read.

Before diving into the topic, the hosts typically open with news that would affect fanfiction readers and writers, such as changes to Archive of Our Own or plagiarism in the fanfiction communicate.

Notable guests

  • Author of The Eagle's Nest HeartofAspen[11]
  • Authors of tonight will be the night (that i will fall for you) Moonlit_Catra and sherassword[12]
  • Author of Out of Time destinies[13]
  • Tiktoker and Misha Collin's arch nemesis Berklie[14]
  • Author of Infidelity Tawus[15]
  • Author of A Thing of Vikings athingofvikings[16]
  • Author of Music Under the Spotlight Simply_Lumity[17]
  • Episodes

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    Episodes 1-10 · Episodes 11-20 · Episodes 21-30 · Episodes 31-40 · Episodes 41-50 · Episodes 51-60 · Episodes 61-70 · Episodes 71-80 · Episodes 81-90 · Episodes 91-100

    Reactions and response

    I absolutely love this podcast, it’s exactly what I was looking for in a podcast. I read and write fanfiction and I never have anywhere that gives me recommendations and or basic fan talk. None of my friends really read fanfics or get deep into fan culture, and it’s so difficult finding a podcast i’ll listen to intently but this fills the void in my heart. It’s so nice that there are other people who acknowledge how great fanfiction can be and what it means to the people who read and write it. So thank you for what you do :D[18]

    I recently have found this amazing podcast off of TikTok. Honestly, until then I thought I was a minority aka very few like fanfics. Omg, I have been reading fanfics off of wattpad for over half my life and just learn about Ao3 and from them. They have changed my life. ALSO, they are so funny and relatable. 10/10 would recommend it to anyone. Read the titles of your part of a fandom and give them a try :)[19]

    During their annual Porn Week, Mashable reporters Chase DiBenedetto and Elena Cavender interviewed Ritter about her thoughts on erotic fanfiction, #SpicyBookTok, and why individuals are choosing to speak up about their spicier choice of fiction instead of hiding behind a username.[20]


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