Fanfiction is Good Actually

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Title: Fanfiction is Good Actually
Created by: Evin Hodges
Date(s): 2021-present
Focus: Fandom Communities
Fandom: Multifandom
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Fanfiction is Good Actually is a fandom podcast hosted by Evin Hodges. The podcast focuses on exploring fanfiction and people's relationship to fanfiction, as well as fandom communities from a wider perspective. On 31 August 2023, the official description read:

Fanfiction is Good Actually is a podcast about people and their relationships with fanfiction, fandom, and transformative works. Evin invites a new guest each episode to talk about building communities, exploring identities, getting creative, examining media, escaping consumer culture, and experiencing stories.

Episode List

Episodes of Fanfiction is Good Actually
Episode Number Release Date Title Fannish Topics Include Direct Link
1 May 10th, 2021 Cringe No More LARP, Fandom Academia, Star Trek, Fanfiction X
2 May 24th, 2021 Let's Get Canceled!

Guest: Jemarc Axinto

Asian representation, Tabletop for the End of the World X
3 June 7th, 2021 This is our Boat Now

Guest: ArtemisGirl

Harry Potter X
4 June 14th, 2021 Quizilla Quizilla, Second Person Narrative X
5 June 21st, 2021 Very Intellectual of Us Actually

Guests: Elliot and Nora from Pod of Greed

Pod of Greed, Yu-Gi-Oh X
6 July 5th, 2021 Queering History

Guest: George L. Hickman

Ace representation, Red Dead Redemption, Lost, Fanfiction X
7 July 20th, 2021 Remember Livejournal? I Don't.

Guest: GothamOracle

Livejournal, Transformers X
8 August 12th, 2021 Plumb Your Depths

Guest: JV Hampton-VanSant

Podfics, Shadow and Bone, The Little Mermaid X
9 August 23rd, 2021 They're Called TRANSformers

Guest: Ky

Transformers, Trans Characters in Fandom X
10 September 17th, 2021 Old Man Yells at Wattpad

Guests: Sydney and Maya of Canonically Incorrect

Wattpad, Roleplaying, RPF X
11 October 4th, 2021 The Rise of Reylo

Guest: Em of Pink Milk

Star Wars, Reylo X
12 October 26tth, 2021 Harriet Porber is Good Actually

Guest: Andy Randolph

Trans Characters in Fandom, Harry Potter X
13 November 16th, 2021 Evin Explains the Omegaverse to 2 Regular People

Guests: Ronnie Palmierli, Andy Randolph

Omegeverse, DubCon X
14 December 18th, 2021 The Ballad of Several Unrelated Soras

Guests: Hosts of So You Think You Can Fanon

Fanon, Copyright X
15 February 1st, 2022 The Scooby-Doo Movie is Better than Bright (& Other Hot Takes)

Guest: Tess Langston

Gargoyles, Urban Fantasy, NFTs, Fanart X
16 March 23rd, 2022 Jim Moriarty's Perfect Lil PogChamp

Guest: Val Petrone

Sherlock, Roleplaying X
17 June 26th, 2022 Murasaki Shikibu and the World's First Fangirls

Guest: The Stolen Century

Fan Culture X
18 October 27th, 2022 Game of Thrones is Naruto Actually

Guest: Andy Randolph

Game of Thrones, Fan Theories X
19 November 10th, 2022 Disrespecting George R.R. Martin for Fun (But no Profit)

Guest: Andy Randolph

George R.R. Martin, Fanfiction, Game of Thrones X
20 November 30th, 2022 This Content is Problematic™

Guest: Alex Flanigan

Purity Culture in Fandom, Social Justice in Fandom X
21 May 17th, 2023 Locked in the World of Taylor Swift: Part 1

Guest: Ronnie of Swiftie Tilting Planet

Taylor Swift, Bandom X
22 May 25th, 2023 Lavender Haze and Hairpin Drops (Taylor Swift: Part 2)

Guest: Ronnie of Swiftie Tilting Planet

Taylor Swift, Liam/Harry, Bandom X