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Name: The Frollo Zone, Frollozone
Owner/Maintainer: Belladonna (ThreeOranges)
previously Belladonna and Aranxta
Dates: 1996 – May 2002
Type: character shrine
Fandom: Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame
URL: and (1999-2002) (1998-1999) (1998) (1997)
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The Frollo Zone (also known as Frollozone) is a Hunchback of Notre Dame fansite for the character Claude Frollo.


The site went offline in May 2002, when the site's current host,, discontinued free web hosting with very little notice.[1] There were plans to put the site back online but they did not come to fruition, perhaps in part due to a falling out between the site owners.[2][3]

Site Content

  • The Voice of Frollo - A tribute to the sepulchral tones of Tony Jay
  • Creating A Monster - A page devoted to the artist behind the look of His Fearsomeness, Kathy Zielinski
  • The Frollo Image Gallery - Film stills, fan art and more!
  • Lovely .Wav Files! - The Frollozone goes multimedia with .wavs, .mp3s and even QuickTime - check it out!
  • Frollo's List of Mistakes - Did you spot any of these in "Hunchback"?
  • Other Film Frollos - Proof that Disney's Claude is still the best :)
  • Frollos of the Stage - News on the Disney HoND musical in Berlin, as well as links to virtually every "Hunchback of Notre-Dame" stage adaptation on the web!
  • Foreign Frollo Lyrics - SingalongaClaude in ten languages so far: English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish (European & Mexican), Polish, Italian, Czech, Swedish and Portuguese, plus a translation of the Japanese lyrics.
  • The Hunchback Fanclub - Have a browse through this (fairly comprehensive) catalogue to things HoND on the Web!
  • Fun with Uncle Frollo - The Creative Corner - fanfic, poetry, parodies and more...
  • Frollo Feedback - Read what others have said so far...
  • Awards Page! - From those enlightened webmasters who appreciate the Greatness of Frollo :-)


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