Bucky Barnes/Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers

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Moresome · Ship · Pairing
Relationship: Bucky Barnes/Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers
Alternative name(s): Wintershieldshock
Gender category: Threesome, M/F/M
Fandom: Thor Movieverse/Captain America Movieverse, The Avengers Movieverse (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Canonical?: Non-Canon
Prevalence: rare
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Bucky/Darcy/Steve is the non-canon threesome pairing of Bucky Barnes, Darcy Lewis, and Steve Rogers from Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom.


While Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers have known each other for several years, they have yet to actually meet Darcy Lewis.


Overall the Bucky/Darcy/Steve is one of the rarer threesomes shipped in MCU fandom as a romantic relationship, usually it's a part of Darcy/Steve, Bucky/Steve or Darcy/Bucky fanworks, other times it's part of an ongoing multi-pairing oneshots series. The threesome pairing sometimes appeared prior to Captain America: The Winter Soldier, however it wasn't until the film was released that the threesome's interest and fanworks started increasing.

Many fans of the pairing refer to it as their "OT3".Now they're fairly popular as a three-way romantic relationship.

Common Tropes and Fanon



  • Big Babies by katiedid,Rated Teen Nothing good happens in Stark Industries Labs on a Saturday after 6:00 P.M. Darcy, Bucky and Steve know that now.
  • From A to Z by BirdofFire, Oh, and throw in a Tower full of mutants, two mischievous assassins, a few geniuses, an occasionally homesick god and a tribe of errant Roombas, and you have a fitting background to a tale of Bucky, Darcy and Steve's journey, from their first meeting to their first time to their first date and more (and yes, those are in the correct order)...
  • A Price Above Rubies by Valeris, A girl had only one thing of true value-- her virtue. Once you’d lost your virtue, though-- well, no one told you what happened then. If anyone had, Darcy would have disposed of it a long time ago. [Historical AU]
  • Irreverance Is My Superpower by Silent_journey, Darcy Lewis did not have superpowers. Not unless you counted speed texting, inappropriate commentary, or the ability to find the best iced mocha in town. Unfortunately none of those did you a lot of good during an alien incursion. Now she's in Stark Tower with some of the strongest, bravest, and smartest people on the planet. What happens when she starts to become far too attached to more than one of those same people? (PTSD/Panic Attacks/Depression, Kidnapping)
  • Put Love On Hold by blue_sweater, Darcy is an omega who has been on suppressants for years, and doesn't know the first thing about her own biology. When she makes it out of a hostage situation in one piece thanks to a certain supersoldier (or two), a series of events has set into motion that she thought would send her running for the hills. But maybe this time she won't run away.' (Alpha/Beta/Omega)
  • Some Nights by Jadzia_Bear, Rated Explicit, When two of Darcy's closest friends fall in love she does everything she can to get them together. By the time she realizes she has feelings of her own, things have already gone too far.
  • The Life I Live by nobutsiriuslywhat, Join Darcy as she goes about her life with some of the most dangerous people on the planet. Her friends. All while trying to not be awkward around two people she most definitely wants to climb like a tree. No wonder she has an anxiety problem. Oh boy. Take a deep breath. (Body dysmorphic disorder)




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