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Name: BASCon 2011
Dates: 2011
Focus: slash
Founding Date:
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BASCon 2011 was held November 4–6. It was the last BASCon. The committee members were Coniraya, Doug, Keeker, Liz Keough, Lady J, Claire Miller, and Debbie Rojano.

Some Comments from the ConCom

It's always hard to say goodbye. When we started out the year, we had no idea that this would be our last. But life has a way of interrupting. Since we began, everyone has grown and changed - some in ways that they probably never expected. We've been privileged to know many different fans, some of whom have been with us since the very beginning, others who came to see us once or twice. But every year we've come back, created a fun and welcoming space and hoped that our members were able to walk away with good memories. We don't know what the future will bring. However, BASCon as an entity will still exist. We'll keep up the website, the lists and the LJ and Dreamwidth journal will stay open for the foreseeable future. Our e-mails will still work so if you wake up in the middle of the night and have an idea ("Yowie zowie, zombie cows!) - send it along. Who knows? We may use it one day.

Thanks to everyone both past and present who've made BASCon what it is. We'll see you down the road.

Jackie (aka LadyJ), BASCon Charities and Vid Show

BASCon... A myriad of things come to mind as I say that word. It's a convention in which I have had the honor for 11 years to be part of its committee. I re member our first meeting and the original group that gave it birth and made it the new Bay Area convention to attend. I thank all of the wonderful people that have been or are still part of the concomm for all of the fond memories.

Through calm and stormy seas, BASCon has come through, intact and true to its mission: to be fun, informative and THE place to get together with old and new friends to explore, em brace and critique all types of fandoms. I thank all of the attendees for the great times we've had, all the friends I have made and for all the FUN!

I truly believe, as the Terminator said, "We'll be back!" Love and hugs to all,

Debbie Rojano, BASCon Dealers Room and OPT Coordinator

To our Wonderful BASCon Attendees,

The last 11 years has truly been a labor of love. I was quite terrified of taking on the roles of Art show and Membership person. The two roles have become much easier over the years all do to you, our wonderful attendees.

I have enjoyed getting to know all of you wonderful people. YOU are the reason we have put this con on for so many years. I will miss each and every one of you. I know our paths will cross at other cons so we will be able to see each other, so this is not goodbye, but just, until the next con. Live Long and Prosper. Yours in Fandom,

Liz, BASCon Art Show and Membership


cover of the 2011 program guide

A PDF of the 2011 BASCon schedule can be found here.



JossVerse: Joss Whedon has created some of our favorite universes - Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dr. Horrible, and Dollhouse. Come discuss what makes his creations so addictive. Which series do you love? Which ones do you hate? Which have the most slash potential?

Oddball Fandoms: There's only three of you on the internetz as far as you can see and you want more fic! Come and discuss those fandoms that grab you and won't let go and why no one else seems to see it. Try and convince others of your love or be converted yourself.

Dark Fic: What are the kinks you can only talk about in the dark? Non-con, bestiality, slavery, vore, knifeplay, breathplay, and many more. Talk about why we love to read it, why we love to write it and exchange [inks for your favorite stories. No judgment just delicious kinks.


Harry Potter: The book and movie series are both complete now. How has the canon of each affected fandom?How has your taste shifted in the years you've been in this fandom? What do you love now? Is it the same thing you loved ten years ago?

Walking Dead w/ Debbie: From comic books to graphic novels to TV? How is the transition going?

RareSlash: So your fandom is huge and everyone pairs up the two main hunks and yeah you can see it but you're much more interested in the second bananas or a recurring character. Come and share your odd pairings, bring links of your favorite stories and try to promote those pairings you love.


Before We Discovered Slash w/ Claire: Remember a time before you ever heard the word 'slash'? What shows were you watching? Did you realize why they appealed to you? What was the first show you watched just for the subtext? Come reminisce about the old shows and the innocent days, when characters could share a bed without raising an eyebrow.

Vampire Panel: True Blood. Buffy. Twilight. Vampire Diaries. Moonlight. Forever Knight. Blood Ties. Vampires are big business. Which vamps do we love? Which do we hate? What makes a vampire a hot commodity as opposed to a dud?

Glee: The show is starting its third season and some say it's losing steam. Other people love it more than ever. How has the show changed? How are they dealing with the GLBTO relationships and characters? Are you a Klaine Ian? Or do you think Blaine = Bland?


The Professionals: AUs abound, w/ KrisserCI5: What makes the characters so suited for other lives? Space, zombies, bandits, elves. If you can think it someone's written it. Why do Bodie ajd Doyle lend themselves so well to other universes? Let's explore the many lives of our Professional's lads.

What's New on the Tube? w/Debbie: Now a panel we look forward to having for the last 8 cons! What new TV shows have come and gone in 2010-2011 ? Come and see what's going on and who knows? You may leave with a new fandom...

Castle: It's Nathan Filiion what more do you need?


Meet The ConCom


DC Reboot: What "again"? W/ Zenia: By November we'll be a few months into DCs reboot of 50 of their titles. So what do we think of this new reboot? Is it even a reboot? What comics do we think are working out? Which ones are failing to capture our interest? Are there any breakthrough characters? Is the diversity that DC promised us all smoke and mirrors or are they doing a decent job of it? What could they be doing better? Is it worse than we thought? I really would just like to explore this new reboot and how it has made things better/worse/different/the same.

The Darker The Berry The Sweeter The Slash w/ Coniraya and Lady J: Though things aren't great there are certainly more Characters of Color popping up in slash. Some of this is due to the lead roles in moves such as Conan that have gone to POC actors. Come discuss the shift in Hollywood and the shift in fandom as a result and how far we have left to go.

Star Trek: Are you classic? Are you reboot? Or do you swing both fandoms? Come talk trek both old and new!


Friday Night Mixer


NiteWrite: Part 1: NaNoWriMo, 750 words. Write or Die or just to write. Come join us as we pound out prose!

Femmeslash w/Lady J & Doug: Femmeslash: "But some of us like the girl bits!" Is there a way in which m/m sexuality is held to a higher standard than sex between women? And how might that affect the femmeslash that does see its way to the light of day?

Bedtime Stories: A slumber party with slash, what could be better? Bring your favorite slash scenes to read aloud to the group. Try to limit it to three pages each but bring a lot to share!



Craft or Die!: Hang out and craft! Talk about your favorite slash inspired collections or just your favorite type of crafting.

Boardwalk Empire w/ Debbie: Do you want Nucky to win or lose?

Thin Blue Slashy Line: Castle. Law and Order. Against The Wall. Rizzoli & Isles. The Closer. Justified. Cops shows are all over the tube and provide a plethora of both m/m and f/f pairings for your enjoyment. What are you watching? What are you reading?


RPF: Real Person Fic used to be the dirty hidden stepchild of fan fiction. Now there are fandms where RPF is just as likely as in character slash. Has Real Person Fie come in into it's own? What's helped the change?

Warehouse 13: First they gave us the delightful Helena G. Wells and her lust-filled glances with Myka. Then there was openly gay Steve Jinks. Then there was the end of the third season... How do you feel about the ending? Dramatic? Disgusting? Necessary? Spoilers Ahead

Hawaii Five-0 w/ Hederahelix: Description not available at time of publication.


The Pros Bingo w/ KrisserCI5: Do you remember the episodes? Let's find out... just have to know how to place markers on the bingo card. Win small prizes.

Superhero Movies of 2011: The Good, The Bad and Seth Rogan w/Zenia : Just as it says on the title, this panel would discuss all the superhero movies of 2011. We would try to answer such questions as: was Green Lantern as bad as we thought it'd be? Did Captain America live up to the hype? Could Idris Elba be any hot ter? Do we even want to discuss The Green Hornet? (Seriously, Coniraya, what was that?) Is Manuel crazy for trying to bring some level of continuity into their movies? And does it work for them? And how the hell did Charles/Erik become the couple du jour of the summer season?

Game of Thrones w/ Debbie: With the 1st season a success, are people rushing out to read the books? Was the TV series faithful to the book? What do you hope to see in Season 2?


Sherlock BBC w/ Coniraya: The BBC has rebooted Sherlock into the 21st Century and along with translating the characters they've brought the slash potential roaring back. What do you love about these adaptations? What are you doing to feed you need until the second series of films in 2012? And how does having an asexual as one of the main characters effect the slash?

Erotic Writing - It's more than writing sex. w/ D.M. Atkins author of Faewolf: Some sex writing sound little better than read stereo instructions (Insert tab A in slot B), Learn what it take to make writing about sex meltingly hot.

OOCs w/Lady Ra: When does it work for a story, and when does it not? What OOC guilty pleasures do you have? Snape as a swashbuckling hero in leather? Tony Dinozzo as a PhD? Come share all.

Switching: Fan-fiction and Pro-writing w/ D.M. Atkins author of Faewolf: Some tips for fan writers who want to become paid authors. It's not always an either/or. Some of us switch both ways.

White Collar: The show's had some controversy this past season. What did you think of the storyline? Were the writers/producers insulting? Was there character backslide?

Bandslash: They touch us with their music and seem just a little too close to their bandmates. What is it that makes you slash your favorite bands? Which bands do you slash? Are their some groups that are sacred or is anyone game?


Supernatural w/ Debbie: God or the Old Ones? Which will do more harm in Season 7? Will the brothers' relationship be able to stand up to yet one more devastating break with Sam and Dean just not telling each other what they should?

Women With Weapons w/Lady J: Is there anything hotter than a woman with a gun? Or tesla? Or knife? Or staff? Or pointy stick? What is it about women with weapons that gets your blood pumping? Come talk about all the hot ladies in our fandoms who are packing heat of some kind!

Slash Archetypes: What are the scenarios that show up again and again? Do pairings tend to fail into a expected binary, the fighter and the thinker? Come discuss your favorite repetitions in fandom and the things that drive you crazy.


Femmeslash Fad w/ Hederahelix & Lady J: There's an abundance of femmeslash potential on our screens this fall. What are you watching? What should you be watching?

Doctor Who: The Pros and Cons of Being a Companion w/ Claire: Is traveling with a Timelord the best thing that ever happened to a person or the worst? Or Both? Ultimately, the fates of the Doctor's companions may not be worth the excitement of time and space travel. Discuss which of the companions would do it over given the chance, and which probably would not.

Stargate: Go Big or Go Home...: 10 years of SG-1. 5 years of SGA. 2 years of SGU. Now there's no more Stargate on our screens, Which was your favorite series? Which episodes still stick with you years later? Are you still bitter over the decision to cancel Atlantis?


Three Fingers & No Lube: When Bad Things Happen to Good Slash w/ Coniraya: Come and throw questions out and have them answered honestly and without shame (okay maybe just a little depending on the question]. There has been a disturbing about of misinformation about male/male sex cropping up in the fan fiction I've read lately (lube dries and is also VERY VERY necessary) so please come, laugh, clarify.

Leverage w/ KrisserCI5: Let's talk.

Smallville: A decade of story-telling is over. Come reminisce and remember the excitement of the beginning and the rough road to the end.




NiteWrite: Part 2: NaNoWriMo, 750 words, Write or Die or just to write. Come join us as we pound out prose!

Favorite Slash Stories w/ Lady Ra: A panel to share everyone's favorite slash stories. Bring your laptops, and we'll share URLs.

DIY: DIY (Do it Yourself): The room will be open for anyone who want to run an hour-long panel on the fly. Look for the sign up sheet outside the room. First come, first served.

Vid Show

The 2011 vid show was put together by bradcpu.[1]

Part One

  • Welcome To The Jungle by kuwdora The Rundown
  • Counterpoint by deejay The King's Speech

Part Two


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