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Name: f1renze
Alias(es): flo, kitzeproductions
Type: vidder, fanfiction writer
Fandoms: Queer As Folk (US), AtS/BtVS, The Office
Other: http://www.kitzeproductions.net/
URL: f1renze at AO3
f1renze at Dreamwidth
f1renze at LiveJournal
kitzeproductions at Youtube
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f1renze, aka "flo," is a writer, fan and vidder associated with VividCon and Festivids; among her other notabilities is that she is the fan responsible for cajoling people (starting with Wendy, keewick, sweetestdrain, pipsqueak, and dualbunny) into learning the choreography for The Joxer Dance at Club Vivid.

Notable Vids

Fan Responses

Her Dreamwidth and LiveJournal profiles feature the following testimonial quotes:

"The Flobee is a vibrant creature who is always absorbing, learning, assimilating, changing and growing. Bright colors and shiny objects are the best lure for the Flobee, but they are known to wither in captivity."


"The Flobee is known to subsist primarily on tea and music."