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Pairing: Alice Jones/Robin Mills
Alternative name(s): Curious Archer, Mad Archer, RabbitBow, BunnyHood, WonderBow, WonderHood
Gender category: Femslash
Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Canonical?: Yes
Prevalence: Small-ish
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Alice/Robin (known as Curious Archer or Mad Archer, among others) is the femslash ship between Alice Jones and Robin Mills from the seventh season of the TV series Once Upon A Time.


Alice and Robin met in the New Enchanted Forest, when the latter accused the former of spying and subsequently trapped her in a cage when she ran off. Alice dubbed Robin Nobin (New Robin) and Robin gave Alice the nickname Tower Girl. During their cursed lives, Alice and Robin were known as Tilly and Margot respectively, and the two met again when the latter saved the former from a car.



The pairing seemed to be largely praised by both critics and fans, and will frequently make lists of best or favourite ships in the show[1][2]. The attempt at representation of a queer relationship in the show in the form of Alice and Robin was much better received than the two previous attempts involving Ruby Lucas/Dorothy Gale and Mulan (OUAT). The incorporation of mental health issues, with particular emphasis on the 'good days and bad days' talk in the bar, was also largely well received, though criticism has been directed towards some of the earlier moments regarding Alice before Robin appeared.

Ship Name

Curious Archer and Mad Archer appear to be the most popular ship name for the pairing, though at one time, earlier on in the ship's history, several ship names were considered and bandied about. Among them were: RabbitBow, BunnyHood, WonderBow and WonderHood etc. Most of these names have fallen out of use, though some fans will still use them, and older Tumblr posts and fanworks may refer to the ship using these names. Whether a fan will use 'Mad' or 'Curious' seems to depend on several factors, including fan group/clique/community, website, when they became a fan etc.

The Mad/Curious divide seems to have come about due to a few reasons:

  • ‘Mad’ was already used to indicate a ship included the character of Jefferson (The Mad Hatter), and so some fans wished to differentiate between him and Alice.
  • Some fans took issue with the word ‘Mad’ being associated with Alice. Unlike The Mad Hatter, in which ‘Mad’ is part of his moniker/persona, ‘Mad’ for Alice would be in reference to her percieved ‘madness’. This was seen as ableist against folks with mental illnesses by some members of the fandom, and a different word was preferred in those sections of the fanbase.

Periods in Time Explored

Regarding Canon Compliant fanworks and headcanons, there are three periods of time in which the pairing are explored within:

  1. Before the Curse as Alice and Robin - The time between their first meeting and when the curse is cast and engulfs them. Approx. 7-8 years or so.
  2. During the Curse as Tilly and Margot - The time they spent as their cursed selves, Tilly and Margot.
    • As well as new versions of the previously mentioned tropes, includes discussions on Support for Tilly's Mental Health, Modern USA (Seattle) based Setting.
  3. After the Curse as Alice and Robin - The time after the curse has been broken. Mostly post-canon, though not always.
    • Includes discussions on dealing with two lives, happy beginnings, and future endeavours.


  • OUAT NJ 2019 panel
    • A well known panel at OUAT New Jersey 2019 had Rose deciding Curious Archer's child would be named 'Teacup' after first arguing they would be called 'Lee Arenberg Mills-Wonderland-Jefferson-Teacup'. Rose asked the audience for photoshopped images of babies with Lee Arenberg's face. Fans obliged [3]

Common Tropes and Themes

  • Fluff - Likely due to the canonical fluffy portrayals of the pairing, and the lack of significant drama and conflict between the two, fluff is quite a popular trope.
  • Mental Health Issues/Mental Illness - Alice/Tilly's mental health issues, and the ways in which it affects both herself and the relationship, often come up in fanworks featuring the two.
  • Proposal fics - Due to events in the finale of the series, proposal fics appear relatively common.
  • Wedding fics - Similarly, fanworks and headcanons speculating on their wedding and the planning of it, also seem to be quite common in the fandom.
  • Magical Pregnancy - Due to Alice's seemingly powerful magical ability (enough to apparently break blood magic) and her connection to Mother Nature, several fans have pondered whether Alice could use magic to give her and Robin a baby, and even wish herself[4][5] or Robin[6] pregnant. Other, more typical, means of 'pregnancy causing magic' including potions and spells, are also found.
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  • Curious Archer 30 Day Challenge









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