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An academic conference with sessions also open to the public, 24/7 DIY Video Summit took place February 8–10, 2008 at the University of Southern California. The Summit featured panels, screenings, workshops, and a plenary session including Yochai Benkler, John Seely Brown, Joi Ito, Henry Jenkins, and Howard Rheingold.

Along with non-fannish genres like political remix and video blogging, vids and AMVs each had their own screening. Otaku Remixes: Anime Music Videos was curated and presented by Tim Park. Genealogy of Vidding was curated by Laura Shapiro and Francesca Coppa, and presented by Francesca Coppa. The event's main screening also featured both AMVs and vids.

Approximately ten vidders attended the Summit, representing the largest showing from any of the genres featured.

Genealogy of Vidding Playlist

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