Walking on the Ground

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Title: Walking on the Ground
Creator: Seah & Margie
Date: August 2005
Format: digital vid
Length: 2:52 minutes
Music: "Walking on the Ground" by Sheldon Allman
Genre: metavid
Fandom: multifandom
URL: release notes and download links[1]
steraming link available at AO3; third party upload to youtube
vidding like "the good lord intended"

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Walking on the Ground is a vid that showcases the technological evolution of vidding hardware and software, marrying them to an ongoing metaphor of transportation. It includes clips from various vids throughout vidding history, including what is widely credited as the first vid: Both Sides Now by Kandy Fong.

The vid also affectionately pokes fun at vidders' own reluctance to change: each "transportation" technology is greeted as the be-all-and-end all, the way we were supposed to travel (Lyric: "We're gonna walk on the ground (ride on a train/fly on a plane) like the good lord intended"). But the singer changes modes without even noticing, and vidding, of course, has evolved from slideshows to VCRs to computer/digital editing.

Exerpt from the lyrics

"I'm gonna walk on the ground like the good lord intended,
Like he meant for me and meant for you.
I'm gonna walk on the ground like the good lord intended,
Like the good lord intended us to do.


  • "Yes, this is a vid about vidding, and it is splendidly done. When I saw it the first time I cheered loudly and immediately pressed replay. It's so amazingly put together."[2]
  • "All vidding, all the time. It’s both a celebration and an argument about creativity."[3]
  • "Fandom overcomes all, and is always moving on to bigger and better things. Also, it interprets attempts to enforce IP law as bugs in the system, and re-routes around them."[4]
  • The vid offers "a history of vidding, there's no better source! I still love this vid just to pieces. The way that it turns tv history into our history? Rowr. Plus it does a wonderful job of presenting, visually, the hacker-like and anti-corporate potential of remix culture."[5]
  • “Doufám, že každý uzná, že tuhle oslavu a zároveň obranu viddingu a shrnutí jeho historie od prvního fanvidea "Both Sides Now" od Kandy Fong až po ... nevím kam...., jsem sem zkrátka musela dát. :)”[6]


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