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Name: FictionAlley
Date(s): 2001-present
Fandom: Harry Potter
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screenshot of the main page; the images are the entry to different parts of the site

Fiction Alley is an archive for Harry Potter fan fiction that is divided into four different so-called houses: Schnoogle for novel-length stories of all genres, TheDarkArts for stories with darker themes like angst, AstronomyTower for romance fanfic and Riddikulus for humourous stories. Each house is associated with a color of one of the houses from the book series: Schnoogle has a green theme, TheDarkArts is blue, the AstronomyTower is red, and Riddikulus is yellow.

It also has an extensive set of forums for discussion of the characters, locations and individual books and movies as they came out, called Fiction Alley Park. The Park is notable among fandom forums for content requirements: members are only allowed to make "one liner" posts in a few specified places, correct capitalization is expected and spelling and grammar must be readable. These requirements allowed the site to claim educational motivations for the forums which aided the site in gaining non-profit status.


FictionAlley was formed in the summer of 2001 to be a "community in which no person would be unreasonably censored or senselessly banned"[1] as a response to Cassandra Claire's deletion from

In 2004, FictionAlley was incorporated as a non-profit in the USA.

In 2006, the archive launched the HarryPotterWiki.


  • Schnoogle - hosts all novel length fanfiction
  • The Dark Arts -
  • Astronomy Tower
  • Riddikulus
  • Artistic Alley
  • Fiction Alley Park - the message board community
  • HP Ink Pot - hosts essays written on the fandom
  • Harry Potter Wiki


  1. A Bit About FictionAlley. (Accessed 08 May 2011.)
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