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Name: Flourish
Alias(es): Flourish Klink, msbunburyist, cennorethsdaughter, mahtala
Type: fan writer, aca-fan
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Vorkosigan
Other: The Alternity website
URL: dreamwidth, website
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Flourish Klink is a fanfic writer, conference organizer and archive administrator, most notably in the Harry Potter fandom (having written stories for that fandom prior to the establishment of its Fanfiction.net section.)

She is also an aca-fan who has frequently worked with Henry Jenkins.

One notable contribution to fandom includes co-founding FictionAlley, being on staff at FanFiction.Net at the age of 13. [1]

Flourish also co-authored the classic Harry Potter fanfic "Alternity." Though the story has since disappeared from the internet, she resurrected it as an RPG in 2008. The RPG is also entitled Alternity.

List of Primary Fandoms:

  • 1997-1998: X-files
  • 1998 - present: Harry Potter
  • 2007 - present: Vorkosigan



List of Conferences & Conventions (Presenting or Organizing)


  1. Fandoms, the Internet, and Harry Potter: An interview with Flourish Klink, co-founder of FictionAlley and CMS lecturer (2013)