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Name: Skyehawke
Date(s): 2001-present
Archivist: Tien Riu
Type: Archive
Fandom: Multifandom
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Skyehawke is an automated archive for multifandom fanfiction and original fiction. It is running on Dragon Bulb, "an amalgamation between iodesigns' Storyline version 1.8 and Dragonware's Dragon!Bulb version 1.0".[1] It is staffed by four admins (Ashe, Calvin Hobbes, Teyla, Tien Riu and a group of volunteers. Skyehawke consists of three divisions: an archive, a forum and a Livejournal.

The Archive

The Archive is, of course, Skyehawke's main attraction. Fiction can be posted to six main categories: animation/illustrated, book, tv/movie, original fiction, original non-fiction and games/comics. There are generally few rules as to what fiction can be posted, as long as it is "well written". To ensure a level of quality, Skyehawke is a closed community. One must be invited by a regsitered user to get an account. All registered Skyehawke users can create accounts, but:

V. We ask that registered users do not invite their best friend, girl/boy/fluffy werewolf they met, strange person down the street (etc) unless said person has previously written a piece of fiction (or non-fiction) that is 'well written').
(a) 'Well written' is not defined because it is a subjective term.
(b) But it would be nice if grammar, spelling and sentence structure was 99% correct.
i. The 1% is because even the best beta readers/spell checks miss a few.
ii. We're not going to actually calculate that 1% error rate - we'll assume it, because, as we said in [I], 'in good faith'.
iii. The Administration Team are very aware of our own fallacies. We ask that we be forgiven for being mortal - especially when we attempt humour and irony and receive fifty emails from those who have missed the point about spelling mistakes.[2]

A distinctive feature of the archive is the use of Fandom Sponsors, users that act as moderators for a given fandom. Sponsors can post news about their fandom and do some maintenance work (like adding or editing characters for their fandom).

A sponsor is simply a member of the skyehawke dot com :: archives who is responsible for championing the category/fandom he/she selects. A fandom benefits from sponsorship in that the sponsor will make a concerted effort to introduce new authors and their story contributions to the fandom, thus growing it. The concept of sponsorship helps to structure skyehawke :: archives by making each sponsored fandom like a little community dedicated to a specific book/comic/movie/tv show/etc...[3]

Archive Content

Section sizes[4]

Skyehawke is a popular archive for Harry Potter fanfiction[5], but it also offers a home to rarer fandoms, like Ursula Le Guin or Die Hard.

Harry Potter fic by itself accounts for 65% of material on the archive.[6] Other large fandoms are Stargate, Buffy & Angel, and Lord of the Rings, each of which accounts for about 2%.

In addition to original fiction and more conventional fandoms, Skyehawke also hosts original nonfiction including editorials, essays, fanfiction guides and tips, and journal entries.

The Forum

The Forum is a place for archive users (and the "general public") to interact and chat.

The Livejournal

The LJ Community is normally used for admin posts, especially if the website faces problems or is down.


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