You Were There

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Title: You Were There
Circle: Nekogami-Dou (猫神堂)
Doujinka: shima
Fandom: Harry Potter
Date/s: June 2002[1]
Type: manga
Size: B5, 40 pages
Language: Japanese
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You Were There is a Harry Potter doujinshi by Nekogami-Dou. It is set during the Hogwarts Era, created before Order of the Phoenix, and contains light Harry/Sirius.


Lupin and "Snuffles" come to visit Harry one Hogsmede weekend. While there, "Snuffles" takes a rather odd interest in Harry, one that disturbes Lupin, Ron and Hermione but not Harry. Sirius is so depressed when he has to say goodbye that he decides to give Harry a goodbye kiss that's a little more serious than they planned on. This is an amusing doujinshi. The art is good but the stories here are funnier than the other Nekogumi-Duo [sic] doujinshi I have. I love the reactions Lupin, Hermione and Ron have to Sirius licking Harry in dog form.[2]
Beautiful and slightly pastel rendition of Sirius, Harry, and Hedwig on the cover. There's a cute picture of Hermione and Ron sitting together on a loveseat on the back. Looks like everything was done in Copic, although some colortone might have been used for larger areas.

Harry, Hermione, and Ron are in Hogsmeade and meet up with Remus and Sirius (in 'Snuffles' form). While Sirius is visiting with Harry, Remus shares butterbeer with Ron and Hermione. Ron and Hermione experience disturbing mental imagery, Sirius catches a frisbee, Remus has a magic choke chain, and Harry is sweetly clueless.

This is very lightly shonen ai with Sirius+Harry implications. Normally this is a pairing I steer clear from, but in this case I love it. No lecherous Sirius lusting after his godson. Just this incredibly lonely, needy pair finding a soulmate in each other. Mostly hugs, blushing, and one kiss.

When Sirius and Harry are saying goodbye, something Sirius says upsets Harry, who begins to cry. He seems to be thinking about other people who he has seen kiss, because they love one another. Harry doesn't think he'll ever be loved that way, so Sirius decides to show him what it's like.

The artwork is great, and so is the variety of screentones. Remus and Sirius look just right-- beautiful, but careworn. Remus looks tired (and I adore his clothes). This is one of those DJs where you can see the love that the circle felt for their subject matter.

I love this doujinshi.[3]



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