We deserve a soft epilogue, my love

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Title: Seventy Years of Sleep #4
Creator: nikka ursula (nikkiursula on Instagram)
Date(s): 2015-08-17
Medium: poetry
Fandom: Captain America, Captain America Movieverse, MCU
External Links: Original post; archive link
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"We deserve a soft epilogue, my love" is a line from the poem "Seventy Years of Sleep #4" by nikka ursula. It was originally posted on Tumblr as a Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers poemfic in 2015. The poem has since become widely quoted and inspired derivative works in other fandoms.

Original poem

"I think we deserve
a soft epilogue, my love.
We are good people
and we've suffered enough."

–Seventy Years of Sleep # 4. nikka ursula (n.t)

This poem was posted on 17 August 2015 as part of a series called "Seventy Years of Sleep" by nikka ursula on Tumblr under her account cardiamachina.co.vu.[1] The series title refers to the period that Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes were frozen in World War II and their reunion in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which is set in 2014.

The author has tagged it #steviebucks and #OTP: SteveBucky, referring to the pairing Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers.

Quotes and derivative works

By 2016, the poem had spread throughout fandom and was widely quoted on Tumblr, Reddit, and Pinterest. It has inspired derivative works, particularly gifsets, edits, and fanart. In 2020, CharCubed on Twitter quoted this poem in answer to the question, "What is a piece of writing, on the internet (i.e. not a book), that you return to or at least consider foundational?"[2]







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