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Name/s: Redgrave
Fandom/s: Marvel, DC, Teen Wolf, Sherlock, Criminal Minds, Supernatural, Dragon Age, Merlin, Stargate, Star Trek, Star Wars, NCIS, LOTR, Harry Potter, Firefly, Dr Who, Torchwood, Buffy, Hannibal, Anime, Free!, Angel, Phandom, Welcome to Night Vale, BTS, Good Omens
You can find me at: AO3
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Redgrave is a reference to Devil May Cry.

Fannish History

I guess I started out in anime and manga (early 2000s), then moved my way more into other formats and fandoms from there like Sherlock and Supernatural on Tumblr

Current Favorites

Marvel, DC and comics in general. BTS ARMY

On Fanlore

Joined Aug 2015. Pretty much here just to watch, catch up and slowly but surely edit where I find missing or interesting info to add.


ships: Sterek, Steter, Petopher, Johnlock, Mystrade, Stony, Stucky, Phlint, Superbat, Destiel, K/S, Merthur, Sperek, Spideypool, Cherik, Tibbs, 00Q, KevEdd, Hannigram, Janto, Athelnar, MakoHaru, Spangel, Drarry, Hartwin, Thilbo, Shassie, Thorki, Marvey, Shizaya, Zosan, Olicity, Cecilos, Genosai, Eruri, Napollya