Unrealized Peacekeeper

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Title: Unrealized Peacekeeper
Author(s): OneEye the DRD
Date(s): 24 September 2002 (last updated January 2010)
Length: +185,000 words
Genre: AU, WIP
Fandom: Farscape
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Unrealized Peacekeeper (short "URPK") is an epic Farscape AU by OneEyetheDRD (185,000 words). The story is an action/adventure WIP and the pairings are John/Gilina and later John/Aeryn.

FF.Net summary: "AU: In the fourth season episode "Unrealized Reality", we saw an alternate John Crichton who became a Peacekeeper captain. This is the story of how that might have happened..."

Author's Note:
The following series of stories was born from a single scene in the 4th season Farscape episode, "Unrealized Reality", one which I couldn't get out of my mind afterwards: John Crichton as a Peacekeeper captain, with Braca at his side as a loyal first officer.
I started thinking about that scene afterwards, and wondering what small change in the past might have led John Crichton down that road, to become that man. The answer I ended up with was simple: the wormhole that brought him to the UTs deposited him about ten feet to the right of his original exit point. That's all.[1]

The story is split into three main parts, the author calls them 'books' or 'seasons'. Part 1 contains the Prologue and Episodes 1-8, part 2 contains Episodes 9-14, and part 3 will run from Episode 15 until the end of the story, which was estimated at one time at Episode 22.[2] The first part was posted in 2002 and the most recent update was in 2010. So far we are at Episode 16.


  • "This AU is inspired by the scene in the Farscape episode Unrealized Reality in which we glimpse the possibility of Crichton as a Peacekeeper captain. It's a very plausible background for how that could have come to pass through just a small change, i.e. what if the wormhole that brought him to the UTs deposited him about ten feet to the right of his original exit point. And this works actually without making Crichton not like himself in any way, nor does the story gloss over the Peacekeeper's ideology and actions we see in canon. Besides it is a great action-adventure that incorporates a lot of elements and events from the episodes."[3]
  • "This is a multi-part, in-progress AU spinoff from Unrealized Realities, exploring how John Crichton might have come to be a Peacekeeper Captain. Although it's unfortunately not finished yet, the first two seasons (up until When the Chips are Down) are complete, and the latest update (The Devil You Know) was posted March 22, 2008, so it's still being updated! In Unrealized Peacekeeper, Tauvo Crais manages to avoid a collison with John's module, so the escaping prisoners on Moya don't bother to recapture John and Aeryn. Instead, John is put to work on wormhole tech by Captain Crais. I love this story so much. The characterizations are wonderful, and so is the plot. It manages to be faithful to the big events of Farscape canon, while still telling its own story. If it's ever complete, it may rival In the Company of Ghosts as my favourite Farscape story."[4]


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