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Name: Terra Firma
Date(s): July 12, 2005 - present
Moderated: yes
Moderators/List Maintainers: KernilCrash, aeryncrichton,
Fandom: Farscape
URL: http://terrafirmascapers.com/index.php
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Terra Firma is a Farscape fan forum that allows fans to discuss the show and post fan fiction and vids. The forum was created in 2005 after the previous Farscape forum Kansas was shut down.[1]

Because of the communities previous experiences with their fan run forums disappearing, Terra Forum made the following announcement at its opening in 2005:

"Terra Firma is owned and operated by ... Terra Firma. We have purchased webhosting with a large, reliable service (many thanks to Scorpy808 for helping us find a good host), and we are operating the software ourselves. What this means is that the forum will never face another catastrophic disappearing act from the provider, or need to pack up and move thread by thread again. If, at some point in the distant future, our webhosting service looks like it is going to go belly-up, we will be able to transfer the entire domain to another host. This also means that as long as there is someone here to pay the bills and keep things running, Terra Firma will never shut down. If the current team of Admins/Mods decide they've had enough, we will pass the forum along to the next set of willing Scapers.

As of May 5, 2012, the forum had 35,0956 Posts in 11,262 Topics by 2,342 Members.


  1. ^ Kansas ran from 2002 to 2004. According to a Terra Firma member: "The person who built and ran Kansas (scapeartist) needed to move on. At the same time, she ran into some technical issues that made it impossible to transfer the database to a new host. So it got shut down. Scapeartist told a small number of us about the impending closure about a month in advance, which gave us enough time to get Terra Firma up and running before she made the announcement that Kansas was closing. We couldn't transfer the database, but considering that everything had to be moved thread-by-thread, we managed to transfer over an impressive amount of material from the Clamshell and from the fanfiction section." Source: Terra Firm forum post So what happened to Kansas? dated October 17, 2007. Another member traces the origins of Terra Firm further back: "After the [Farscape] cancellation announcement and the crash of the sci-fi Farscape board, Scapeartist set up a temporary board that only held about 150 posts at a time while we tried to figure out what to do about the cancellation and staying in touch with each other. From there, she set up Kansas, named for the next episode after the mid-season hiatus." After Kansas shut down in 2004, approximately 65% of the membership joined Terra Firma;WebCite.