Timeline of Fandom on Tumblr

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Fandom: Multifandom
Dates: 2007-present
See also: Tumblr, Fandom and the Internet

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  • February: Tumblr was founded on February 19, 2007.


  • Many fanartists move to Tumblr from DeviantART, often citing problems such as DA's introduction of a virtual currency to explain their decision.



  • February: Tumblr banned blogs that promote or advocate suicide, self-harm and eating disorders.


  • May: Tumblr was bought by Yahoo.
  • July: Tumblr updated its policy so that pages classified as "NSFW" (not safe for work) would not feature in tag pages for users who are not logged in or who have the "Safe Mode" activated.


  • July 4: 4chan raid
  • July 11-13: DashCon
  • October: The dimensions of the dashboard were changed in favour of video content, bluring or pixelating a lot of gifsets, graphics, and fanarts.[1][2] Many fans expressed the desire to move to a different website but no clear alternative presented itself.


  • February: Mass deletion of blogs that posted copyrighted songs.[3]
  • July: Tumblr was modified so that users were unable to remove or edit individual comments by other users when reblogging a post; existing comments can only be removed all at once.[4]
  • September: Tumblr changed how threads of comments on reblogged posts were displayed.
  • October: The Zamii070 wank gets so out of hand that multiple news sites report it.[5][6]


  • October: Tumblr implemented the "Best Stuff First" feature that moved the "best" posts to the top of one's dashboard, making posts appear in non-chronological order. The feature could be turned off.
  • October: hivliving wank


  • August: The Snappening - a mass deletion of fan blogs took place on Tumblr, ostensibly for reasons of copyright infringement.
  • November: Tumblr introduced a change in the search system that removed posts with links in them from the search results. Many theorized it was a way to combat porn bots but it affected fannish content creators as well.[7]
  • November: Tumblr's iOS app was pulled from the App Store by Apple, and as a result, many NSFW blogs (as well as SFW blogs) were removed from Tumblr in what appeared to be a crackdown. See Tumblr NSFW Content Purge‎‎ for more details.
  • December 3rd: The Tumblr staff announces that all adult content will be banned (and removed) from the site on December 17th.[8][9]
  • December 11th: Verizon admitted that the brand value of its media company, Oath, which includes Yahoo and AOL and by extension Tumblr, is almost nothing.[10]


  • March: News sites report that Tumblr's traffic fell by as much as 20-30% since the porn ban in December 2018.[11][12]
  • August: Tumblr is sold to the owner of WordPress.[13]


  • April: The Tumblr Beta introduced by the new owners made tracking tags and finding content harder.


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