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Synonyms: Airport meme
Date Started: February 18/19, 2012
See Also: Mishapocalypse
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On or around February 19, 2012, seemingly all of Tumblr started playing a game on Mapcrunch and got frustrated when they couldn't find an airport. Graphics and gifs were posted on Tumblr commemorating this event and confusing anyone just logging in who hadn't played the game.

The frenzy started with the following post, with over 600,000 notes as of July 2016:


To play this game, go to MapCrunch, select “hide location”, make sure you have all countries unselected, and click go. What this will do is drop you in a random part of the world. It’s as if you woke up on the side of a road in an unfamiliar country. The goal of the game is to find your way to an airport so you can return home.

Bonus Hard Mode: No using outside sources, and that includes using google maps to figure out your location from signs or landmarks[1]

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Fannish Examples


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