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Synonyms: Fuck Yeah
See also: meme
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fuckyeah is a popular term for pleasure and/or complete agreement.

On Tumblr

Infographic on the rise of Tumblr’s “Fuck Yeah!” movement [1]

Early in 2009[2], fuckyeah became a popular prefix for accounts on the social network Tumblr to indicate fannish content. It signified that the blog in question wasn't a personal blog but a platform dedicated to the subject that would not post unrelated content. Following blogs starting with fuckyeah was considered by some to be the easiest way to keep up with fanworks produced in a fandom without having to browse tags and personal blogs.

Other versions of the phrase such as "hellyeah", "heckyeah", "fyeah", and "fy" were also fairly common.

As of 2017, fuckyeah blogs have been mostly replaced by daily[X] and [X]source blogs that have the same function.


A popular example is fuckyeahfanficflamingo.

fuckyeah tumblr pages on Fanlore include:

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