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cover of Volume 1 videocassette along with the back of the accompanying booklet. The small text reads: "PLEASE DO NOT MAKE COPIES OF THIS TAPE. Visual quality deteriorates rapidly in succeeding g~n~rations. Also please do not upload copies or any portion of this tape to any web site or post any contact information for The WOAD Society to any publicly archived email list or USENET news group. If you or any friensd of yours would like more copies of this tape or our other tapes, please contact The WOAD Society at [address removed] for more information"


The first WOAD collection was released in 2002 on 3 hand-copied tapes rubber banded together with booklets, covers, and custom labels. On them was the following message:

Warning: These tapes may be hazardous. They're long. Take a break. They've got things that may disturb you, including, but not limited to, sex (of various kinds and involving various genders and species), romance, mysticism, technology, violence, humor in poor taste and characters you can't stand. When you encounter one of these it may be time to take that break.

All told, about 350 sets of tapes were distributed. Luminosity created the creative intro titles for each tape. The first tape (It Came from Outer Space) was science-fiction themed, and contained:

When the Lights Go Out Pitch Black Don C. and Taselby Don had been wanting to vid Pitch Black since we’d seen the movie, and this song just came to me one morning as the quintessential Pitch Black song. It was the first “real” vid we did together, back before we were smart enough to know what we couldn’t do. Looking back now, it seems impossibly ambitious.
Help Me Mary The X-Files Carol S Some songs get insistent all of a sudden. This one did. Krycek vs. the rest of the world.
They're Not Here The X-Files Luminosity I wasn't an X-Files fan until the beginning of 2001. At that point, a friend gifted me with the first four seasons, and I fell in love. I couldn't believe that no one else had vidded this song for X-Files, and it was perfect for me. I was in the throes of a new passion for a fandom, and I hope it shows. Everything that I love about X-Files is in this vid. Also, there's nothing in it past season 6. That says a lot, doesn't it? :)
Every Me, Every You The X-Files Luminosity Mirroring. By the time I made this vid, I was deeply into XF, watching it every day. There is so much about Mulder and Krycek that seems to be the same, and EMEY seemed to be the perfect song for it. They are both quite obsessed with each other, too, to their detriment and our gain. Tragic, really, isn't it? :)
Wrapped Around Your Finger The X-Files Luminosity I made this vid while I was making Enough. I learned not to make two vids in the same project file. Carol S. handed this song to me on a silver platter, and I fretted about it a lot. I didn't want to disappoint her. It's a Krycek drool vid on some weird level, and it's a great song to illustrate the relationship between the Cigarette Smoking Man and Krycek. I wanted to show that, even though CSM was dead, Krycek was still entangled, no matter what he did. I just wish my source files had been better! I was able to use some clips of Krycek that weren't usually used in M/K vids. I experimented with fading to black and back again, and, although I think it works well here, I also believe I could have been a little more discriminate in where I put it and how many times I used it. Another learning experience.
Enough The X-Files Luminosity Here starts my spew of vids. I think I made three or four within a span of a couple of weeks, and I was actually making them two at a time. I lived at the computer, and couldn't seem to get them out fast enough. Yay creativity! I had shown a couple of vids at the Cube, the old Mulder/Krycek Fight Club site, and I wanted to make my own definitive M/K fight vid. I also gave myself the challenge of changing POV in the middle of the vid. I wanted to be sure I could do it and have the viewer recognize the change. I think I managed to put in every fight scene they had. All that repressed, channeled passion! Love those guys.
She Blinded Me with Science The X-Files Luminosity I was chatting with Taselby one day about making a Scully vid. I had a song picked out already, but it wasn't as good as this one that she suggested. I knew just what I wanted to do here, but this was the first time that I was faced with an overabundance of source clips. There is so much of Scully being brilliant and funny in XF that it was hard to choose, so I went with the brightest, most familiar clips I could find. Also, the syncopated rhythms in "Science" were weird to cut to, and I found myself editing and re-editing because I couldn't make up my mind where to cut or even if I should consistently cut on a certain beat or note. I decided to follow my nose and edit where it felt right.
What Do I Have to Do The X-Files Carol S This was the last analog vid which I did. Of all of my Mulder/Krycek vids I think this one comes closest to capturing what I see as happening on screen. I borrowed the CD from a friend so much she finally gave it to me.
Human Cannonball The X-Files Luminosity Krycek updates his resume. X-files is so dark that it screams for comic vids, in my opinion.
You've Got a Friend in Me Pitch Black Don C. and Taselby This is a vid we thought needed to be made. The song is so sugary sweet, we felt it needed a special twist. In Pitch Black, Riddick and Johns are enemies to the end. What better way to express their special relationship?
Try Not to Breathe Star Trek: TNG Don C. and Taselby We were on one of our listening kicks, waiting for a song to grab us by the neck and demand to be vidded -- boy, did this one ever do that. The vid takes place during the events of First Contact, and deals with Picard’s relationship with Data and the Borg. Ahh, angst, sacrifice, Picard’s refusal to leave Data behind... and just a hint of Picard/Data if you’re into subtext. We were very happy vidders.
Better Life The Matrix Kellan Dane I love this film and it lends itself very well to vidding. This song struck me as an encapsulation of what the entire movie was about. The vid chronicles Neo’s life as he becomes The One.
What if I Came Knocking Stargate: SG-1 Carol S I'd had this song in mind as a Wiseguy vid for about 5 years, but had never quite made it work in my head. Listening to it again I suddenly realized it really captured what I wanted to say about an ex-Special Ops Colonel and his ability to assess the risks of contacting Daniel again.
Surrender Stargate: SG-1 Carol S This is one of those rare vids that starts as a concept. I knew I wanted to do an Egyptian love song for Daniel and Sha're so I went hunting through the Egyptian section at a local CD shop and got lucky. I had originally planned to have clips from the movie running under the translation, hoping that obscuring the images somewhat would lessen the distraction of casting differences. It didn't work so I reverted to what I had originally stuck in as filler.
Desperate But Not Serious Stargate: SG-1 Carol S A response to all the stories with over-possessive Jacks in them. Of all the Stargate vids this is the one that is most frustrating to me. I know what I wanted to do, but only partially got it. Despite that, I still think it's a fun vid.
Personal Thing Stargate: SG-1 Carol S First, a warning - if you have a good sense of pitch you may want to skip this one. Other than that I think it's a wonderful song for capturing the part of the Jack/Daniel dynamic where things just aren't connecting.

All of The Flash Girls' songs are off of Maurice and I except "Personal Thing" which is off of Play Each Morning Wild Queen. Ordering information can be found at about midway down the page. All of The Flash Girls' songs are off of Maurice and I except "Personal Thing" which is off of Play Each Morning Wild Queen. Ordering information can be found at about midway down the page.
Bye Bye Love Stargate: SG-1 Carol S I think Ellen's phrase was "morbidly funny." The song throttled me one day at work and after several days of valiant resistance I gave in and did it since it seemed to fit Daniel and Sha're so well. You have to laugh sometimes.
Big Shot in the Dark Stargate: SG-1 Carol S This is one of those songs which has wanted to be a vid for ages (you didn't know songs have minds of their own, did you?) but which refused to find a fandom that it would work for. The first time I saw Absolute Power I knew it said what I wanted to say about Shifu's lesson.
Language Stargate: SG-1 Carol S I'd loved this song since I first heard it in college, but had never really thought about trying to vid it -- it's pretty slow and clips of people not talking tend to be rather static, so it didn't seem like a good prospect until I got an image of words running throughout. After some experimentation to see if I could make it work I decided to give it a shot. I originally used the lyrics, but felt I wanted something more, so tried some T.S. Eliot which my father suggested, but Killa kept encouraging me to find something fandom specific. Nothing that was out there that did what I needed so I got up my courage and asked the wonderful Quinn if she would help and she graciously provided me with the following:

If I reach for you, will you reach back? Will you meet me halfway, or will you turn your back, walking away? I want to find the words to tell you what you mean to me, what I want to mean to you, but I can't. Words are useless between us. They twist and bend, never saying what we mean. The tongue can't capture quicksilver thoughts. Vowels and consonants aren't enough to articulate the emotions surging through me at the sight of your face, the smell of your skin. Words pale, and disappear in the face of a truth so strong it strikes me mute. Glances of fire pass between us. Sparks are thrown up at our touch, but our voices fail us. Instead, we stand enveloped in silence. Maybe it's better this way. Words can lie. They can mislead, misdirect. We can deafen ourselves with words spoken in haste, in anger, in fear. It's too easy to hide behind the words that clutter our days. It is in the silence that we contemplate what isn't but what might be. Do we dare? Can we step out from behind the words and find our place in the silence of each others souls? If I reach for you, will you reach back?

Killa kindly provided the images of the unspoken thoughts.

This is the most technically complicated vid I've tried and the one that took the longest (I figure somewhere between 150-200 hours depending on how you count the time spent rebooting from crashes and rendering). It has up to eight layers of video and two track mattes running through most of it.
South Side Stargate: SG-1 Carol S This was an immensely fun vid to make. Getting to just play with the visuals was very satisfying. I also enjoyed getting to say something about the more powerful races out there. The hardest line to find clips for was "Love and darkness and my sidearm." There were just too many choices.
Voodoo Stargate: SG-1 Carol S One of my coworkers got me hooked on the song. Then Teal'c decided he wanted a vid. He still hasn't told me what it's all about.
You've Got a Friend Star Wars Kellan Dane and Taselby The relationship between Han and Luke is so strong, nothing can come between them, not even Leia. While subtle, we wanted to show them reflecting on their relationship, much the way close male friends do just before one of them gets married. Our favorite bit of the vid is “people can be so cold, they’ll hurt you and desert you, they’ll take your soul if you let them, oh, but don’t you let them.”
Breakdown The Matrix Luminosity I love The Matrix. I thought it was a nearly perfectly realized science fiction movie, using elements from Philip Jose Farmer and William Gibson, among others. I wanted to use as many famous clips from the film as I could and yet tell a coherent story about Neo being set apart from the others, both in The Matrix and in the real world. I was also more comfortable with the software I was using, and it shows.
Babylon Star Trek: TNG Don C. and Taselby Taselby has always loved this song and when she played it for me, it just clicked for ST:TNG. The rich, layered vocals lent themselves to a visually layered video, and I can honestly say, this is the hardest vid we’ve ever done. I like to think of it as poetry in video form.
Bleed to Love Her Star Trek: TOS T. Jonesy and Killa T. Jonesy: This song made me want to run out and buy a video editing setup. The minute that I heard it, I thought it was the perfect song for TWOK. Some day I think I would like to recut this, but overall it was a pretty good first video for me

Killa: I think T. Jonesy first played this song for me some time around 1996. This was entirely her vision, and her first vid. Wowza. My contribution was largely cheer leading, and technical assistance.
You're So Vain Star Trek: TOS T. Jonesy I was watching a movie where 'Vain' was used in the soundtrack, and I started thinking what a great Kirk vid it would make. I don't really think Kirk is an asshole, per se, but I do think he's got his pricky moments. I also wanted to address Spock's reactions to all those damned women he keeps hooking up with. This was the toughest vid I've done because the tone of the song is so strange. It's funny and bitter at the same time. The verses fell in place easily enough, but I went through about 15 different versions of the video before I got the chorus right.

This was the toughest vid I've done because the tone of the song is so strange. It's funny and bitter at the same time. The verses fell in place easily enough, but I went through about 15 different versions of the video before I got the chorus right.

Huge thanks to Killa who made me really focus on the tone of this song. It was looking like a Buster Keaton movie before she articulated exactly what was wrong with it. This is definitely the last time I choose an ironic song to vid. Huge thanks to Killa who made me really focus on the tone of this song. It was looking like a Buster Keaton movie before she articulated exactly what was wrong with it. This is definitely the last time I choose an ironic song to vid.
As Star Trek: TOS T. Jonesy and Killa T. Jonesy: I was watching STIII at one point and that part comes up where Kirk is told he can't return to Genesis and he gets that look in his eyes. You know the one. Such a Kirk moment. A couple of months later I was listening to Stevie Wonder's Songs in the Key of Life album and this tune came on. When the gospel chorus kicked in I thought: this is the music that needs to play under that Kirk moment. The song is also such a passionate declaration of love. The lyrics seem almost tailor-made for STIII. "As" is one of the hippest songs ever written with possibly the worst title. When we first showed my husband the vid and the title popped up he said "Ass?" Yeah, right...ass

Killa: Another one that T. Jonesy presented to me as an almost-complete vision, just needing a little refinement. I adore this song! So full of joy, perfectly mirroring the arc of The Search for Spock and The Voyage Home, I think.
All By Myself Star Trek: TOS T. Jonesy There are not words to describe how much I hate this song. I don't know why I was even listening to it one day, but I guess I was. Killa and I had been talking about making a vid where you change POV. We wondered if you could pull it off without confusing the viewer. I think I successfully did it with this video, but the song still sucks.
Momma Told Me Not to Come Star Trek: TOS T. Jonesy and Killa Killa: Poor Spock! Well, he should have spent less time listening to Sarek and more listening to Amanda, don't you think? And don't tell me you never noticed that pink um... stalactite before.

T. Jonesy: One of my favorite songs of all time. It's Spock, it's Amanda, it's silly. By the way, isn't it amazing how many people hauled off and slapped Spock in the series?

Killa: And we didn't even use them all! This was a case where the acting on the show was too good for our nefarious vidding purposes. We wanted to use the shot of Amanda slapping Spock from Journey to Babel at the end. The timing was perfect. But the scene is so painful, and the look on Amanda's face so wrenching, we couldn't use it no matter how hard we tried. Learn something new every day.
The Man's Too Strong Star Trek: TOS T. Jonesy and Killa Killa: The ultimate K/S song for me long before I knew what K/S was. At age 13, I was utterly convinced that Mark Knopfler had been thinking of Spock when he wrote this. It wasn't until I saw the TNG episode Unification that I saw how you could make this work as a vid. Huge thank yous to Kathleen Dailey for giving me her tapes! Also to T. Jonesy for suffering through this with me. She came up with some of the best clip ideas and made a difficult vid more fun to work on

T. Jonesy: This video is really Killa's vision and she was kind enough to take me along for the ride. We had pretty much the entire thing cut together in two mammoth editing sessions and then we got stalled at the end. I went to bed and Killa kept plugging away at the video. When I woke up in the morning, she had added two clips that she had reversed with the computer. One was Spock bowing his head meditating (in the movie, he actually lifts his head as Kirk enters). The other was the clip that bookended the entire video and made it into a comprehensive story: Spock removing his hand from Picard's face after he's shared his confession in the meld. In the episode, Spock was actually putting his hand to Picard's face to initiate the meld. For me, these moments are the strongest in the video, particularly the ending.
When I'm 64 Star Trek: TOS T. Jonesy and Killa T. Jonesy: Killa and I both had the idea to do this song on the same day. Great minds think alike, huh? This is still one of my favorite videos

Killa: Truly fannish synchronicity. T. Jonesy called me one day and said, "I had the best idea for a vid today!" I said, "Me, too!" and then she said "I was listening to Sgt. Pepper today and..." "Oh my God!" said I. "When I'm 64? That's the same song I was going to tell you!" And a vid was born. Long distance collaboration is fun! Everything that makes you laugh out loud, the credit goes to her. We do actually share a brain, but she got all the funny parts.
Dante's Prayer Star Trek: TOS Killa This was one of the first vids I worked on, though it took me a while to finish. I couldn't have imagined a song more perfect for Star Trek III, and wrote a story based on it, but I didn't think you could actually make it into a vid with the available clips. The song is so slow-paced and metaphorical, and the story really needed to be told in chronological order within the framing bookends of the scene on Seleya. I couldn't see how you could make it work. But then I saw that shot of the Bird of Prey landing on Vulcan and I thought... maybe. I started putting in clips, slowly, just one or two a day. When I'd finished the intro and the first verse, I showed it to T. Jonesy and Cordelia Naismith, and they were incredibly encouraging. I don't think I would have kept at it if they hadn't wanted to see more. Also, Melina was the one who suggested overlaying the 'Jim.' 'Yes.' audio track.

The toughest lyric to illustrate was "when the mountain rose before me, by the deep well of desire." When I'd thought about this song in terms of STIII, "the mountain" had always been Seleya, of course. But that wouldn't work structurally, since the story had to be told chronologically. I finally settled on the shot where Kirk sees the freeze frame of Spock melding with McCoy as being the image that represented his deepest well of desire, the need for hope.
Thank You, Terry Blake's 7 Carol S When Terry Nation died in 1997 my friend Jack suggested that I do a memorial vid. This is the result. Thanks to Jed for access to the pro decks.