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Name: The Movie_Slash Archive
Date(s): 23 Aug 2000[1] or before - 27 January 2020
Archivist: jcrewguy
Type: m/m, f/f
Fandom: Multifandom, including: Dogma, Scream Trilogy, U-571, Lord of Illusions, Chasing Amy, Mortal Kombat, The Phantom Menace, Fight Club, Titanic, Velvet Goldmine, Cruel Intentions, Buffy Movie, The Lost Boys, Reservoir Dogs, I Think I Do, The Thin Red Line, Hard Core Logo, Nature of the Beast, Plunkett & MacCleane
URL: (2012) (2002) (2001)
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The Movie_Slash Archive was the home of fiction posted to the Movie_Slash mailing list[2] and LiveJournal community.[3] The last update was in 2006, and the archive went offline in 2020. The archive was a member of the RareSlash Ring.

Archived authors included: Ruth Sadelle Alderson | Charles Cook | DBKate | FG | Gemma | Krychick | Katherine F | Laura Ann | Little Alex | Meri Lomelindi | PEJA | Sarah | Sandrine Shaw | Viridian5 | Zoe Rayne.


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Links to Writers Resources

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What is the Archive for?

This site is the archive for fiction posted to the movieslash list. All fics deal with m/m or f/f relationships in films, hence the name *g*

Can I have a movie based slash fic I've written archived if I'm not on the list? Yes, we welcome any film based slash fiction, but we do ask for permission to forward it to the movieslash list as well so that our members who don't have time to visit the archive can keep up with submissions. For more information on this, mail the archivist or the list daddy.

Is the list limited to slash fiction? On the writing side of things yes, but we also discuss slashy subtext in movies. If it's slash and film related, you can post it.

Any requirements for joining the list? Yes. An open mind and the ability to buy a drink in your local (ie. you must be over 18 or 21 depending on where you live).

How do I join the list? Go to (join of login if you need to) and click the subscribe button on the right hand side of you screen.

Are there any on-list rules?

Charles has 2:

No spam, chain letters, or flames. This means promos for All-Advantage or similar things. If you do post one of these to the list, you get unsubscribed immediately. Same for flames. I find out you flamed someone, you're off the list.

Use the following format for fics:

Title: Author/Psuedonym: Feedback: Movie(s) it comes from: Summary/Pairing: Disclaimer: (THE MOST IMPORTANT PART) You do not own the characters you're using. Make sure you say that! Spoilers: (If applicable) Some people may not have seen the movie that you're slashing, and your fic could ruin it for them. Distribution: Would you mind if people posted the fic to another ml? Archive: Yes or no. If you don't tell us if you want it archived or not, it will be.

It's also helpful to me (the archivist) if you break up stories that are over 30k into parts, that's not a rule, it just makes my life easier (): )

How do I unsubscribe from the list? Just drop by the Movieslash onelist page:

(login if you need to) and click unsubscribe on the right hand side of your screen.[4]


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