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Date Started: 2009
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A clip from the A-Team movie, Face, Hannibal, and BA are discussing something and Murdock, in true Murdock style is hanging from the banisters. The words "I'm pretty sure this is how polyamourous relationships begin" are centred in white on the image.
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The Texts From Last Night Meme is based on the Texts From Last Night blog which reposts text messages submitted by users. The texts or text conversations are usually short, humourous anecdotes involving partying, sexual encounters, or other antics from the night before. Fans, being fans, have spun off the original idea by using the text content in particularly transformative ways on fandom screencaps, creating such blogs (usually on Tumblr) as Texts From The Tardis and Texts From The A-Team.

damngirl posted a particularly memorable post that linked fandom characters with the original text, sans imagery:

As you can imagine, the situations and sentiments described on the site have, one more than one occasion, made me wonder if some of our fandom favorites had gotten their hands on their cellies and made some back decisions of their own. A lot of boredom later, enter the dragon, i.e., this post.[1]

The post featured texts that represent Tony DiNozzo, Spock, and Clark Kent (and others), all without visual aids, which marked it uniquely.

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