Selphie Tilmitt

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Name: Selphie Tilmitt
Occupation: SeeD
Relationships: Squall Leonhart (friend); Quistis Trepe (friend); Zell Dincht (friend); Irvine Kinneas (friend, love interest); Rinoa Heartilly (friend); "Sir" Laguna (object of affection); Seifer Almasy (enemy); unnamed Trabia Garden friends; Ultimecia (enemy)
Sora, Tidus, Wakka, Riku, Kairi (friends)
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII; Kingdom Hearts
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Selphie Tilmitt is a playable party member in the Square Enix video game Final Fantasy VIII, and a minor character in the Square Enix/Disney video game series Kingdom Hearts.


Resourceful and capricious, Selphie is one part ditzy to two parts irritating. Her moral compass is always pointing the right way, however few people are willing to follow her there.

Selphie's significance in FFVIII is that she was an exchange student from another 'garden' called Trabia, which was subsequently attacked by missiles by the Galbadian army. Despite Selphie's best efforts to prevent the launch, her hometown was still destroyed. This left her feeling very depressed for a while.

She was glad to know that many of her friends survived, however, and found the strength to help Squall and friends defeat the dreaded Ultimecia.



Selphie is mostly shipped with Irvine in FFVIII, due to them being quite fond of each other, and somewhat disliked by everyone else. Kingdom Hearts fans may see Selphie shipped with Kairi due to the canon friendship they have. Otherwise, ships involving Selphie are relatively rare.

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