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Name: Zell Dincht
Occupation: SeeD, Martial Artist
Relationships: Squall (friend), Seifer (enemy/), Rinoa (friend), Selphie (friend), Quistis (friend), Irvine (friend), Laguna (acquaintance), Kiros (acquaintance), Ward (acquaintance), Ma Dincht (foster mother), Edea (matron), Ultimecia (enemy)
Fandom: Final Fantasy
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Zell is a main character in the Square Enix video game Final Fantasy VIII.


With his nice guy attitude and appetite for hotdogs, Zell is one of the liveliest members of Balamb Garden, and certainly among SeeD.

His aptitude with machines has seen him and his friends through more than one tight spot, and while he is no bright spark, he's saved just as many loved with his bare hands as Squall and his gunblade could ever manage.

At first glance, Zell would just seem like your typical rule bending, party going, always yelling jock. His personality goes far deeper than that however, with a heavily ingrained respect for the military - stemmed from.his grandfather, who he reveres. Zell is also surprisingly diligent, always wanting to do the right thing, and always following an order through to the last word.

Zell may look like just another muscle bound meathead, but he packs far more than just a punch.



Zell isn't terribly common in shipping, due to him being about the only main character who doesn't develop feelings of some description for another main character.

While pairings with Quistis and Seifer certainly exist, Zell also gets readily paired up with a minor character known as Library Girl, thanks to her treating him kindly during the events of Final Fantasy VIII. You should be able to find Zell paired up with any other main character fairly easily, though.

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