Quistis Trepe

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Name: Quistis Trepe
Occupation: SeeD, Instructor
Title/Rank: N/A
Location: Balamb Garden
Status: Alive
Relationships: Squall (student/love interest), Seifer (enemy/ex-student), Rinoa (friend/rival), Selphie (friend), Zell (friend), Irvine (friend), Laguna (acquaintance), Kiros (acquaintance), Ward (acquaintance), Cid (friend), Xu (friend), Edea (matron), Ultimecia (enemy)
Fandom: Final Fantasy
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Quistis is a main character in the Square Enix video game Final Fantasy VIII.


Instructor Trepe is an odd sort. Lost somewhere between a 'kid friendly' hybrid of sexy receptionist and dominatrix, we're first introduced to her as a figure of authority. This doesn't help the dominatrix ambiance.

Having been bossy by nature, even as a little kid, a teaching role only seemed natural for Quistis. That was until, however, she was stripped of her qualification for incompetence.

Quistis is not a leader, and can't force herself to be. Her travels across the world with Squall and friends taught her this. But she also learned that sometimes it's better simply to follow. Because that way you can be sure of a clean path.



Quistis' most common shippings usually include Zell, Seifer or Xu, with the occasional pining angst fic where she lusts for Squall, and resents Rinoa for stealing his affections from her.

You won't often see her paired with Irvine or Selphie, however other minor characters such as Nida, or members of her fan club (yes, she has a fan club), occasionally get a chance with her.

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