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Name: Seifer Almasy
Occupation: SeeD cadet, Gunblade Specialist
Relationships: Squall (enemy/rival), Rinoa (love interest), Quistis (enemy/teacher), Zell (chicken wuss), Adel, Fujin (friend), Raijin (friend), Roxas (rival), Olette, Pence, Hayner, Vivi
Fandom: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts
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Seifer is an antagonist in the Square Enix video game Final Fantasy VIII, and a minor character in the Square Enix/Disney video game Kingdom Hearts II.


Seifer Almasy is a SeeD cadet along with Final Fantasy VIII protagonist Squall Leonhart. After failing the SeeD exam, he attempts to help Rinoa and Squall on their mission, but instead ends up being influenced by Sorceress Edea to join her service. After that point, Seifer becomes an antagonist in the game as Sorceress Edea's -- and Ultimecia's -- knight.

As a SeeD cadet, Seifer is the head of the Disciplinary Committee, along with his friends Fujin and Raijin. After he becomes a knight, Fujin and Raijin follow him, but have serious questions about his motivation and whether they're doing the right thing. Seifer is arrogant, attention-seeking, and can be a bully (particularly to Zell Dincht). He and Squall gave each other matching scars during a training fight and are the only two students to specialize in gunblades.



In game canon, Seifer and Rinoa had a relationship before the beginning of the story. He is commonly shipped also with Squall, Quistis, and Zell. There are also a number of tropes involving Seifer being seduced by Ultimecia.

The Kingdom Hearts side of the fandom may see Seifer shipped with other supporting characters (such as Hayner), but those are even rarer.

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