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Name: Vivi Ornitier
Occupation: N/A
Relationships: Dagger (friend), Steiner (friend/), Zidane (friend), Freya (friend), Quina (friend/potential relative), Eiko (friend), Amarant (friend), Blank (acquaintance), Marcus (acquaintance), Cinna (acquaintance/'uncle'), Baku (acquaintance), Zorn and Thorn (enemies), Beatrix (enemy turned friend), the Black Mages of the Village (friends/family), Quan (Grandfather), Roxas (acquaintance), Seifer (acquaintance), Kuja (enemy)
Fandom: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts
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Vivi is a main character in the Square Enix video game Final Fantasy IX, and a minor character in the Square Enix/Disney video game Kingdom Hearts II.


Born as the prototype for the Black Mages, young Vivi was always one with a lot of questions. The main question he pondered was whether or not mere sentience was proof enough that one actually existed.

With sad eyes and a heavy heart, Vivi is considered the most developed character in Final Fantasy IX, and also the favourite of many. Originally intended as a soulless killing machine, Vivi's mould breaking personality and outlook on life has earned him lots of fans.

Vivi's character growth is solid throughout the story, starting from when his adopted grandfather Quan passed away about a year before the events of Final Fantasy IX, to his internal conflicts following the defeat of the Soulcage, and especially where concerning Kuja, who tricked his fellow sentient Black Mages into believing their lifespans could be extended if they swore diligence to him. His confidence grew massively across the events of Final Fantasy IX, and Vivi learned that life isn't about merely existing; it's about living.


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Surname Debate

Vivi's official surname is under debate by the fandom. The Japanese transliteration spells it 'Orunitia', whilst the American English version spells it 'Ornitier'. Both are generally accepted, however some fans much prefer one over the other.


Due to Vivi's young age and questionable species, he isn't easily shipped. His most common pairing is with Eiko, due to their similar age and closeness, however sexual situations tend to necessitate the pair being aged.

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