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Name: Ultimecia
Occupation: Sorceress, Warrior of Chaos, Warrior of Spiritus
Relationships: Squall Leonhart (enemy), Quistis Trepe (enemy), Selphie Tilmitt (enemy), Zell Dincht (enemy), Irvine Kinneas (enemy), Rinoa Heartilly (vessel), Edea Kramer (vessel), Seifer Almasy (knight via possessing Edea)
Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII,Dissidia Final Fantasy
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Ultimecia (アルティミシア) is the main antagonist of the 1999 Square video game Final Fantasy VIII.


Late in the story, Ultimecia is introduced and revealed as the true antagonist who has been manipulating Edea, Adel, and Rinoa from behind the scenes. She plans to use sorceress powers to compress all of time and space so that she can attain omnipotence.

Ultimecia may be considered the first main antagonist to be unambiguously female in the Final Fantasy series; Cloud of Darkness (Final Fantasy III) is considered a genderless entity, and Jenova (Final Fantasy VII) is often referred to as "it" in canon.


Fan reaction to Ultimecia has generally been tepid at best. Many have found her foreshadowing, backstory, motivations, and overall presence in the plot to be sorely lacking from the narrative.[1] However, there are those who appreciate her. Some find it more apt to compare her with earlier Final Fantasy villains (such as Zemus from Final Fantasy IV), rather than the more complex villains of later installments (such as Kuja of Final Fantasy IX, Vayne Carudas Solidor of Final Fantasy XII, or Ardyn Izunia of Final Fantasy XV).

In a 2020 NHK poll, respondents voted Ultimecia as the 158th most popular character in the entire Final Fantasy franchise, out of 200 major and minor characters.[2][3]

Rinoa Is Ultimecia Theory

The Rinoa Is Ultimecia Theory (sometimes abbreviated as R=U) is a wildly popular fan theory—perhaps one of the most popular ones in the entire Final Fantasy community, and certainly within the VIII community. It emerged in the fan community at some point before November 2001. Proponents and appreciators see this theory as a satisfying way to give Ultimecia a personal tie to the protagonist, Squall Leonhart, and mirror his fears of rejection, loss, and death with her own.[4]

When interviewed about various Final Fantasy fan theories in 2017, producer Yoshinori Kitase directly confirmed this theory as non-canon regarding the intentions of the creators.[5] Still, many continue to hold this theory as a headcanon.


Ships featuring Ultimecia are rare. She may be paired with Seifer, or one of the other sorceresses in the game; however those are the only pairings that are even vaguely common.

In R=U works, she tends to be paired with Squall, as Ultimecia's typical motivation is to be reunited with him through Time Compression.

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“Quest” [FFN] by magistrateDate: 6 July 2004Length: 1612 wordsStatus: CompleteGenre: Drama
Summary: "Quistis. Sometimes, when everything is said and done, the only option left is to go looking for whatever remains."
“caede mea in nomine tuo” [AO3] by winterbonesDate: 17 June 2012Length: 4540 wordsStatus: CompleteGenre: Angst, Drama
Summary: "sorceresses are good kindling. (I am not crazy)"

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